12 Of The Highest Earning TV Show Hosts

The longest running and most successful TV shows have sentimental meaning for many of us, often spanning at least the last two generations. They bring families together every evening, and we gather around the living room exclaiming our answers or opinions to the television screen in participation. These shows become a part of some of our fondest memories and before we know it, the hosts have found their way into our hearts. A television show host is valued by their natural charismatic charm and grace, how well they interact with the contestants/guests, and how the audience receives them. They must be able to engage and entertain the audience, while maintaining a professional attitude. Their salary is a direct reflection of how well they display these favorable personality traits and abilities. Here are 14 of the highest earning hosts in television.

11 Phil Keoghan - The Amazing Race

Host of the 13-year running, The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan reportedly earns an impressive $100,000 per episode. The TV presenter has been Emmy nominated four times in the 'Outstanding Host For a Reality or Reality Competition Program' category. The show itself has won 14 Emmys out of 59 nominations, and averages a total of 10 million viewers per season. Keoghan is reportedly worth $12 million.

10 Tom Bergeron - AFV and Dancing with the stars

Tom Bergeron has held numerous successful hosting gigs on popular television shows such as Hollywood Squares, America's Funniest Home Videos, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and most recently, Dancing With the Stars. The television personality earns a reported $150,000 per episode for hosting Dancing With The Stars. He's won one Emmy out of six Nominations, and is reportedly worth $12 million.

9 Dr. Mehmet Oz – The Dr. Oz show

Dr. Mehmet Oz earns an annual salary of $4 million for hosting The Dr. Oz Show since 2009. The show, which focuses on health concerns, has won three Emmy awards in a row for outstanding informative talk show, while Dr Oz himself has also won three Emmy awards as host. The heart surgeon is worth a reported $14 million.

8 Nick Cannon – America’s Got Talent

Nick Cannon replaced former host, Regis Philbin on America's Got Talent, in 2009 and earns a reported $70,000 per episode. Cannon recently returned as host of the comedy sketch program, Wild n' Out, after a 6 year hiatus. The comedian and actor, turned television personality, is reportedly worth $20 million.

7 Jeff Probst - Survivor

Since 2001, Jeff Probst has been hosting the wildly successful, Survivor for a staggering 25 seasons, and reportedly earns $200,000 per episode. He's won four out of eight Emmy award nominations in the 'Outstanding Host For a Reality or Reality Competition Program' category. Survivor, itself has won seven out of fifty Emmy award nominations, and ranked number two on Time Magazine's 100 Greatest Shows of All Time list. The TV personality is worth an impressive $40 million.

6 Pat Sajak – Wheel of Fortune

Game Show host, Pat Sajak earns an annual salary of $8 million for hosting Wheel of Fortune. The long time television personality received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame in 1994, and has won three Emmy awards for his work. According to IMDB, Sajak has been quoted as saying: "I honestly didn't think the show [Wheel of Fortune] was going to last much longer when I started in 1981. I thought a year would be lucky, 13 weeks more likely before it was back to forecasting the weather.] The host is reportedly worth $45 million.

5 Alex Trebek - Jeopardy!

Alex Trebek has hosted a long list of television shows, but is most notable for hosting Jeopardy!, since 1984. The television personality was granted a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2000, as well as a star on Canada's Walk of Fame in 2006. The game show itself has won thirty Emmy awards and is approaching its 32nd season. Trebek earns an annual $10 million for hosting Jeopardy! and has a net worth of $50 million.

4 Ryan Seacrest – American Idol

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest has been with the iconic show since its premiere in 2001, originally as a duo with comedian, Brian Dunklemen who decided not to return for a second season. The Emmy nominated television personality earns $15 million annually for hosting American Idol, and is worth a whopping $125 million. In total, Seacrest earns $65 million a year, the source of which includes hit shows he produces on E!, and his On Air With Ryan Seacrest Radio Show.

3 Drew Carey – The Price is Right

The Price is Right host, Drew Carey, took over for original host, Bob Barker in 2007. The actor is also known for hosting the U.S version comedy sketch program, Whose Line is it Anyway, from 1998-2007. According to Forbes, the comedian is paid $12 million annually for hosting The Price is Right. Drew Carey is worth an astounding $165 million.

2 Ellen DeGeneres - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Emmy winning comedian, Ellen DeGeneres has an annual salary of $65 million for hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The critically acclaimed talk show has won thirty-three Emmy awards since its debut in 2003, and is consistently one of the highest rated shows on television for the past 11 seasons. Ellen DeGeneres has a mammoth net worth of $190 million.

2. Dr. Phil – Dr. Phil Show

Dr. Phil earns an annual salary of $70 million for hosting, The Dr. Phil Show, which has been on air since 2002. It is widely recognized that Dr. Phil received the opportunity for his own program, thanks to his association with media giant, Oprah Winfrey and the frequent guest appearances he made on her show. The Emmy nominated therapist is worth a staggering $245 million.

1 Oprah Winfrey – The Oprah Winfrey Show

The former Queen of day time television, Oprah Winfrey dominated television for over 2 decades since The Oprah Winfrey Show, debuted in 1984. She's won numerous awards for her work, including a Lifetime Achievement Emmy. During the syndication of her talk show, Oprah reportedly earned  $100 million a year. Since establishing her OWN network, Winfrey earns $315 annually. The network owner is worth an astonishing $2.9 billion.

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