12 Female Actress Net Worths You Wouldn't Believe

The majority of these actresses have been in the business for quite some time. So it would be shocking to see how low their income has been over the years, especially when comparing their net worth with the likes of newcomers who are already close to surpassing Hollywood veterans in the salary department. Granted, women make less than actors, and we know this through the Sony hacking scandal, where Jennifer Lawrence famously questioned execs why she wasn’t receiving as much as her male co-stars, so some of these net worths might explain why their income doesn’t stand as high as Johnny Depp's net worth for example. Taking everything into account, from endorsement deals to salaries per movies, these 12 women and their net worths might really surprise you!


12 Meryl Streep — $45 Million

People might be surprised to hear that veteran actress Meryl Streep, the same woman who has starred in over forty films throughout her career, has only made a surprising $45 million. Movies such as Mamma Mia! and Death Becomes Her were widely successful at the box office, and so have many of her other films, but as sources have stated in the past, women make a significantly less amount — especially when that woman has passed the age of 40.

11 Raven Symone — $53 Million


Apart from saying some of the most absurd things on The View, where she currently holds the co-host position, Raven Symone hasn’t really done that much in the entertainment business. But that’s the good thing about starting your career at the young age of 5. Yup, Raven has pretty much been acting all of her life, which allowed her for an early retirement. She pops up on TV every now and then for cameos on TV shows, but other than that, she’s just enjoying her large $53 million fortune.

10 Kristen Stewart — $70 Million

Kristen Stewart could’ve probably had more money in her bank had she not committed career suicide three years ago. Nobody can forget those infamous photos of Kristen hooking up with film director, Rupert Sanders, during the time she was still in a relationship with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. Following the scandal, Kristen reportedly missed out on several movie roles, evidently kicking her out of the Snow White movie franchise and subsequently getting Rupert fired from directing the second installment. Ouch.

9 Scarlett Johansson — $80 Million


Scarlett Johansson has been acting for almost two decades, but only as of late has this fiery actress been making the big bucks. Ever since she signed on to play the part of Black Widow in the ever-so-successful Avengers flicks, Scarlett’s career has continued to climb the ladder… and so has her net worth. She now has a whopping worth of $80 million while her reported salary per movie now stands at an alleged $7 million. Scarlett is also prepping for her spin-off with the Black Widow feature film, expected to begin shooting later this year. In other words, this woman is all kinds of busy and her net worth proves just that.

8 Jennifer Lawrence — $75 Million

Jennifer Lawrence might have only had her breakout from The Hunger Games four years ago, but this leading lady is all about her business. Having won an Oscar, Jennifer’s salary is believed to have risen to an impressive $5-$10 million per movie, which is relatively high considering how sudden her rise to fame came about. On top of that, she has several endorsement deals running, which, when you total them all together, make Lawrence another $15 million a year.

7 Sofia Vergara — $100 Million


Sofia Vergara is currently the highest paid TV actress in Hollywood, reportedly making up to $1.2 million per episode on Modern Family. The series usually lasts for around 20 episodes, meaning that every year, Sofia is looking at an impressive $25 million income just from the show alone. But starring in one of the biggest shows isn’t the only thing that’s keeping Vergara occupied — she also has a long list of films she’s planning to take part in. Her $100 million is bound to double in the next three years, that’s for sure.

6 Cameron Diaz — $100 Million

Her good sense of humor and funny personality has landed Cameron Diaz a nice net worth of $100 million, which would surprise a lot of people since Cameron is only ever seen in movies once every few years. Well, Bad Teacher ended up being so successful at the box office in 2012, Cameron signed on for a sequel, having been offered more than the $43 million she was alleged to have received for the first one. On top of that, one shouldn’t rule out the fact that Ms. Diaz has an impressive number of endorsement deals running. Evidently enough, she can retire today if she wanted to.


5 Julia Roberts —$140 Million


Julia Roberts may be considered as a veteran in Hollywood, for she has starred in some of the biggest rom-com films of all time, including Pretty Woman. According to reports, Roberts was the first actress to have ever received a paycheck of $20 million for a movie role, which was fascinating at the time since the likes of Will Smith and John Travolta had no problem landing those kind of offers at the peak of their careers.

4 Jennifer Aniston — $150 Million

Probably the go-to person for every company whenever they need something to be promoted, Jennifer Aniston has become more of a commercial stunner than a credible actress, having appeared in endless adverts over the past couple of years. But can you blame her? She signed an eight-figure deal with Aveeno to sponsor their acne-free, smooth skin cream, which is supposedly going to do wonders on your face when you use it. In other words, it’s just like every other company that tries to sell you something. But here it’s different because people buy what Jennifer promotes, wears and does. Not many celebs have that kind of an influence. Of course, she also makes $12 million per film, which isn’t too shabby either.

3 Angelina Jolie — $200 Million


But Jennifer’s net worth still can’t compete with Angelina Jolie, which is quite sad considering that Angie is not only the woman who has more money than Aniston, she is also the woman who stole her husband. Yikes. With an alleged $20 million per film salary, Angelina is making a relaxing annual income, but surprisingly enough, she uses a lot of her money to help those in need. Her net worth could’ve been nearing $300 million had she not done all the good deeds for the poor. She might be a husband snatcher, but she has a good heart it seems.

2 Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen — $300 Million

Having started their careers as actresses at the age of one, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have turned into fashion moguls, running several stores across North America. On top of that, their famous collection of books has sold millions throughout the years, giving them the best-selling author title alongside best-paid actresses, two of the most respected fashionistas and overall businesswomen. They’ve pretty much left acting behind (unless there’s a role they just cannot refuse), but their start still came from their acting career, which has now turned into a fashion business. Impressive.

1 Jessica Alba — $350 Million


The same goes for Jessica Alba, who started out as the hot chick in the movies. No, literally — we all knew her as the hot chick, but not exactly knowing what her name was. Then, she turned down all the sexy roles for more serious ones, which ended up flopping at the box office. What a surprise. And then, Jessica decided to head into a new direction: launching her own baby & body products. The company is now said to be worth a shocking $1.3 billion, generating $100 million last year alone. Jessica is settled for life financially, that’s for sure.


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