12 Celebs Who Can't Pay Their Rent These Days

Most people (somewhat logically) assume that celebrities are pretty rich. After all, you can’t appear on the red carpet, star in shows and movies, and produce hit records without having at least some money, right? While that makes sense in theory, the way money works in Hollywood isn’t exactly conventional, and there are some celebrities you may see often who aren’t doing so well financially.

There are a number of reasons why famous people go broke. Some are paid a lump sum of cash and immediately spend it all on frivolous things. Some are expected to take care of family and friends, and eventually run out of funds quicker than they should. There are also some famous people who enter into bad contracts with Hollywood executives, and still have to make appearances and record albums, without a significant amount of take-home pay. Whatever the reason, the sad reality is that there is a downside to Hollywood—like most things in life. There are some stars who look carefree and beautiful on the red carpet, but are struggling to pay their household bills on time. Here are 12 celebrities who can’t pay their rent these days.

12 Chris Tucker

11 Tila Tequila

10 Brett Butler

9 Willie Aames

8 Sly Stone

7 Alexis Bellino

6 Mischa Barton

5 Terrell Owens

4 La Toya Jackson

3 MC Hammer

2 Young Buck

1 Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is a classic case of a rich athlete who didn’t make the right choices with his money. Iverson is an 11-time NBA all-star, and he earned $154 million during his time as a basketball star. Allen spent the majority of his money on cars, homes and extremely expensive jewelry. Iverson also blew a considerable amount of money paying his entourage, and making sure that his friends and family were able to live a lavish lifestyle. By 2012, Allen Iverson lost all his money—and his marriage. There’s been talks of Iverson making a career comeback, but it looks like that’s just not going to happen. We’re not sure how he’s paying the rent these days, but chances are it’s not particularly easy.


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12 Celebs Who Can't Pay Their Rent These Days