12 Stars Who Paid People Off To Shut Up

In Hollywood today, it seems that the stars who are the most famous are the ones who are willing to divulge all the personal details of their lives. Of course, there are also instances where paparazzi or ravenous media outlets do “whatever it takes” to get the “dirt” on celebrities. Some famous people are OK with this concept for the most part. Some do an excellent job when it comes to hiring the right reputation management team. Still, other stars have realized the value of money in the most manipulative way—they’ve paid people to keep quiet.

Money has been used as a way for celebrities to get media outlets and first-hand witnesses to keep quiet about a scandal. Of course, there are also times when the people involved in the potential scandal are promised a pretty penny to keep the story a secret. No, this isn’t a new way of dealing with tabloid-worthy stories, and yes, people who are not celebrities often use this method as well. However, when a famous person is involved in a “hush money” transaction, the amount of money at stake is usually pretty high. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that some people form bonds with celebrities in hopes that they will one day be paid off for one reason or another. Here are 12 stars who paid people off to shut up.

12 Jeremy McConnell

11 Tiger Woods

10 Tupac

9 Kanye West

8 Nigella Lawson

7 Alex Rodriguez

6 Justin Bieber

5 Lance Armstrong

4 Jennifer Lopez

3 Kris Jenner

2 Charlie Sheen

1 Bill Cosby

America’s former favorite TV dad has been accused of allegedly sexually assaulting several women. It has also been reported that Cosby paid some of these women to keep his wife Camille from finding out. In a 2015 article for The New York Times, Cosby admitted in a deposition he’d given a decade before that he’d paid women to keep his affairs with them private. He’d even offered to pay tuition for Andrea Constand, a student he’d met in 2004 at his alma mater, Temple University. Cosby sent the money to Constand through his agent, to make it look like he was just being an upstanding guy and helping a young woman through college. Cosby denies that he ever assaulted Constand.


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12 Stars Who Paid People Off To Shut Up