12 Celebs Who Act Broke But Are Really Rich

It’s no secret that celebrities are significantly richer than the average person. After all, that’s part of the reason people idolize stars so much. The idea of having millions of dollars is fascinating to most people, and it’s obvious that there are many ways that having lots of cash can make life easier. However, celebrities also have the pressure of keeping their fortunes intact. If a celeb loses money due to a business deal gone wrong or a creative project that flopped, they are sure to be in the news quickly. Of course, there are also hundreds of celebrities who blow their fortunes on extravagant items and go from riches to rags in a short amount of time.

Then, there are the “smart” celebs who don’t discuss money openly. They actually pretend to be poor. These famous people are always talking about how much it costs to send their kids to college or pay a mortgage. These famous people almost have you believing that they experience financial hardships that are similar to yours, which makes it easier to relate to them. Some celebrities have also made wise investments that haven’t made the news, so the public really has no idea how rich these famous people actually are. Here are 12 celebs who act broke, but are really rich.


12 Gloria Estefan

Cuban singing sensation Gloria Estefan has been making people dance for decades. She’s responsible for a number of Latin-inspired hits like “Get On Your Feet,” “Conga” and “Turn The Beat Around,” and is known for selling out concerts and tours. She has a net worth of around $500 million, but if you think about it, you never really hear her talk about money. During interviews, she seems very laid-back and relatable, and often talks about her love for her family and passion for music. She also makes it clear that she’s worked hard over the years, which is likely an indication that she enjoys the rewards of her labor, and she’s not overly pretentious when it comes to money.

11 Martin Lawrence


These days, we don’t really see much of actor and comedian Martin Lawrence. He got his start on Def Comedy Jam, and made a name for himself with 1990s hit movies like House Party, before hitting it big with his own long-running sitcom, Martin. And of course, there are the Bad Boys movies he made with Will Smith. Most people are inclined to think that when an actor is no longer in the limelight, he/she isn’t worth much money. That’s not the case with Lawrence, who has a net worth of $110 million. Clearly, he doesn’t feel pressure to star in a new movie or TV show any time soon, but we’re sure some of his fans wouldn’t mind seeing him on screen again.

10 Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Most people remember Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine from the cult classic Seinfeld. She also starred in her own sitcom, The New Adventures of Old Christine, where she played a frazzled but well-meaning single mom who is on good terms with her ex-husband but needs a little help moving on with her life. Julia then moved on to star in Veep, a political comedy. It was rumored that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was worth around $3 billion, but she denied this. Her father, however, businessman Gerard Louis-Dreyfus, actually has a net worth of around $3.4 billion, which indicates that Julia has always come from wealth. She comes across as a “regular” woman to many of her fans though, and people find that refreshing for the most part.

9 50 Cent


Rapper, businessman and producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has apparently been pretty rich for quite some time. He started doing pretty well after teaming up with Dr. Dre, and began starring in movies, proving that he could have a promising career as an actor. 50 Cent also signed a deal with Vitamin Water n 2007, which gave him a net worth of $100 million. This was pretty significant in the hip hop world, since he is one of the only rappers to acquire such a successful endorsement. Recently, there has been talk that 50 Cent isn’t as rich as he pretends to be, since he’s been posing on social media with stacks of money—which is usually a sign that a celeb is about to go broke, but doesn’t want the world to know. Time will tell.

8 Birdman

The New Orleans rapper and producer has a net worth of $150 million. As a rapper, Birdman often talks about the money he spends on extravagant items, but that’s often part of being in his “line of work.” What he doesn’t always openly discuss, however, is the fact that he really is worth a fortune. After all, he wouldn’t have made all that money without executing some pretty smart business moves. Birdman doesn’t do many interviews, and this may be intentional, so that he can dodge questions about his finances and keep all his fanciful talk about money in his music.

7 Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss, formerly of the singing group Xscape, is now a staple on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It has been reported that she is the richest member of the cast, with a net worth of $35 million. Obviously, all that money didn’t come from being a reality show star. Burruss is also a songwriter and producer, and even had a short-lived reality show that let viewers into the business side of the music world. Even though Kandi is candid when it comes to discussing money management, she’s not very vocal about how much money she actually makes. Burruss has a line of sex toys as well to keep the cash coming in. The multiple streams of income are certainly coming in handy, since Kandi has a teenage daughter and a young son that she recently welcomed with husband Todd Tucker.

6 Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a country music legend, with a career that spans over 40 years. She’s even had significant success with acting, and people who meet her say she is sweet and personable. However, Parton doesn’t reveal much about her personal life, and we rarely see her in the tabloids, unless there’s a fabricated story about her. We do know that she’s been married for a long time, and that may have something to do with the fact that the details of her marriage haven’t been made public. Dolly Parton is also worth $400 million, which is nothing short of impressive. Now we see why she’s been able to afford those…surgical enhancements.


5 Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts has acted in hundreds of movies over the span of her career, but to some, she’ll always be known for her roles in films like Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich. The Georgia native, who has a winning smile and has often been called America’s Sweetheart, hasn’t been in the limelight as much these days, because she’s raising her three children. However, she’s still worth an estimated $140 million, which gives her plenty of time to make lasting memories with her children. Roberts is also married to director Danny Moder, and has expressed how much she loves being his wife, so of course, that’s taking up a little of her time as well.

4 Miuccia Prada

The brand name Prada is familiar to nearly everyone, but the actual name Miuccia Prada may be a little less well-known. Miuccia is the face behind the Prada fashion house, and she’s worth around $12.4 billion. That’s a lot of cash, which makes sense, since Prada has been a premier luxury dress, handbag and shoe brand for years now. However, we don’t see Miuccia flaunting her money or going out of her way to talk about how rich she is. She’s too busy coming up with the latest trends for everyone to follow. Obviously, this type of work ethic is effective, so she really doesn’t have to discuss how much money is in her bank account.

3 Abigail Breslin


Actress Abigail Breslin is “only” worth $12 million, but she’s still a teenager! Breslin has enjoyed great success as a young Hollywood fixture, and is perhaps best known for her role in the hilarious and thought-provoking movie Little Miss Sunshine. When she was just five years old, she starred in the thriller Signs, and blew everyone away with her talent. She comes from a family of actors, but it’s clear that Abigail stands out, since she selects varied roles to play and immerses herself into every character. She doesn’t talk much about money either, and she’s also avoided bad press for the most part, which is quite an accomplishment for an actor of any age.

2 Daniel Radcliffe

Even though he’s done really well with other movies, Daniel Radcliffe has pretty much come to terms with the fact that he’s always going to be known as Harry Potter. The Potter movies have made him one of the wealthiest people in the UK—he’s got a net worth of $110 million. Radcliffe seems very humble and down-to-earth during interviews, and is even self-deprecating at times. Some people think it’s annoying when rich people try to pretend that they’re “normal,” but others find it endearing. Radcliffe even took a little time off of acting to enter rehab for a drinking problem, but has since recovered and seems to be doing well.

1 Ellen DeGeneres


The hilarious talk show host, actress, Cover Girl and philanthropist is worth $90 million, but you’re probably never going to hear her talk about how rich she is. Ellen comes across as the friendly neighbor who doesn’t mind telling you where to find discounts at local stores. She’s also known for giving to those in need, and encourages her fans to “be kind to one another” at the end of all of her talk show episodes. DeGeneres also has a line of home goods and clothing, and will be starring in the Pixar film Finding Dory, which is set to be released in the summer of 2016.


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