11 Celebrities Who Think They're Hotter Than They Are

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Have you ever gotten that feeling when you don't understand why someone thinks they are so hot? It's not uncommon to wonder how certain celebrities are not only cocky but so sure of their beauty when we can't really see it. Most celebrities are stunning and almost perfect looking; however, there are some celebs that just don’t make the cut.

Celebrities tend to be overconfident by nature. With fame comes money and with money comes confidence. Many celebrities are beyond gorgeous, and their beauty tends to be overpowering at times. That is why it's so surprising when confident beings that are in the spotlight aren't that attractive. Our society is very shallow, and although it isn’t a positive image, it is also the truth.

Beauty standards are constantly changing, and it's not as though these next celebs are ugly, they just aren't as attractive as they may believe themselves to be. It's true that beauty comes from within, but the harsh reality is that when you are famous, you are sadly giving the world the opportunity to criticize you.

Some of the following celebrities are talented while others used to be attractive until they underwent plastic surgery procedures. Whatever the case may be, the following 11 celebrities are definitely not as hot as they think they are. Each individual person has his or her own idea of what beauty is. However, the following stars are definitely not as hot as they claim to be.

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11 Amanda Bynes

Via hollyscoop.com

10 Lil Wayne

9 Rumer Willis

With a stunning mother like Demi Moore, Rumer Willis sadly resembles father Bruce Willis much more closely. Although Bruce is a very attractive man, it did not translate well into female form. Rumer has been seen in many movies such as Now and Then and The House Bunny, but sadly she has never been seen as a pretty girl, partly because she is not. Rumer is rumored to be extremely cocky and not really for good reasons. She is not as talented or as good looking as her parents, and is known for being rude and short with fans. Ms. Willis may have famous DNA, but from where we stand, that is the best thing about her.

8 Maggie Gyllenhaal

It is always hard growing up with a sister who is so much prettier than you, so we can only imagine how hard it is when your brother is prettier than you are. Maggie Gyllenhaal is said to be sweet and kind but is not known as the more beautiful sibling. With a heartthrob brother like Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie tried to outshine him with her talent. Sadly, as talented as she is, she was once again outshone by her even more talented brother. Maggie is still a very good actress and very comfortable and confident with the way she looks, although she is not your typical leading lady.

7 Kristen Stewart

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The Twilight star needs a major reality check when it comes to the way she looks. Stewart is often photographed looking dishevelled and vagabond-like, and honestly, she is not so attractive. She has cheated on relationships while breaking up another relationship, which does not make her the best of people. But, when you are worth around $70 million your confidence is bound to go up and lead you to believe you can do whatever you want. However, no matter how much she is worth, Kristen Stewart is slightly over confident when it comes to her appearance. She believes she can pull off that "au natural" look, but truth is she just looks like a mess.

6 Tori Spelling

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5 The Situation

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4 Heidi Montag

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There was a time when Heidi Montag was known as an All-American girl next door. She became famous when she stared on The Hills alongside her ex-BFF, Lauren Conrad. Heidi however, is now known as “Spidey” due to her husband Spencer Pratt. She has undergone over 10 surgeries and has now lost much of her adorable charm. Heidi thinks she is beyond hot, which is not the case. Her surgeries have made her look like a real life Barbie, and that's not a good thing. Heidi, who tried to have an acting career has yet to “make it”. Without much talent and now looking so “fake” she may be hard to cast.

3 Kathy Griffin

2 Donald Trump

1 Donatella Versace

It probably doesn't come as much surprise to anyone that the infamous Donatella Versace is number one on this list. Being one of the most influential people in the world of fashion she has a great eye when it comes to style, but she does not when it comes to her own physical appearance. She is the perfect example of a celebrity who thinks she is much more attractive than she actually is. Donatella has been described as scary looking and alien-like, and she should definitely stop getting so much cosmetic surgery to her face. Her vanity has been her greatest downfall, pushing her to go through countless surgical procedures and made her look significantly worse than before.

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