12 Products These Celebs Should Consider Endorsing

Celebrity endorsements are one of the most effective ways that companies make money. After all, if consumers see their favorite celebrity backing a product, they are much more likely to purchase it. Of course, endorsement deals also bring in the big bucks for celebrities. Endorsements can sometimes serve as a pretty lucrative financial backup plan for some celebs after their “main job” is not as in demand as it once was.

Most celebrity endorsements make perfect sense, like when an athlete endorses a tennis shoe or a celeb known for his/her good looks promotes a beauty product. Some classic examples of this are when Michael Jordan promoted his extensive line of Nike shoes, or more recently, when Kim Kardashian was the face of a laser hair removal system. However, what if celebs endorsed products that they clearly needed?

While there’s a reason we admire our favorite celebrities, we’d be less than realistic if we didn’t admit that celebrities aren’t perfect. Everyone needs a little help when it comes to being their best selves. Want to see what we mean? Here are 12 products that should endorsed by specific celebs. Read on, and you’ll probably agree.

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12 Brett Favre (Cyberdust)

In case you’ve never heard of Cyberdust, it’s a communication platform. Cyberdust erases all your online communication on social media, without allowing people to take a snapshot of your comments or download them. There’s been a lot of scandal involving celebrities and the unsavory things they “say” online, and it’s probably a good idea for the NFL to pay their athletes to use Cyberdust. After Brett Favre was accused of sending inappropriate messages to Gameday host Jenn Sterger, forensics specialists couldn’t prove that Favre actually sent the messages to Sterger. However, he still got fined $50,000 by the NFL for the incident. Sexual harassment is definitely a major issue, but Brett Favre could have saved himself a lot of embarrassment (and a considerable amount of money) if he’d been a spokesperson for Cyberdust.

11 Luis Suarez (Dental Hygiene Products)

There’s no denying that Luis Suarez is pretty hot. He’s also one of the world’s best strikers. However, he’d probably be the total package if he both endorsed and invested in dental hygiene products. Suarez is known for biting his opponents on the field, so any type of breath freshener or tooth-strengthening products will do. His most famous biting incident was in 2014 when his team (Uruguay) played against Italy in the World Cup. Luis took a bite out of Gioro Chiellini’s shoulder when he collided with him. Ouch. Uruguay won the game, but FIFA decided to ban Suarez from nine games to teach him to keep his teeth to himself.

10 Anthony Davis (Tweezers)

9 Michael Phelps (Medical Marijuana)

While it’s true that you probably don’t think of marijuana when you hear about professional athletes who need physical endurance, Michael Phelps endorsing marijuana could actually work. Michael Phelps has the most Olympic medals of all time for his swimming talent. However, he was also photographed taking a hit from a bong. This teaches us a few lessons, one of which is to never do drugs in front of people with camera phones if you’re a professional athlete. Surprisingly, Phelps didn’t suffer too much in the reputation department, after he publicly apologized, because people seem to be a lot more laid-back when it comes to pot these days. So, it would only be smart marketing for Michael Phelps to endorse medical marijuana. It would both improve the perception of marijuana and keep Phelps in the good graces of the public, for the most part.

8 Kesha (Pastel Hair Extensions)

7 Scarlett Johansson (Waist Trainers)


Aside from being a talented actress who has appeared in both thought-provoking and action-packed movies (like one of her latest projects, Lucy) Scarlett Johansson is also known for being extremely hot. Some people would even say she has the perfect body. So, perhaps she should endorse waist trainers. They’re trending right now, and there are lots of women who want a slim, curvy waist that makes their hips look more pronounced. Johansson could be the perfect celeb to get behind (or in) a waist training product. She recently gave birth to a little girl, and this could be a huge selling point, since she’s looking better than ever these days.

6 Tiger Woods (Trojan)

Even though it happened a few years ago, people haven’t completely forgotten about the time when golf great Tiger Woods got caught cheating on his wife Elin, with several women. Perhaps he has a sex addiction, or maybe he just wanted to change his clean-cut image. Either way, an endorsement with Trojan probably makes sense at this point. After all, when the scandal broke, the 14-time Majors winner lost his endorsements. We don’t know many companies who would feel comfortable with a guy who sleep with at least 120 women being the face of the brand. Unless of course, that brand is Trojan, because well, you know.

5 Bill Belichick (Hoodies)


You probably can’t recall one time you’ve seen football coach Bell Belichick not wearing a hoodie. While his wardrobe could use some work, he’s great at what he does. He’s currently the fifth in all-time wins, so he definitely knows how to lead a team to victory. Belichick also has six Super Bowl rings, so maybe he could work these designs into his hoodie line. He’s been nicknamed The Hood, and would likely give a sports apparel company a whole new demographic to market to. Just as playing a sport doesn’t last forever, neither does coaching, and endorsing hoodies would be a great retirement plan for Belichick.

4 Jennifer Lopez (Flat/Curling Iron)

Actress, singer, dancer and producer, Jennifer Lopez may not always be lucky in love, but she definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to business. Lopez is also known for her youthful beauty, and is always pushing the fashion envelope with her red carpet outfits and hairstyles. That’s why she’d be the perfect celebrity face for a curling or flat iron company. If these products promise to keep the hair healthy while giving consumers the style they want, Jennifer Lopez could bring about a significant profit for the company. After all, we already know Lopez is committed to having great hair, since she has an endorsement deal with L’Oreal.

3 Lil Mama (Lip Gloss)

When rapper Lil Mama hit the music scene, she made it very clear that her lip gloss was “poppin’.” The Harlem native has also caught the attention of the public with her outrageous outfits and hairstyles—she even wore a Kelly green bob to an awards show. In addition to rapping, Lil Mama is also a dancer, and joined T-Boz and Chilli of TLC during one of their tours (she replaced the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes). Lil Mama admitted that the tour was physically demanding, but that she learned a lot and had fun. A lip gloss endorsement would be much less taxing, and she could arrange to have her debut single playing in the background. Perfect.

2 Conan O’Brien (Hair Dye)


1 Lebron James (Rogaine)

It’s really a cosmetic tragedy that Lebron James’ hairline is so far away from the front of his face. It happened to him so young; after all, he’s only 30 years old. To be fair, James has made an effort to improve his unfortunate hairline, but it still needs to be addressed. After all, there was a time when Lebron moved his headband further and further up his head to hide the fact that his hairline was running away. So, we’re suggesting that he endorse Rogaine. A deal with the company could make him millions while he’s in the NBA, as well as after retirement. Sure, it may be a bit embarrassing for one of the NBA’s greatest players to start endorsing a hair loss product, but it’s better than being broke after he leaves the league.

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