11 of the Most Infamous Deadbeat Dads

Beyonce and her father

There is nothing less attractive than a deadbeat dad. For those of you who don’t know what a "deadbeat dad" is, we're talking about a man who doesn’t support, acknowledge or give anything to their child. Deadbeat dads are everywhere, everywhere except with their children, that is. And celebrity fathers are no exception to the rule. Celebrities are flashy and tend to enjoy the finer things in life, so to be driving around in a Bentley and not paying child support is truly an all-time low.

The following dads have neglected their children and some have even been brought to court for it. What is even worse is that most of these “dads” have other children who they do take care of. It's extremely hard to be a mother, and even harder being a single mom. The following men have failed to stand up to their responsibilities and have been horribly unavailable fathers. No matter your looks or money situation, when you are responsible for bringing a child into this world, you must own up and be a dad, not a deadbeat.

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11 David Caruso

10 Val Kilmer

9 Karl Malone

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8 Mel Gibson

The famous actor was married when he got Oksana Grigorieva, a Russian singer, pregnant. After this incident, his 29-year marriage to his wife Robyn fell apart. Oksana gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Lucia in 2009 and shortly after that the real issues began. After a couple fights, the Russian singer filed for a restraining order against the Braveheart star. Mel then refused to pay child support unless his “baby mama” paid rent for living in his home. However, a judge disagreed with Gibson, ordering him to pay thousands of dollars in back support and Oksana was awarded with $20,000 in monthly payments. Eventually Oksana and Mel reached a settlement of $750,000 in addition to a house.

7 Matthew Knowles

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To many, Matthew Knowles looks like a great father. Known for turning three young women into superstars with Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé’s father is no stranger to the public eye. After Beyoncé decided to go solo with her career, her father remained in charge of her affairs. However, after her parents' somewhat nasty divorce, Beyoncé and her manager parted ways. Queen B had good reason for her business split with her father, as Matthew Knowles was allegedly unfaithful to his long-time wife and Beyoncé’s mother, Tina. Soon after his divorce went public, so did the knowledge of his young son. Knowles fathered actress Alexsandra Wright's child and quickly fell behind on child support. Wright was not shy with the media when going into detail about his deadbeat fatherly ways. This nightmare is not over yet, as Knowles was recently hit with another paternity suit.

6 Evander Holyfield

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Once upon a time, Evander Holyfield was a boxing heavyweight champ. He was one of the highest paid athletes in the ring, worth over $10 million, and he owned a 109-room mansion and drove a variety of luxury cars. Outside the ring, Holyfield was a busy man who clearly didn’t enjoy practicing safe sex. Holyfield is father to 12 children by 6 different women and has been infamously known for falling behind on child support payments. In no time at all he owed over $320,000. His incredible mansion went into foreclosure and different baby mamas took him to court for, you guessed it, unpaid child support.

5 Eddie Murphy

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After his very public split with his wife of more than ten years, Eddie Murphy was in a brief relationship with Melanie Brown. The former Spice Girl and the Nutty Professor’s relationship barely lasted a year. They were together long enough, however, to create a child. In 2007, Brown gave birth to their daughter Angel Iris. Even after he was given proof with a paternity test, Murphy still refused to claim his newest child as his own. For years he was against having any sort of relationship with his daughter, but in 2010 he came around and is now apparently somewhat involved in Angel's life.

4 Flavor Flav

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Although Flavor Flav found a new career in front of the cameras as a reality star, the celebrity and hype man for Public Enemy is still up to his deadbeat ways. Flavor is known as having a history of dodging child support payments. In 2012, he was facing six months in jail after failing to pay more than $100,000 in child support, which was owed to Angie Parker. Parker is the mother of three of his seven children. Flavor Flav avoided a prison sentence by entering court with a $25,000 check in hand. Although an extra $1,200 per month was added to his bill until he fully caught up, he managed to find the money to avoid doing time…why couldn’t he find the money to take care of his children?

3 Jude Law

2 Bobby Brown

1 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is known for being a lot of things, but a great dad is not one of them. The Anger Management and Two and a Half Men star has a long list of bad behavior including being accused of domestic violence. When his most recent ex-wife Brooke Mueller lost custody of their twin boys due to her drug addiction, you would think Sheen would step up to the plate and take care of his kids. However, it wasn’t him who took action but his other ex wife, Denise Richards. Although this arrangement wasn’t permanent, Sheen’s way of thanking Richards was less than impressive. Sheen attempted to have her and her children, two of which are his own children, evicted from their home. That is low, even for a deadbeat dad like him.

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