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12 Celebrities Who Were Caught Paying For Sex‏

Celebrity Money
12 Celebrities Who Were Caught Paying For Sex‏

There’s a bit of irony in the fact that a rich and famous person would hire someone to perform sexual acts with, as opposed to just using their celebrity status to persuade someone into participating for free. We hear plenty of wild stories about rock stars and desirable musicians who constantly have young groupies throwing themselves at the superstars, at no cost other than their dignity. Perhaps these 12 celebrities aren’t as charming as they seem on the job, and instead need a few hundred dollar bills to do the real charming. After all, there isn’t much that money can’t buy, including an intimate evening with a stranger, and these 12 celebrities who’ve allegedly been caught paying for sex, have it by the millions.

12. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

, having paid for her escorts nearly 30 times. Heidi has been very adamant about keeping the names of her celebrity clients confidential and explains the only reason Charlie’s name was released: “When I was arrested, his traveler’s checks were in my purse. If he didn’t pay in travelers checks or if I had cashed the traveler’s checks, none of this would have happened. So, both of us made a mistake.” Charlie is very candid about his involvement with prostitutes, once quoted as saying: “I don’t pay them for sex. I pay them to leave.”

11. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

In 2009, Hollywood madam Michelle Braun exposed Tiger Woods to The New York Post for having paid $60,000 for 4 of her sex worker escorts, whom he allegedly saw 6 times. Michelle also reveals that the athlete rarely used one escort at a time, having a frequent preference for 3 at once. At the time, the married golfer was also discovered to have been having a series of affairs with numerous different mistresses.

10. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

In 1997, comedian Eddie Murphy was caught with a transsexual hooker named Atisone Kenneth Seiuli, after being pulled over by police officers. The actor was let off with a stern warning, whereas the prostitute was arrested for having violated probation for a previous prostitution charge. According to Atisone, Eddie had put two hundred dollars on her legs. In her words: “he asked me if I did this for a living, being a transsexual prostitute. I said yes. Eddie said, ‘Do you like to wear lingerie?’ I said yes. He said, ‘Can I see you in lingerie?’ I told him, ‘Whenever I have the time.’ He said, ‘I’ll make the time.’ Then he asked me, ‘What type of sex do you like?’ I said I was into everything.” True to his comedic fashion, Eddie rather seriously insists he was “only trying to be a good Samaritan” by picking the prostitute up.

9. Hugh Grant



In 1995, actor Hugh Grant was arrested by Los Angeles police after they discovered him receiving oral sex from a prostitute named Divine Brown. The actor was placed on 2 years probation and fined $1180. At the time, Hugh was dating actress Elizabeth Hurley who dumped him immediately afterwards. Divine reportedly earned a total of over $1 million in media deals and public appearances during the wake of the sex scandal.

8. Danny Bonaduce



In 1991, Danny Bondauce was arrested for assaulting and robbing a transsexual hooker named Darius Lee Barney. The prostitute entered Danny’s car, and once it became clear that she was, in fact a he, things quickly turned violent soon after. The actor is quoted as saying, “When I picked him up, I thought he was a girl.”

7. Boy George

Boy George

In 2009, 80’s pop-star Boy George was found guilty of falsely imprisoning a male escort named Auden Carlsen against his will, and was subsequently sentenced to 15 months in prison. George was accused of beating the escort and handcuffing him to a wall fixture, something that apparently was not a consensual part of the deal.

6. Jerry Springer



In 1976, 30 year old Cincinnati City Councilmen at the time, Jerry Springer, was forced to resign from office after admitting to hiring a prostitute. The famed talk show host was only caught in the scandal after a raid on the Fort Wright, Ky., brothel uncovered a personal check Jerry had used to pay for the service.

5. D’Angelo

In 2010, R&B singer D’angelo was arrested for soliciting an undercover law enforcement officer for sex. The recording artist was promptly charged with disorderly conduct for soliciting a prostitute, and pled guilty of attempting to pay $40 for fellatio.

4. Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs

American Pie star Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen, decided to spice up their year long marriage by hiring a prostitute named Keisha for $600. Jenny posted a long article on the Playboy operated site, The Smoking Jacket, detailing the experience. Jenny begins the article as plainly as, “So my husband and I got a w***e,” claiming the threesome  rekindled something between the two. The couple is very open about their sex life, Jason having tweeted a link to his wife’s very candid article, stating: “My wife is in Playboy. Hot.”

3. Vince Offer



Shamwow! Infomercial spokesperson, Vince Offer was arrested in 2009 for felony battery after punching prostitute, Sasha Harris in the face repeatedly. Vince and Sasha met in a night club, where they went back to his hotel room and agreed to have sex for $1000. Kissing was off the table for Sasha and when Vince kissed the sex worker, she viciously bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go.

2. Eve



According to her former publicist Jonathan Jaxson, rapper Eve hired a female hooker to her Miami hotel room in 2007. The hip hop artist denies such claims, stating to “If I wanted to have sex with somebody, then I definitely wouldn’t order a prostitute.” Eve claims her former publicist went on a hate campaign against her after she had dismissed him.

1. Jimmy Swaggart


In 1988, television Evangelist Jimmy Stewart was dismissed from his ministry for getting caught in a hotel room with a sex worker named Debra Murphree. A private investigator snapped the pastor and the prostitute together by their hotel room. He later stood before a congregation of 7000 and gave his very emotional, “I Have Sinned,” speech in which he publicly asked his family and the Lord for forgiveness. Three short years later, however, the still married man of God was again discovered with yet another prostitute. His ministry has greatly diminished in size since the scandals.

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