12 Child Stars Who Never Have To Work Again

While we’re sitting in school trying to learn how to one day make money, these actors and singers were out there doing it. Child stars. They are a large, diverse group with a lot of history and often, a lot of problems. However, a lot of them also have something else in common: a whole lot of money.

The following people may be adults now, but they didn’t wait to grow up to start working. Any one of the people here, not one who has yet to reach the age of 50, could decide to retire right now and never have to work again. However, lucky for us, many of these beloved childhood favorites still have that great work ethic that started them in the business so young. That’s why we still have years to look forward to seeing them grace our screens and radios. So think of how big these numbers could be if we do this list again in a few years. Spoiler alert: only two people on this list are worth less than $20 million and only four are worth less than $50 million. That’s a whole lot of money held amongst so small a group. Here are 12 child stars who could get away with never working again.


12 Selena Gomez – $16 Million

Nobody knows exactly how much Selena Gomez is worth. Some people think it’s only around $6 million and others think it’s as much as $45 million. The average thought is that the number is closer to the $16 million to $20 million range. Really though, does it matter? Even in this day and age, and especially at Selena’s very young age of 23, $16 million is not too shabby. And since this number is much more likely to be closer to the $18 million range, this young actress, singer, and former Disney star is a great person to start out this list.

11 Neil Patrick Harris – $16 Million


It should surprise no one that Dr. Doogie Howser has made this list. He was, after all, the premiere teen doctor in the 90s. However, since those days of a beloved child star, he has only gotten bigger and better. Now, Harris the actor, singer, author, magician and host supreme, is worth an estimated $16 million. The only thing shocking about this figure is that it is not a lot higher. He may not be a child anymore, but he still has the star title. We’re sure that this number is going to grow a lot as Harris advances in his career.

10 Alyssa Milano – $45 Million

Starting with Sam on Who’s the Boss?, Milano’s career took off at an astounding rate. Today, she is worth an estimated $45 million and is still growing strong. With success since Sam on popular shows such as Charmed, she has become a household name. And who can forget that adorable, tomboy face, growing up before our eyes. Plus, with the royalties she is still receiving and will continue to receive from both of her highly successful, long-running shows, she can retire now and still keep raking in the money.

9 Raven Symone – $53 Million


From The Cosby Show to That’s So Raven!, Raven Symone knows what it is like to be a childhood celebrity. She made you just want to exclaim "aww", as the adorable step-daughter of Denise before predicting the future on her own show. Now, you can find her co-hosting The View, but she might not have gotten there without those formative years on the set of TV shows. Because of her early success on these shows, she is now worth an estimated $53 million. For someone as young as Symone, that is certainly a pretty impressive figure to brag about.

8 Natalie Portman – $54 Million

As Natalie Portman spent her teen years working on Star Wars, it should not surprise you to learn that the girl has amassed a pretty hefty fortune; $54 million to be (an estimate of) exact. While she is still garnering success in all that she does, it was those formative years that got her a start in Hollywood. She is only likely to get better as the years go by, but we are sure she will always be proud of her former child star days – if only because that cannot have hurt on the Harvard application.

7 Emma Watson – $60 Million


If you were offered a part in the Harry Potter franchise, and you turned it down, you made a huge mistake. This can be stated as a fact because, yet another spoiler alert, Emma Watson is not even the only Harry Potter star who is gracing this list. Still though, even if she was, her success from this beloved series would be pretty impressive on its own. At only 25 years of age, she is already worth an estimated value of $60 million. Now, as she prepares to blow us away with a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, she is sure to keep earning more. Not that she needs to do so, of course.

6 Jennifer Lawrence – $75 Million

Jennifer Lawrence got her career started as Bill Engvall’s daughter on his self-named TV series. You might not remember her from those days, but that’s okay. She took her child star status and turned it into mega-success, first with The Hunger Games series and then with everything else she has ever chosen to be a part of. Now, as an adult, she is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. However, she is still very young. She could end her career now and still be rich for the rest of her life. But since she has no plans on doing this, who knows how much this "slim" $75 million figure will grow into.


5 Daniel Radcliffe -$110 Million


As promised, here is another Harry Potter child star with a huge net worth associated with his name. In this case, that figure is estimated to be around $110 million. That is right: we still have four more to go, and we are already in the $100 million + numbers. Sometimes, it does not hurt to be a child star. Anyway, so you know him best as Harry Potter himself, so is it really that surprising to see Daniel Radcliffe's name listed so high on this list? Of course not. Plus, imagine how much he is still getting from this series?

4 Drew Barrymore – $125 Million

When you are a Barrymore in general, you are going to have money. Then, add on some sweet E.T. money to that name, and you can see why you would be listed here. Here is some trivia for you: Drew Barrymore was the youngest host of Saturday Night Live ever, hosting at the tender age of seven. That is the definition of child star. Currently, it is estimated that she is worth around $125 million. That makes her number four on this very impressive list.

3 Miley Cyrus -$165 Million


You might love her, or you might hate her, but there is very little chance of you not knowing her. Miley Cyrus might be living a life of the rebel now, but she started out as a cute little Disney star with a secret lie when she landed the lead on Hannah Montana. Sure, her personality has changed a lot over the years. However, her past still helped shape her present, and like it or not, she cannot deny her status as a child star icon. So how much has the child star amassed in her very young life? It is estimated that she is worth around $160 million. That’s certainly not too shabby!

2 Justin Bieber – $200 Million

If you, like billions of teenage girls around the world, have caught the Bieber fever, then you know why he is listed so high on this list. With the support of Usher and a good singing voice, Bieber is just as good at making money as he is at getting himself in trouble: and he is really, only super-human good at getting himself in trouble. It is estimated that he is worth just about $200 million. This is good news for him. He may not use this money to settle down into a quiet, respectable retired life, but he just might need it for bail money sometime soon.

1 The Olsen Twins – $300 Million


No good list on rich childhood celebrities would be complete without Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Many people came before them and many people have come after them, and yet here they are still number one on the list. The $300 million net worth it is estimated they are worth is huge. However, let’s be honest: there are two of them and one of everybody else. But even splitting this figure in two, they’d still be numbers two and three on this list. Together they are right where they should be on the list. They may be more into fashion than acting nowadays, but their business savvy and young acting chops have made them number one.


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