12 Of The Youngest Richest Heirs

Everyone loves to look at heirs and heiresses for one reason or another. It might be to make fun of them for their well-known inept behavior (like Paris Hilton), or it may be just to envy them for the huge fortunes they will be inheriting on the backs of their successful parents or other family members.

That’s not to say that all heirs are like that, though. In fact, many heirs make quite a name for themselves without relying on the work of their family to carry them through life. Megan and David Ellison are great examples for the world, going on to produce huge Hollywood movies side-by-side as brother and sister. Their actions truly help to combat the stereotype of spoiled heiress. Of course, that stereotype is still quite valid and likely will be throughout the rest of time.

Because we all like to read about heirs for our own reasons, let’s take a look at some of the youngest heirs currently awaiting or having received huge fortunes from the successes of their families. Some are great without their parents, some are dependent, and some are still barely out of diapers. Here are 12 of the youngest, richest heirs around.

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12 Edward Norton - $70 million

11 Paris and Nicky Hilton - $100 million

Best known as a heavy party girl, Paris Hilton partied her way to fame back in the early 2000s. She also starred in reality shows like The Simple Life, in which she tried to live like a farmer for a short time, proving unable to perform even the simplest of tasks due to her spoiled upbringing, which was of course very entertaining to the public. After that, she tried to be a professional clubber and DJ, but has recently even been falling out of the scene there, likely due to her aging out. Her younger sister Nicky, hasn’t been as controversial, instead turning to fashion design and being relatively successful on her own. They are of course the heiresses to the Hilton Hotel chain started by their great-grandfather Conrad Hilton. Too bad their father gave most of their fortune away to charity, forcing them to do something.

10 Athina Onassis - $1 billion

9 Amanda Hearst – $2.3 billion

Amanda Hearst is 29 years old and has decided to leverage her obvious beauty into becoming a model, which seems to be a trend amongst heiresses. Hearst is the great-granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, who is often called one of the fathers of tabloid journalism. The elder Hearst also co-founded large companies like Cox Cable, Comcast, and TCI. As for Amanda, she is not often in the media’s eye, but it has been reported that she spends upwards of $136,000 per year maintaining her image. She is a bit of a philanthropist, dedicating herself to the closing of puppy mills and starting conversations about ethics within the fashion industry.

8 Petra and Tamara Ecclestone - $3.8 billion


7 Trump’s kids - $4.5 billion


Everyone knows Donald Trump is rich. That’s no surprise at all. From his many successful business ventures to his inheritance and his stint on The Apprentice series of reality shows, he is one of the most vocal billionaires in the world. Always giving his opinion and “telling it like it is”, Trump is now famously running for president of the US. Trump has five children. The oldest child, Donald Jr., is 37, and the youngest, Barron, is 9. His children cross his various marriages, but each of them is entitled to a piece of the $4.5 billion pie gathered by their father.

6 Sam and Holly Branson - $4.8 billion

5 Chloe Green - $5 billion

Chloe Green is one of the furthest things from a household name in America. But she’s also quite wealthy for being relatively under the radar. Chloe is the daughter of Sir Phillip Green of the prestigious Arcadia Group, owning several stores in the UK. In the UK, Chloe is somewhat of a big deal due to the fact that she is a reality star. She starred in a reality show called Made in Chelsea, alongside her boyfriend Ollie Locke, who was already on the show at the time. Green has her own line of shoes and is privy to her father’s $5 billion fortune.

4 Zachary and Alexa Dell - $18 billion


As the name might suggest, Zachary and Alexa Dell are the heirs to the Dell computer fortune. Michael Dell founded Dell, which is largely considered to be the largest and most successful PC company in America. Alexa and Zachary are 18 and 15, respectively, but they have already made names for themselves. Alexa has made her name known for screwing up on Instagram and publicly revealing their secret vacation spot in 2014, causing their security staff to pull their hair out. Zachary owns a sports camp for kids in Dallas, TX. Hopefully, he will continue to do good with his money. Also, Alexa better get her act together.

3 Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s kids ~$40 billion each


2 Megan and David Ellison $41.6 billion


Megan and David Ellison are the children of the billionaire Oracle founder, Larry Ellison. Oracle is responsible for the programming language Java, used in everything from your PC to your car to your smartphone. Oracle is also quite influential in the data storage and management. Perhaps most surprisingly about these two kids is that they haven’t been simply riding their father’s coattails. They’ve both become quite well-known on their own as Hollywood producers with their own production company, working on large blockbuster titles such as Zero Dark Thirty. Their company is called Skydance Films, and you’ve probably heard of it.

1 Bill Gates’ kids - $84 billion


Bill Gates is worth a staggering $84 billion. It’s hardly surprising though, when considering the vast popularity of the company he co-founded, Microsoft, which is still a massive leader in the PC industry today. Even though Gates is a participant of the Giving Pledge, often engaging in acts of philanthropy and pledging to donate more than half his net worth to charity, his children still stand to make a lot of money when he passes. Gates has three daughters: Jennifer, Phoebe and Rory, born in 1994, 1996 and 1999. Those are some of the luckiest kids in the world. Gates just seems like a cool dad overall, despite being rich.

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