12 Celebs Who Spend Too Much Cash In Strip Joints

Many things can drive men to strip clubs. But whatever the reason, men go, and while they all spend a good chunk of cash on drinks and lap dances, the male celebrities on this list damn near break the bank. There’s really no excuse for spending too much cash at a strip club… wait, yes there is; research shows that men are cognitively impaired before and after interactions with women.

Spending your rent is one thing, but the extremes that some male celebs go to when visiting their favorite peel pub is quite another. Read on to find out who’s spending, and how much.

Now, numbers are numbers, so the top entries have been listed elsewhere, but to keep things interesting we’ve thrown a couple curve balls your way. And keep in mind that society has always had a fascination with celebrity extravagance, especially when it can be perceived as lurid and sinful… such as is the case with Joe Guidice and his extramarital affair, Diddy and his obscene spending and, not so sinful except in name, but when clubs like SINS (Sapphire Industry Nighton Sunday) pop up and draw notable DJs like Lil Jon, Manufactured Superstars, and Questlove, and turn away Justin Bieber, well, we all sit at attention. Without further delay, here are the top male celebs who spend too much cash in strip joints.

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12 Department of Defense Employees - $96,000

Right at the top, we’re throwing you the first curve ball. We understand that this isn’t a celebrity, but the Department of Defense (DOD) is pretty important. And if the DOD is spending money at strip joints, whose money is it? Is it yours, the taxpayer’s?

You’ll be happy to know that the “official” word is that DOD personnel paid their “personal” expenses on the government-issued credit cards and no taxpayer money was used to fund the $96,000 spent at strip joints. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it after the 2015 Pentagon audit by the DOD Inspector General.

11 Patrick Schwarzenegger - $10,000

Granted, the son of The Terminator and Maria Shriver, model and actor Patrick Schwarzenegger had Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton at his back, but the trio did manage to spend a paltry 10 grand at a strip joint. According to reports, they all headed out to E11even, a part-burlesque, part-strip club, after Paris finished her DJing set at an elite Moschino party. One can’t help but wonder what Patrick’s old man had to say about the night out and the total that was spent.

10 Christian Slater - $10,000

9 Drake - $17,000

Canadian rapper and actor Drake, has had his share of feuds during the course of his career, most notably with Common, Chris Brown and Meek Mill. There was, however, likely no feud going on between Drake and the dancers at the strip joint when he and Rihanna reportedly dropped $17,000 in a single night. The thing that’s confusing is that he’s fairly new to the celebrity scene and really not that big in the grand scheme of things, so how he funded that night, which is speculated to be one of many, is a mystery. It’s also noteworthy that in another spending spree, Drake reportedly made it rain with $50,000 at the Cameo nightclub, and back in 2011 he and Lil Wayne ended up a cool quarter million dollars lighter.

8 Fabolous – $28,000

The year is 2012. The city is Atlanta. The club is Diamonds. And if you happen to be a hard-working stripper then and there, you certainly wanted to be at this club when Fabolous crashed radio DJ Kenny Burns’ party with no remorse, and proceeded to toss a cool $28,000 around the room. It’s reported, and now something of a legend, that money was literally caught up in the club’s chandelier. We wonder just how much the lucky workers made in tips that night.

7 Allen Iverson - $30,000-$40,000+


Retired professional basketball player, Allen Iverson has a rather long list of accolades to be envied, and they have undoubtedly earned him a few pretty big paychecks over the years. Being an 11-time NBA All-Star, a two-time All-Star game MVP, and the league’s MVP in 2001 (just to name a few of his many accomplishments), it’s no wonder the basketball star reportedly (according to former teammate Matt Barnes) spent $30,000 to $40,000 at a strip joint… every single time he went.

6 Lil Wayne – $30,000

Back in 2013, rapper Lil Wayne paid a visit to the famous King of Diamonds club in Miami, Florida. And he didn't come empty-handed either, Wayne showed up with a bag full of single dollar bills. How many you ask? Try 30,000 on for size -- and there’s video evidence, which you can watch right above. Lil Wayne was there with French Montana to celebrate the release of the latter’s album, Excuse my French. Have you ever heard of celebrating something in such an edgy way?

5 Akon – $50,000

He is a Record producer, a hip-hop artist, a songwriter and a rather successful businessman. Yes, Akon is basically an industry mogul. Does that mean he’s got as much bank as he portrays he does? It might. He definitely did when he decided to throw down 50,000 green ones in a strip club a few years ago, back in 2011. Akon reportedly actually had an armored truck deliver the money to his house, and then proceeded to make a video of the unbelievable spectacle. Watch it above.

4 Floyd Mayweather – $100,000

This list just couldn't be complete without Floyd Mayweather. Yes, we are talking about the man who defeated Manny Pacquiao in May 2015, earns crazy money, and not just from boxing, but also from gambling, specifically gambling on the NFL. He’s been known to make it rain to the large tune of 35K or 50K, but those figures pale in comparison to the huge $100,000 he dropped while attending DJ Irie’s birthday at E11even in 2014. Jamie Foxx and Diddy were also there to celebrate, according to reports. We wonder how much they dropped that same night.

3 Lil Wayne & Drake – $250,000


This might be a bit of cheating here, since both Lil Wayne and Drake appeared earlier in this list. But you can’t deny the extravagance that these two bestowed upon a small piece of real estate back in 2011. On their own, they definitely destroy, but together, it's a whole other ballpark! These guys were surely looking for world domination when they reportedly splurged $250,000 in a strip joint. Maybe they were celebrating something big because sources also reported that Drake’s dad and Lil Twist were in tow.

2 Rick Ross - $1 million

Rapper Rick Ross is not only an industry mogul, but he is also a mogul of his own birthday destiny. In 2011, the rapper found himself celebrating his birthday at the famous King of Diamonds (once again) club in Miami, where he and his entourage proceeded to shower the place with a lot of cash; $1 million to be exact (you really gotta love strip joints). You can watch the video of the event, and if that isn’t self-indulgence, you’re not on planet Earth with the rest of us.

1 Diddy - $2 million

In 2012, P. Diddy found himself in a firestorm of hate when he Tweeted that he intended to spend $2 million over Memorial Day weekend while in Miami, and at King of Diamonds of all places (really, everyone just needs to get a job there). After receiving the ire of those to whom he owes money, and fans supporting them, Diddy retracted his earlier Tweet. However, later reports stated that he still patronized the strip joint as planned, although the official total of his spending was never confirmed.

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