12 Most Expensive Purchases Floyd Mayweather Has Ever Made

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you had a net worth of over 400 million dollars? Imagine making more money in one day then you made in your entire last year combined. How would you spend it? What would you do?

People tend to say that the more money you make, the more problems you’ll come across. But let’s face it. Sitting on nearly half a billion dollars in cash is a fantastic problem to have. Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to hard work. You simply cannot reach the pinnacle of any sport without dedicating your entire life to being the best in the world. The countless hours Mayweather has committed to training and studying the sport of boxing since his childhood is the reason he is in the position he is today; the highest paid athlete on the planet.

Hate him or love him, the man stinks of success. Whether he deserves the insane paydays he receives for his fights will always remain up for debate. One thing we can all agree on though, is the man knows how to enjoy the fruits of his labour. Here are the 12 most expensive purchases Mayweather has ever made.


12 300k on a Mercedes Party Bus

Mayweather copped a fully decked out Mercedes Sprinter that set him back 300k. The bus comes equipped with massage chairs, full champagne bar and satellite TV with a surround sound stereo system.

Chances of you ever coming across one of these bad boys is virtually impossible. This ride was custom built for Mayweather and just screams tailored luxury.

11 400k on Hermes Bags

Mayweather owns so much luxury clothing and accessories that tallying up the value of them all would be close to impossible. His shopping patterns tend to be erratic and he will splurge on items at any given time.

One example is the 400k he spent at Hermes in one day when shopping in paris. His pickups? 5 crocodile bags including four travel bags and andorange Birkin Bag. Mayweather posted his purchase on his Instagram account with the caption: “Over $400,000 spent in Hermes cause I stay in my lane”.

Enough Said.

10 $750,000 Contract Buyout

Kind of strange when you think about it. But one of the biggest purchases Mayweather has ever made was in 2006, when he decided to exercise a provision in his contract that gave him the opportunity to become a free agent. He payed a cool 750k to Toprank Promotions to buy out the remainder of his contract and immediately formed his own company.

This bold move is what laid the foundation for him to become one of the highest paid athletes of all time. By controlling his own destiny, he made sure that no promoters would be able to stick their hands in his pockets and instead, kept all profits from his fights to himself.

9 7-Figure Sweet Sixteen for his Daughter


We’ve all heard stories of celebrities spoiling their kids on their birthdays. But have you ever heard of two of the world’s biggest rappers throwing a private concert for a 16 year old?

Mayweather hosted a birthday bash extravaganza at the Mirage Grand Ballroom in Vegas for his daughter's sweet sixteen. The lavish party was headlined by performances by none other than Drake and Future. The party reportedly set Mayweather back 7 figures.

8 1.1 Million Dollar Watch

Mayweather has accumulated an unfathomable amount of jewelry over the past several years. His collection consisting of diamond encrusted watches, bracelets, chains and rings, have been valued at over 10 million dollars. He has been spotted on many occasions rocking millions of dollars worth of jewelry at once.

One of his most prized possessions and most expensive purchases is a 1.1 million dollar Hublot watch he picked up in Dubai last year. The timepiece, which is one of the most expensive watches on the planet, has an army of white diamonds encrusted around the entire enclosure.

7 1.1 Million Dollar Bet


Mayweather is notorious for betting huge sums of money on various sporting events. While being interviewed on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, Mayweather admitted to betting 1.1 million dollars on the Oregon Ducks back in 2013. He walked away a winner with a cool 1 million dollars.

Puzzled as to how Mayweather could gamble such a large amount of cash on a sporting event, Fallon told Mayweather: “I wouldn’t be able to watch that, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I don’t know what I’d do. I would leave the country.” Mayweather shrugged off the conversation, stating ‘It was a cool game”, and acknowledged that he had no problem stomaching the huge bet he placed.

He clearly isn’t phased by much and has a ton of cash to risk.

6 1.5 Million Dollar Miami Penthouse

Mayweather bought this property in the Saint Tropez condominiums of Sunny Aisles back in 2010. The luxurious 3000 square foot condo has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and comes with premium furnishings throughout.

He has renovated the property 3 times already and is planning to renovate it a fourth time, even though he hasn’t lived at the property since moving into his Las Vegas home with his kids.


5 3.5 Million Dollar Bugatti Veyron

Chances of you spotting one of these bad boys on the street are slim to none. There are only 400 Bugatti Veyrons available across the world since Bugatti started manufacturing the car in 2005.

Mayweather is known to own several Bugattis ranging from 2 to 3 million dollars. He flaunts his collection to the media any chance that he gets. He brought his Bugatti collection to another level when he picked up his orange and black Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse in 2015. At a price tag of 3.5 million dollars, you can’t blame him for showing it off. Just to put things into perspective, an oil change and standard service on that car costs over $20,000.

4 4.8 Million Dollar Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Floyd Mayweather is famous for his incredible fleet of luxury cars. He has a stable of cars any person would dream of; Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Rolls Royces. He is even known to color coordinate his cars based on which city his home is in. He keeps a fleet of black painted cars in Miami and his white painted cars in Las Vegas.

What sets his car collection apart from other wealthy people even more is his collection of insanely expensive supercars. His Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita is the world's most expensive street legal super car that set him back 4.8 million dollars.

3 9 Million Dollar Las Vegas Home

Nicknamed the ‘Big Boy Mansion’, Mayweather’s custom built estate has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, and spans an incredible 22,000 square feet. The home also houses a 15 million dollar car collection, 600 square foot closet, two storey high home movie theater, 24 foot ceilings and is located on a golf course. Mayweather’s home also sports some impressive landscaping. He reportedly pays his gardeners $3,000 a month just to take care of his flowers, ferns and trees.

2 10 Million Dollar Engagement Ring

They say diamonds are forever. The same can’t be said for Mayweather's relationship to Shantel Jackson. The couple had a very public falling out several years ago that made headlines across the country. Mayweather was known to splurge on Miss Jackson and shower her with gifts, cars and jewelry.

In 2013, Mayweather proposed to Shantel Jackson with a 10 million dollar engagement ring. He called off the engagement after finding out that Miss Jackson had an abortion without his consent.

1 35 Million Dollar G5 Jet

Would you really expect the highest paid athlete on the planet to fly commercial? Mayweather is known to vacation around the world on a whim. His Instagram account is proof of his love for travel and galavanting lifestyle. You can catch him in Paris one week and Cairo, Egypt the next.

When you have your own Gulfstream Jet, no continent, country or city is out of the question. Just pick a place and go.


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