10 Young Millionaires Who Will Never Amount to Anything

Ah, the rich and famous. The people we love to hate. Or hate to love. Whichever way you spin it, we can all agree that some rich people are only flowing in the cash because they got it by some other means. Here is a list of young people who are rich seemingly for the hell of it, or because mommy and daddy can just give them more money when they spend all of theirs. These are 10 young millionaires who won't amount to anything.

We have got some real winners on this list. From a blogger who writes about boobs (and shoes) to a self-proclaimed model who got famous after getting it on with a rapper, these people will have you feeling infuriated and maybe even a bit sorry for them. While it may be great to have enough money to pay off our debt or take a dream vacation, we really do not need to be swimming in pools of money while sitting on our butts all day.

Enjoy reading our list, and maybe it will give you inspiration to keep on keeping on. Just because we are not rich, we may actually be doing a lot better than some of these people!

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9 Param Sharma

Via gqcdn.gqindia.com

This teenager is supposedly living in San Francisco but is originally from Delhi, India. He goes by the name Lavish on the Internet, and can be found on Instagram at #itslavishbitch. This kid is so hated by people all over the world. OK, we do not really care if you are rich, that's cool. But when you go around being a total snob and refer to average people as “peasants” then we might start hating you a bit. Or a lot. This guy wastes money on whatever he wants. Honestly, he just throws the stuff away. He also claims that he will only pee in a toilet that has pristine spring water in it, and he says that if you don't know the brand Viktor and Rolf, then you're a peasant.

8 Griff Whitman

Via nbcbayarea.com

Griff is the son of politician Meg Whitman, and he might have the same nasty streak as his mother. Griff has been charged with battery after he broke a woman's ankle in a violent fit of rage. It was reported that Griff was angry about a comment that the woman's friend made to him, so he went on the attack. The victim's account of Griff's violence matched up with what a nearby security guard reported. Griff already had a bad reputation for being a lover of rough-housing while attending Princeton University. He was arrested but later released after mommy bailed him out for $25,000.

7 Lady Victoria Hervey

Victoria is the daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol, and claimed that homeless people should just go to the Caribbean during the winter. Gee, why didn't we think of that? Thank you, Victoria. Stupidity and bad choices must run in the family because Victoria's stepbrother blew most of their inheritance on cocaine and heroin. Oh, and male prostitutes. The family's net worth was about $75.6 million, and Victoria could not even pay back a $5,000 loan. Her parents actually fled to another country for evading taxes. What a winning family they all are, and perfect proof that you can't underestimate human stupidity.

7. Emma Lasry

Via blogcdn.com

Emma Lasry is the daughter of Marc Lasry, who is a hedge-fund billionaire. Emma broke into the public eye when she released a YouTube video of her singing “Closet Bitch,” in which Khloe Kardashian makes a cameo. Of course, Emma paid for Khloe to appear in the vid, and “Closet Bitch” is not exactly a title that makes us think this rich girl has got a singing career in her future. It helps that she has money, but Emma has not really released any new material since her somewhat appealing YouTube production. As she is quite young, we suppose time will tell whether we see more of her.

6 Rachael Sacks

Via thenypost.files.wordpress.com

The daughter of an extremely successful fertility doctor, the young Rachael Sacks is extremely rich – and catty. She even had the audacity to write a college-application essay in which she basically wrote: don't hate me because I'm beautiful and rich. Well, that is most certainly endearing. Rachael's parents have been providing for her since she was a wee gal and they live in the lavish West Village of New York. Rachael has been deemed a “mean little rich girl” by publications and seems to enjoy living up to that standard. Yet she has turned down offers for her own reality tv show, which makes us wonder what she wants to do with her life.

5 Dorothy Wang

4 Morgan Stewart

Another Cali girl, Morgan Stewart fits the bill to a T. She is a twenty-something-year-old just looking to help make the world a better place with her blog. About boobs. Yes, she is the one in charge of the blog boobsandloubs (as in Christian Louboutin shoes.) She often shares on social media about her oh-so-awesome run-ins with the rich and famous, such as Leo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher. When she is not having fun rubbing elbows with the elites, she is partying in skimpy outfits. Just do not ruin her makeup; it makes her extremely distressed. Poor thing, that must be so hard for her.

3 Heidi Montag

2 Tila Tequila

Besides appearing on a short-lived reality show called A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, what else has the young woman been up to? Creating energy with her hands! Yes, Tila can control the air to create cool waves of energy. You can watch it all in her video, where she looks crazy and flails her arms around. Who said her career was over after A Shot at Love? Tila started out as a model for Playboy before making herself more well known in the reality-television circuit. She later tried to be a singer, but with limited success. We can't blame the girl for at least trying, but odds are, she will keep searching for her calling for a while.

1 Amber Rose

She was once the girlfriend of another winner – Kanye West – but that title got stolen away by Kim Kardashian. Now Amber tries to make it sound as though she is a pretty versatile and profitable star, but her credentials are nearly non-existent. This girl simply got famous and fabulous for dating a rich dude. A self-proclaimed model and singer, Amber can only boast a measly cameo in a music video and an appearance on a Drag Queen reality show. What is a girl to do but hook up with another celeb? So she gave birth to Wiz Khalifia's son after calling it quits with Kanye.

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