12 Stars Who Are Much Richer Than You Think

Have you ever seen a celebrity, and for some reason knew their face, but could not recall their name to save your life? After that, have you tried to find out who they were only to realize that they are totally underrated and you have been left in total shock that not only do they work regularly, but they are worth way more money than you would ever imagine? Hollywood is apparently full of people like this; ranging from people who make their money in other countries, make their money in business ventures, or those who just say yes to any film or TV appearance (so that it works out in their favor in the form of a hefty check). After all, who cares how well the project does, as long as they get their cut, right? Obscure actors are some of the most needed people in Hollywood; they are usually willing to make the movies and play the roles that someone more popular is too cocky to do. The fact that they are just as rich as some of the more popular celebrities out there is what makes this list so interesting.

If you are interested in being shocked beyond belief  at the amount of money one can make without anyone knowing their name, forgetting about them or even not liking them, read on and indulge.

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12 Bob Saget - $100 Million

Who would have thought that Bob Saget, the man best known for being DJ, Michelle and Stephanie’s dad on Full House, was worth a whopping $100 million. Not many people know that he was originally a comedian who tells some seriously funny and very dirty jokes. So let’s try to break down how in the world he is worth $100 million; he has had a few cameos here and there on shows that fly under the radar (like Legit and Super Fun Night), but that is not making you anywhere near the millions. It must have been the unaccredited 9 years he spent being the narrator on the hit show How I Met Your Mother. Not to mention, he is bound to get a decent check for the Full House revival on Netflix this year.

11 Rowan Atkinson - $130 Million

More famously known as Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson does not strike anyone as someone who is 1) Famous and 2) Rich. Clearly we were all wrong, as Atkinson is worth a whopping $130 million. It may be one of the lower numbers on this list but let’s be honest, not everyone can say that they are worth that amount of money especially when they are not popular enough to make millions. Atkinson does have a pretty impressive resume; he is 60, has been working in this business since the 80s, and he has a whole bunch of UK credits that did not make it to the US. Also, did you know that Mr. Bean is still on TV?

10 Katherine Heigl - $25 Million

Once one of the most sought after actresses, Katherine Heigl has managed to fly under the radar lately due to her bad attitude on set, her big mouth and overall rubbing people the wrong way. Besides all of the negative things going for her, she still manages to be worth a shocking $25 million. Where is she making all this money from? Residual checks from Grey’s Anatomy? It could not be from the failed show State Of Affairs, right? Maybe she is still living off of that Knocked Up money. Either way, she is still worth more than most people will be in their entire lives.

9 Jim Parsons - $29 Million

8 Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy) - $200 Million

As a judge granted you are making a decent living, but $200 million? Judge Judy (Judy Sheindlin) has managed to make a killing off of her super successful reality show. Sheindlin is one smart cookie; she produces the show herself, she negotiates with her own sponsors and this allots her the opportunity to pocket the most amount of cash possible from her show. She does not have to schmooze with people, go to the Hollywood hot spots to get attention or better yet, fake a D.U.I. She just shows up to work, judges people and is hilarious doing it. Not bad for a tough New York chick.

7 Jackie Chan - $350 Million

Although Jackie Chan is mostly known in the US as one half of the Rush Hour duo, Chan is so much more. He is actually a huge actor in his hometown of Hong Kong and obviously being worth $350 million is the proof of that. There are a lot of films that Chan has appeared in that not many people know about (such as Kung Fu Panda). He currently has seven films coming up that are going to garner a significant amount of attention; The Karate Kid 2, Rush Hour 4, Kung Fu Yoga and Kung Fu Panda 3. You have to give it to him, he is a pretty active actor.

6 David Copperfield - $ 850 Million

Who knew that becoming a magician could make you so much money? David Copperfield is a household name. If you asked someone to name a magician, his name would most likely be at the top of the list. However, he is not one to be seen in public quite often and most of the time, he pops up and people have to remember who he is (all over again). Clearly Copperfield does not care about this because he is worth $850 million and when you are worth that amount of money without having to put in real face time; he is making out like a bandit.

5 Garth Brooks - $220 Million

Country music star Garth Brooks has been off of everyone’s radar for years. His last couple of songs did not do great on the charts and he suffered a pretty expensive divorce to his ex-wife Sandy Mahl. He also officially retired in 2000 until he got bored and popped up on the music scene again in 2004. So where is this $220 million coming from? Well, he has won a numerous amount of awards, and has a few small endorsements. His most recent 2014 album sold more than The Beatles and because of that, he is now on a sold out world tour with his wife Trisha Yearwood. He also created GhostTunes, an online music store that now boasts over 10 million songs from other artists.

4 Peter Stomare - $215 Million

Everyone knows his face but no one knows his name. Actor Peter Stormare is worth $215 million and that is nothing but shocking. Every time Stormare is in a film, it seems like he is playing a small part; like a crooked cop or an intimidating criminal. However, it looks like those small parts are paying off because to reiterate, he is worth $215 million. For someone whose name is not one to roll off the tongue, he is doing damn well for himself and in addition, he does not seem to be slowing down. He has four films coming up that are most likely going to add millions to his millions.

3 Scott Speedman - $245 Million

2 Patrick Wilson - $275 Million

1 Mel Gibson - $425 Million

Actor Mel Gibson is worth $425 million, yet no one has seen him in public in maybe a year. He barely did promotion for his last two films, Machete Kills and The Expendables (who even knew he was in those?). For someone who has been a huge movie star for most of his life, he has sure become an obscure figure and yet has managed to hold onto his millions and even add to it. He has two films coming up, so maybe he will be showing his face a little more. Either way, he will still be a millionaire.

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