11 Of The Richest Has-Beens

By definition, a has-been is someone who was once at the height of success in their field, only to fall off and fade back in to the fog of obscurity within a few years. Has-beens were at one point the most popular and sought after stars in the business but for some reason, couldn't cement their A-list status, and ended up being remembered for just one or two impressive events. When this happens, a lot of the time they lose the wealth that came along during the high times.

Not these has-beens. These 11 D-list and Z-list celebrities who were formerly some of the most talked about entertainers around, keep a lower profile nowadays. Fortunately for them however, the same can't be said about their bank accounts, all of which sit comfortably in the millions. Many has-beens have made appearances on shows like Celebrity ApprenticeDancing With The Stars and other Z-list friendly programs to maintain some semblance of relevancy, however mediocre. Truthfully, everyone on this list doesn't have to try nearly as hard as you'd expect, because their astounding net worth's more than make up for their decline in popularity.

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11 Pamela Anderson - $5 million


10 Bobby Brown - $5 million


In the late 80's you were hard pressed to find anyone who didn't know all of the lyrics to My Prerogative, Bobby Brown's biggest smash hit. The singer started out in the chart topping boy band New Edition, where he remained for 8 years until embarking on a solo career. These days the former pop-star is best known as the ex-husband to the late great singing diva Whitney Houston, who he allegedly introduced to the dangerous world of cocaine and drug addiction, which ultimately led to Whitney's demise. Today Bobby is facing the tragic circumstance of watching his 21 year old daughter fight for her life in a coma, just 3 years after Whitney's death. Bobby is worth an estimated $5 million.

9 Lark Voorhies - $6 million


Best known as the cute and adorable Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell, time has been anything but kind to Lark Voorhies. Fortunately the same can't be said for the former child actress' bank account, sitting at a comfortable $6 million today. Many don't know that Lark actually dated her co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zach Morris. The couple lasted for approximately 3 years from 1989-1992. Recent interview footage has brought the television star's mental health into question, and a quick look at recent photos of Lark makes you wonder who's responsible for her hair and make up looks. With a $6 million net worth, it really wouldn't hurt to hire a professional, Lark.

8 Keshia Knight Pulliam - $12 million

Not much was heard from Keshia Knight Pulliam after the iconic TV program, The Cosby Show wrapped up in 1992. Aside from 2 or 3 supporting roles in a few low budget films, the most we've seen of the former child star was her recent, yet, brief stint on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice. Keisha was reportedly fired by the Don for refusing to use her connection to Bill Cosby, worth a colossal $300 million, to request a donation during one of the charity challengesThanks to those Cosby show re-runs and lucrative royalties that keep pouring in like running water for the past 2 decades, Keisha herself is worth an impressive $12 million.

7 Macaulay Culkin - $15 million


6 Lil Kim - $18 million

The original Nicki Minaj, aka Lil Kim, was once the most controversial female rapper on the scene. To this day, her barely-there outfit, worn to the 1999 MTV video music awards, is one of the most talked about moments in fashion history. More recently Lil Kim is known as the arch nemesis of today's most controversial female rapper Nicki Minaj, who's been accused of biting Lil Kim's style. The similarities really are uncanny, but Nicki has seemingly made better use of her celebrity status (she's already worth $50 million), while Lil Kim maintains a not so bad $18 million net worth. For someone who hasn't had a number 1 hit record in well over a decade, that's really not so bad. Lil Kim recently gave birth to her first child; a daughter in 2014.

5 Vanilla Ice - $18 million

Ice Ice Baby, is still one of the catchiest songs in existence, written by the rapper who gave Eminem hope; the first white rapper in hip hop, Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice's sophomore album To The Extreme, released in 1990, was the fastest selling hip hop album of all time. With a total of 11 million copies sold, the record spent 16 weeks at number 1 of the billboard 200 chart. The rapper is also known for his brief relationship with superstar Madonna, where photographs of the former couple are featured in her controversial book, Sex. In recent years the rapper has made dozens of appearances on talk shows and reality TV programs as himself, and is worth an estimated $18 million.

4 Billy Crystal - $35 million

Actor, comedian, producer and director, Billy Crystal is best recognized for his role as Harry in the 80's classic, When Harry Met Sally. The movie star is also remembered for a slew of other box office draws of the 80's including: Princess Bride, This is Spinal Tap and Throw Momma From The Train. Most recently though, Billy is recognized as the voice of Mike from the popular Monsters Inc franchise. Today the 66 year old is worth an estimated $35 million.

3 Paris Hilton - $100 million

2 David Hasselhoff - $110 million


Actor and producer David Hasselhoff of Baywatch and Knight Rider fame, is worth an estimated $110 million. When Baywatch initially aired in 1989, it was cancelled after just one season due to poor ratings. David still believed the show had potential so he decided to acquire the rights to Baywatch and produce it himself. The show went on to air in over 140 countries weekly, lasting for 11 seasons, and is today a piece of American Pop Culture. More recently, The Hoff is best recognized as a judge on both, America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent.

1 Jessica Simpson - $150 million

One of the biggest pop stars of the early millennium, Jessica Simpson made her debut in 1999 with her single I Wanna Love You Forever. As a child, she auditioned for, but failed to make the Disney Mouseketeers. The singer is among the first celebrities to document her personal relationship on a reality television series titled, Nick and Jessica: NewlyWeds with husband at the time Nick Lachey. While her music career has always remained so-so, never quiet reaching number 1 on the charts, but maintaining popularity, Jessica would find much more success as a fashion mogul than a recording artist. Today the mother of two runs a multi billion dollar fashion empire, which includes beauty products, fragrances, shoes and handbags for women. Jessica is worth an estimated $150 million.

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