12 TV Personalities With The Craziest Yearly Salaries

Part of the appeal of being a TV star is getting a lot of money. Let’s be honest. People who have always dreamed of acting often picture themselves living in an opulent mansion, driving a limited edition sports car and being able to go on shopping sprees on a whim. Sure, there are some pretty talented actors and hosts out there, but the lifestyle that TV personalities are able to live is a huge part of what makes the job so attractive.

As with all professions, there are some individuals in Hollywood who make considerably more than others. Some actors make an impressive salary because they’ve been in the business for such a long time. Others get paid a lot because they are in high demand. And, yes, there are a few TV personalities who can demand high salaries because they have honed their crafts and are actually good at what they do. Some of the people who make lots of money may surprise you, since many of these TV personalities aren’t constantly flaunting their wealth. Of course, that doesn’t stop the paparazzi from constantly stalking these stars and trying to get more information on their lavish lifestyles. Here are 12 television personalities who have the highest yearly salaries.

12 Jesse Tyler Ferguson

11 Ty Burrell

10 Simon Baker

9 Patrick Dempsey

8 Ray Romano

7 Jon Cryer

6 Ashton Kutcher

5 Kunal Nayyar

4 Simon Helberg

3 Mark Harmon

2 Johnny Galecki

1 Jim Parsons

If you’re a fan of the show The Big Bang Theory, you’re familiar with the quirky and socially awkward character Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons. Sheldon is one of the show’s highly intelligent characters and adds lots of comic relief to the show. CBS obviously wants to keep Parsons happy, since he is the highest paid actor on the show. He gets $29 million a year, and also earns more than 1% of the show’s back-end profits. Parsons also has the distinction of winning the Emmy for Leading Actor In a Comedy Series, and has appeared on Broadway and in commercials, which has added even more money to his already impressive bank account.



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12 TV Personalities With The Craziest Yearly Salaries