11 Richest Actors and Actresses To Play On Saved By the Bell

Ah, high school. A place and era that didn't seem so great at the time but is often looked back on fondly as we age. These years were the home to some of our greatest memories. A lot of us met our fir

Ah, high school. A place and era that didn't seem so great at the time but is often looked back on fondly as we age. These years were the home to some of our greatest memories. A lot of us met our first significant other in high school; many had their first kiss in the halls of their high schools. Some of us learned to play an instrument there. Some of us earned scholarships in academics and sports that helped us through college and establishing an adult life. Who could forget the time you found all that money in the mall and your friend suggested using the money to buy and scalp U2 tickets for profit? Or that time they struck oil on the football field and the school had to figure out if they wanted the money or to protect the local wildlife? How about that time an ex-student left the school some money and a battle of the sexes was arranged to decide if the money would go to boys or girls athletics?

Okay. Some of these may or may not have happened on Saved by the Bell. Either way, memories of the much beloved series set at Bayside High School are just as good as actual high school memories, if not better.

In the years since the show left the airwaves, the cast has experienced a rather wide range between successes and sadness. Let's take a look at how the cast is doing these days, and which members have maintained a fair degree of fame and financial success. The top one just might surprise you.

11 Dustin Diamond


Net Worth: $500 Thousand

It's a little surprising that Dustin Diamond, the actor that played hapless nerd Samuel "Screech" Powers sits here at the top of the list. Over the last handful of years, Diamond has done a number of things that appear to be quick cash grabs resulting from his time on the series. He wrote a tell-all book about his time on the show and was the executive producer on a movie based on said book titled The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.  The entirety of the cast claims the Lifetime movie and Diamond's book aren't even remotely true. Diamond himself claims a number of the events in the book were embellished or otherwise completely made up by a ghost writer. It seems strange to say this about the book and then still executive produce a film version of the book in question.

10 Elizabeth Berkley


Net Worth: $3 Million

9 Patrick Fabian


Net Worth: $5 Million

You're probably asking yourself, "Who in the heck is Patrick Fabian?" Well if you were a true Saved by the Bell fan, you probably stuck around for the sub-par yawn fest known as Saved by the Bell: The College Years. The show actually aired as prime time television, but it didn't really "adult" anything up. The College Years was essentially the same exact show set in a college cafeteria and a dorm room.

In the spin-off series, Patrick Fabian played Professor Jeremiah Laskey, a professor to the gang that would become romantically involved with Kelly Kapowski, a character who had not been present during the last years of the original Saved by the Bell.

8 Hayley Mills


Net Worth: $5 Million

Hayley Mills is an actress many fans of Saved by the Bell are not familiar with. If you spent your time watching the reruns on other networks, or if you decided to binge watch the series on Netflix, you may have noticed that something was slightly off about the first season.

7 Dennis Haskins


Net Worth: $5.5 Million

It looks like Dennis Haskins has made some pretty decent financial decisions in the years since leaving Saved by the Bell. In fact, Haskins stuck with the show for a very long time, well past the departure of the original cast members, all the way up until the very last episode of Saved by the Bell: The New Class, a spin-off series that actually lasted almost twice as long as its predecessor.

6 Lark Voorhies


Net Worth: $6 Million

Things haven't seemed to go so well for Lark Voorhies. Lark didn't stay very busy after Saved by the Bell, but did manage to keep her finances in order. After the 1990s, the actress mainly seemed to take bit parts and do voice work. Lark has no credits post 2012, save for a series announced in 2014 that hasn't seemed to get off the table.

5 Mark-Paul Gosselaar


Net Worth: $9 Million

Gosselaar seems to be one of the more active cast members since the original gang left Bayside High behind. Gosselaar has been in a number of popular television series, generally crime shows like NYPD Blue and CSI. He also starred alongside Breckin Meyer in the law/comedy series Franklin & Bash.

In an interview with Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer, Gosselaar actually gave a pretty honest answer about his feelings towards co-star Dustin Diamond besmirching his and other cast member's names to make a quick buck. Gosselaar tried to keep it clean and say that he only has positive memories about the show. Meyer said what we were all thinking:

4 Mario Lopez


Net Worth: $9 Million

Like Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, who played A.C. Slater on the series, seems to have been able to maintain a pretty solid career in television since his days on Saved by the Bell. Lopez was a regular cast member on a number of shows since, namely The Bold and the Beautiful and Nip/Tuck. In more recent years the actor plays in a veritable plethora of made-for-TV movies. He also seems to make appearances in a lot of shows as himself, generally hearkening back to his days on Saved by the Bell.

3 Tori Spelling


Net Worth: $15 Million

Even those who don't remember cast members like Hayley Mills or Jeremiah Laskey, probably do remember Tori Spelling's days on the show. Though she was only on the series for a short time, it seemed like she had been in a lot more episodes than she actually appeared in. This is probably due to the fact that her role was rather memorable.

Spelling played, Violet Bickerstaff, Screech's only real girlfriend in the series. Screech had a few girlfriends throughout the show's run, but there was usually a catch associated with a single episode's plot, like someone using him for his money or an attempt to get closer to someone else. It's quite possible that Violet was even stranger and more socially inept than Screech.

2 Tiffani Thiessen

Net Worth: $13 Million

It's not very surprising Tiffani Thiessen (who went by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen during her Saved by the Bell days) is one of the richest cast members to come out of the series. She was easily the most popular cast member during her time on the show. Kelly Kapowski was the classic example of the girl that most guys wanted to be with and most girls wanted to be.

1 Leah Remini

Net Worth: $20 Million

This was probably the last name anyone expected to see on the list. Leah Remini is best known for her role as Carrie Heffernan on The King of Queens. 

At one point during Saved by the Bell's run, it was decided that the cast would leave the halls of Bayside High and mix things up a bit. The show temporarily (roughly 6 episodes) followed the kids to the Malibu Sands Beach Resort where the gang had all gotten summer jobs. At the resort, Zack falls in love with his boss's daughter, Stacey Carosi (played by Remini). Stacey leaves her long-term boyfriend for Zack and the last episode set at the resort ends with Zack and Stacey in love and sitting on the beach. By the next episode, Zack was back at Bayside and Stacey's name was never mentioned again.

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11 Richest Actors and Actresses To Play On Saved By the Bell