12 Families Ruined By Fame And Fortune

The curse of fame is not just a myth; it got Britney, it got Lindsay and it even got good girl Jessica. Fame has been said to come at a high price; no privacy, lack of human connection, missing out on holidays, big events and time with your loved ones. However, when you allow your family to take the wild ride of stardom with you, there is no way in seeing which turn it can take; although, it generally goes bad for all those involved, especially the ones who do not know how to handle the pressures of fame. If it’s not the constant badgering by the paparazzi, then it’s the fake stories that have a negative effect on your relationship with notoriety. For the past several years, stories have popped up in the media about relatives of celebrities regarding paternity suits, fights in clubs, business deals gone bad and worst of all, rifts between them and their celebrity relative. These people who claim fame by association and furthermore, allow the little bit of clout to get to their head, generally make more news then their famous relative. Prime examples of this include Beyonce’s father and his paternity suit, Redmond O’Neal and his drug abuse and Dina and Michael Lohan for more incidents then we probably know of. Below is a list of families who allowed the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle, ruin their relationships.

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12 The Gosselins


In 2007, Jon and Kate subjected their set of twins and their newborn set of sextuplets to a reality television show that documented the actuality of having two sets of multiples. From the beginning, the viewers were able to sense that something was not right with the family dynamic. Jon and Kate were not living in harmonious matrimony and it affected the kids in a negative way, and at the beginning of season two, viewers were able to see the cracks in the foundation. Fast forward to 2009, four seasons in, Jon divorced Kate and all hell broke loose, as they each took shots at one another in the media and society took multiple shots at Jon and Kate individually. As a result, Kate is now calling herself a single parent and has had multiple TV specials to prove so.

11 The Hogans


When pro wrestler Terry “Hulk” Hogan subjected his family to a 2005 Father Knows Best type reality show, the world responded with good reviews and interest in his hot teenage daughter. Although the show was named after Hogan, it mainly focused on his kids and their career in show business, mainly Brooke and her singing career. In 2007, aspiring drifter (yes like Tokyo Drift), Nick was involved in a car accident that nearly killed his best friend and lead to several other legal troubles. In addition, a cheating scandal had rocked the Hogan household, Terry supposedly cheated with one of his daughter’s friends; the network quickly cancelled the reality show but the drama continued in the media, including a divorce, more young lovers for both parents and Brook’s failing music career.

10 The Cyrus’


9 The Thickes


8 The O’Neals


7 The Culkins


Child actor Macaulay Culkin, was once a lovable, notable child actor, until fame got to his parents' heads. When Culkin's parents Christopher and Patricia Culkin decided it was time to part ways, a vicious battle erupted over who would get custody of their minor children but more importantly, who would get custody of their cash cows (almost all their children were becoming sought after actors at the time). The fight of who was to manage their budding careers was also wrapped in with allegations of physical abuse, alcohol abuse and infidelity. The divorce battle went on for a while and got really ugly; eventually, Patricia got custody of the children and had to try and salvage whatever career the boys had left. Career wise they were fine but mentally, they were traumatized and this can seemingly be seen in the behavior that Macaulay keeps up in public.

6 The Lohans

What can one do when their parents are jealous of their career? Lindsay Lohan’s mother was a rockette and aspiring actress before she had her kids, so when Lindsay hit it big, she saw room for herself to leech onto the fiery red head's career. Lindsay and her three siblings had it rough, watching their parents go through a very public divorce, so it did not help when father (an alcohol and ex-con) Michael, wanted to get custody of the kids, supposedly because Lindsay was making millions of dollars on hit films like Mean Girls. Slightly jealous, both parents got themselves into circumstances that would draw the attention to themselves, like; DUI’s, illegitimate children, cheating scandals and documenting their rehab stays. Lindsay and her siblings suffered the consequences by losing jobs and ruining their face with plastic surgery; this is a prime example of a family who can’t handle fame.

5 The Giudices


Let's be honest, no one really thinks of a Real Housewife as a celebrity, or even someone who has enough fame to ruin their lives, but Teresa Giudice breaks the mold. Currently in jail for a bunch of charges including tax fraud, Teresa and juicy Joe got a little too comfortable too quickly, when they saw those checks rolling in. They spent frivolously and they let the “fame” lift them to new heights. Flash forward and Teresa is serving a 15 month stint in jail and as soon as she gets out, Joe is going in and possibly getting deported. Her kids are in shambles crying on almost every episode of this past season and oldest daughter Gia, is having a hard time dealing with her mom’s imprisonment. Teresa learned quickly that sometimes the money and the fame isn't worth it.

4 The Knowles

3 The Simpsons

2 The Spears’


Child star, teen music sensation and everyone’s favorite good girl Britney Spears was at one point, and kind of still is, one of music's most notable musicians. After years of pushing the limits, her solidarity with fame began to crack; her mother wrote a book outing the real age she lost her virginity, her boyfriend at the time Justin Timberlake, called her out for cheating in the hit song “Cry Me A River” and her sixteen year old sister got pregnant. The fame started to turn on this family and it was ugly press, instead of good press. Britney was showing her rougher side by attacking paparazzi with umbrellas, shaving her head and losing custody of her kids to a man who has no job. They must be wrong when they say all press is good press.

1 The Jacksons

Probably the most notorious family to be ruined by fame and fortune; starting from a young age Michael Jackson and his brothers were in a group that was verbally and physically abused by their jealous, money hungry father, Joe. As Michael and his siblings grew up and gained fame and notoriety in their own right, Joe could no longer control them or their money; the lack of parental supervision gave this brood the freedom they never had before. Not ones to be able to keep their private lives a secret, tabloid stories ranged from secret marriages, child abuse claims, drug use and internal rifts; the Jackson's have evidently allowed fame, egos and money to have a negative effect on their family.

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