12 Of The Most Bizarre Things Invented By Celebs

Celebrities are all over the television, radio, magazines and the internet. They randomly pop up in conversations and seem to dominate your life, but did you know that you may be using something that was invented by a star? They're more than just rich and famous, celebrities can invent things, too!

Celebrities are always looking for new projects to invest in to earn money and expand their brand (just look at the Kardashians) and what's better than inventing their very own product? Getting some credit for an invention that required brains is probably a nice break from making a living off their lovely appearances. But some of these celebs created pretty bizarre things, which makes you wonder how they ever came up with these ideas.

Either way, it's pretty impressive that these celebrities were able to invent a product. Whenever we see them in the media they're being driven around, catered to and pampered, so who knew they were able to do things on their own. These celebs are here to make you think twice about how smart they really are! Or maybe once you see these inventions, you'll still think they're nothing more than a pretty face. Check out the list below to see some bizarre things the stars you know and love invented.

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12 Frank Gehry's Cardboard Chairs


Gehry is easily one of the best and most iconic architects of our time. His designs break the traditional mold and his buildings are full of loops and twists and turns. So why shouldn't our chairs be? Gehry designed a new chair that embraces his whimsical style and made it out of cardboard. Yes, the same stuff you use to ship packages.

He stacked layer upon layer to be sure it's sturdy enough for human weight, but once you see how squiggly the base is, it kind of looks like it may tip over. I'm definitely not going to be the first one to sit in it. Plus, it doesn't match my decor. If you know someone whose house is "cardboard chic", this could be the perfect gift!

11 Jamie Lee Curtis' Diaper Wipes


This Freaky Friday actress turned Activia spokeswoman has added another aspect to her career - diapers. As a spokeswoman for Activia, which claims that a regular diet of the yogurt helps you move your bowels, Curtis will probably always be associated with the brand... and poop. She's so well-known for poop that she even parodied her commercials on SNL, so it only makes sense she took the theme one step further.

She invented a regular old disposable diaper, except for one minor feature that could actually be pretty convenient - it has a waterproof pocket that holds baby wipes. Since diapers and wipes go hand in hand (like Curtis and poop), that combo makes perfect sense. What parent wouldn’t want easy access to a supply of wipes while changing a diaper? Good job Curtis!

10 Yakov Smirnoff's Waterproof Clipboard


Now you can coach your football team from the shower! Just kidding, but I don't know what else you'd use this for. Yakov Smirnoff, the Ukranian-born comedian, made a product almost as laughable as his great comedic roles.

The selling feature of the clipboard is that it doesn't deteriorate when it gets wet, which is cool... I guess? Now you can tote it with you everywhere and if an idea ever strikes you'll be able to write it down, even if you're in the swimming pool. Maybe next he'll make something useful waterproof, like a computer or a phone; now that would definitely be worth talking about.

9 Lindsay Lohan's Fake Tanner


Because everyone wants to buy tanning lotion from someone who's always rocking the pale look... Sevin Nyne, Lohan's lotion, was designed to revolutionize the fake-tanning industry by eliminating chemicals, but it wasn't nearly as successful as this starlet had hoped. She debuted it as a follow-up to her leggings line (she thought the self-tanner would be a huge hit). She teamed up with Lorit Simon, an expert, who had been tanning her for years to get some insight into the area she wasn't too familiar with

They actually created a pretty good spray lotion with Gogi berries, Chardonnay extract and caramel. She made DHA the one active ingredient (so there wouldn’t need to be other chemicals involved). While it’s a cool concept, it was poorly executed because the color which the spray provides only lasts four to five days, which means you’d have to use it almost incessantly, and with a price tag of $35 for 5 oz. it didn't really appeal to anyone.

8 Bill Nye's Ballet Shoes


Coming from a real scientist, or at least the most accredited of this group, his invention seems the most useful. You probably know Bill Nye as the science guy and watched his fun and educational videos during off days at school, but now he's invented something pretty cool. While he was filming an episode about bones and muscles, he did a feature on ballerinas. During filming he realized that most of the ballerinas' shoes were covered in blood and caused the dancers a lot of pain, which sparked his scientific brain.

He interrogated the girls as to what happened and they told him that it's normal for their feet to bleed and their toes to break when they dance pointe, which shocked him so much he was inspired to do something about it. Using the scientific method he taught us about, he invented a new shoe that significantly reduces the pain dancers feel when dancing pointe.

7 Natalie Portman's Vegan Shoes


A.k.a. plastic shoes. Natalie is a die-hard vegan and supports animals any way she can, including creating an animal-friendly alternative to high end leather shoes. Except the only way she could think to do it was by making her line out of plastic.

In 2008 Portman launched her line of vegan shoes that cost $200 a pair. She had a variety of styles ranging from heels to loafers, designed in tons of colors so you can rock them for every occasion. She even sought out a partnership with a store called Té Casan that would exclusively carry her line. Too bad the store went under a year after she launched the shoes and took the whole line down with it. That may be why you've never heard of them before.

6 Robert Heinlein's Waterbed


You knew someone who had a waterbed in the 90s and early 2000s, admit it. Well, it may have been this guy's design. Robert Heinlein is one of the most influential sci-fi writers the world has ever known. Plus, he modernized the water bed, which is pretty cool too. The water bed was initially invented in the early 1900s, but didn't really become mainstream until the 1960s with the help of Heinlein.

Heinlein did a stint in the U.S. Navy during which he suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis, which required him to stay in bed for long periods of time. During one of the bed-rest phases, he began to ponder his mattress and started to design a more comfortable bed for the hospital, which led to the waterbed. Maybe since his job in the Navy revolved around water, he wanted to bring it to bed too.

5 Fabio's Slim-Fit Fat Burning Water


The idea sounds appealing. What if you could shed fat simply by drinking water, wouldn't that be amazing? Who is Fabio you may be asking? You know that I Can't Believe It's Not Butter commercial where women are day dreaming over the hot guy serving the fake butter? He's the hot guy. The question is - does drinking this water make you look as good as him?

Probably not because a rock-solid physique takes a lot of hard exercise and smart dieting. However, his water does have some redeeming principles. His water contains L-Carnitine, which is a slimming ingredient, in high concentration. Other drinks, like energy ones, contain the same ingredient, but in way lower quantities so it isn't as effective. If his body is a testament to how the product works, then sign me up.

4 Neil Young's Train Set


This one is only bizarre because one of the most iconic musicians of all-time invented a train set. You may not know that Young is a model-train enthusiast and like any other enthusiast, he wants to share his love with the world, especially his family. However, Young's son has cerebral palsy, so it isn't very easy for him to play with model-train sets. Instead of giving up when presented with this difficult situation, Young took it upon himself to invent a remote that allows his son to share his love of trains.

This remote doesn't have a very inventive name, it's called Controller for a Model Toy Set, but it was very successful. The controller is wireless and connects to different sources to power the trains. Different switches signal sounds and other signal motion of the trains. Once Young saw the joy it brought his son, he put it on the market for others to enjoy as well.

3 Rachel Ray's Garbage Bowl


2 Christie Brinkley's Children's Alphabet

This supermodel made a toy for pre-school kids to learn the alphabet, what a complete package. It's nice to see a celebrity taking education into their own hands, even if it means making a toy that doesn't really do much. Brinkley's alphabet toy was composed of seven magnetic segments that fit together (sort of like a puzzle) in order to help kids learn the alphabet. She believed that learning 26 letters at such a young age would be too overwhelming for a child, so she decided to break it into seven sections in order to have more success. Too bad the toy just shows children how to snap things in place instead of learning or putting meaning to the letters.

1 Francis Ford Coppola's Itch-Locating T-Shirt


A successful director, screenwriter and producer, Francis Ford Coppola is known as the creator of The Godfather movies and Apocalypse Now, along with making an itch locating shirt! This shirt is definitely a couple steps down from The Godfather, but I know where he's coming from. Do you ever have those unreachable itches in the middle of your back? Well, this will help!

Coppola designed a T-shirt with a grid on the back, so that when you have an itch you need help with, you can direct a friend right to the source. The grid is in the shape of a turtle and it’s numbered so that you can easily direct people to the source of the itch. While this sounds pretty weird, the weirdest part is that he used some numbers on the grid twice...so you may not even be directing people to the right source...

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