10 Young Celebrities Who Can't Handle Their Fame

Hollywood is and has always been a tough place for anyone to make it big, owing to the fact that there are numerous celebrities already in the spotlight. Although it's considered a normal part of life to struggle for a while in order to 'make it', Hollywood is fast changing that tradition. It is now common to come across people who become stars overnight and sadly, for many of them, their fame disappears just as fast. Some of these celebrities obtain their status probably because they have celebrity parents, others make it because they have fresh and attractive skills, but some just get there out of pure luck.

Hollywood loves young, talented, and beautiful people, because they look good in movies and on the covers of magazines. These celebrities get the jobs easier, they get publicity faster, and they influence the younger audiences more than most of the other older stars. However, no one is getting younger. How these young celebrities handle their fame will determine whether they hold it for long or whether it will die off like a snuffed out wick.

Many young celebrities make the mistake of thinking that they can do or say anything they feel like, just because they have millions of followers on social media. Some of these young celebrities seek fame in all the wrong ways, and soon enough their habits start to catch up with them. The lack of respect, wisdom and self-control is making some of these young celebs become ever more annoying by the day. Here are 10 young stars who clearly do not know how to handle their fame:

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10 Amanda Bynes

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Amanda Bynes was a sweetheart in the 90s when she was cast in Nickelodeon's show All That. She climbed the fame ladder so fast and appeared on big budget productions such as What I like About You, The Amanda Show and several others. However, she was not able to handle her fame very well and she declared retirement at the tender age of 24.

The interesting thing is that after her retirement, Bynes went off on an attention-seeking spiral that landed her in a mental institution several times. She has had multiple car crashes that have led to several arrests. She even has more than one case of hit and run accidents, incidents that she does not even seem remorseful for. She even lit a fire on a stranger's front yard, an act that led to institutionalizing her in a mental facility for evaluation. Bynes continues to scare her fans away with her weird Twitter updates and even more drama.

9 Lindsay Lohan

8 Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley started her acting career in a great way, with roles in the TV show The Secret Life Of The American Teenager and in the film Felicity: An American Girl Adventure. Today her career is not doing so badly, especially with taking a leading role in films such as The Divergent Series and The Fault in Our Stars. However, when she is not reading a script, she can be very annoying, especially when giving her opinion on controversial topics.

In a previous interview, the interpretation of her responses made her come off as an individual who thinks that feminism is all about hating men and discrimination. Shailene also does not believe in monogamy, claiming that human beings are not genetically made for it. She is using her fame to show how much she lacks wisdom and understanding, which is very embarrassing.

7 Demi Lovato

The American Actress and singer Demi Lovato accomplished so much when she was young. She was able to own a platinum record, win multiple awards, as well as have millions of fans across the world. However, her fame seemed to have overwhelmed her since 2010, when things started falling apart. She became depressed, bulimic, and potentially suicidal, and these habits and behaviors landed her in rehab. She smuggled cocaine and alcohol in her flights, and suffered a nervous breakdown after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, there seems to be hope for Demi. She has been working hard to spread awareness and she participates in lots of charity work.

6 Kylie Jenner

5 Chris Brown

The fall of RnB star Chris Brown started a long time ago, but the whole world got fed up when he punched his then-girlfriend Rihanna in the face in 2009. His self-destructive spiral has only gotten worse since then, causing him major losses in his career. He was sentenced to a five-year probation after assaulting Rihanna, though he kept breaking the terms of his probation creating even more legal woes. He threw a chair at a glass window on Good Morning America when the interviewer mentioned the Rihanna saga. He has been involved in hit and runs, assault, violence and multiple drug-associated incidences. Brown has tried to go to rehab but was kicked out after throwing a rock at his mother's car. Brown was also denied entry into Canada during a recent leg of his tour. Chris surely needs to learn how to handle himself and his fame better.

4 Justin Bieber

When Canadian Pop star Justin Bieber first hit the music scene, many people around the world received him and his music with open arms. Fans thought that he would continue to be a heartthrob celebrity as he matured, but these days his theatrics are eroding that positive side of him fast. Bieber has been known to disappoint fans by arriving for his show two hours late, he has had altercations with paparazzi, and he has been involved in bar fights. Even his neighbors have complained about his reckless driving and disturbing the peace, qualities that you would not admire in a celebrity. He is obviously not the cute pop star who started with a billion beliebers.

3 Shia LaBeouf

The story of Transformers star Shia LaBeouf is heartbreaking given that he started with nothing. His parents were divorced and not that well off, resulting in him growing up with financial troubles. The fact that he made it in Hollywood was an inspiration to many people, though the inspiration was short-lived because he quickly started letting everyone down.

LaBoeuf was charged with assault, crashing into a neighbor's vehicle and then later threatening to use a knife on him. He was arrested for failing to appear in court after receiving a ticket for unlawful smoking, and he caused a major car accident in Los Angeles after running a red light while drunk. His ego is obviously too big now. There were hopes of his recovery after he made remarks of how the grizzly accident changed his life, but it doesn't look like things are getting any better for him.

2 Miley Cyrus

We all remember the sweet girl on the Disney series Hannah Montana who won the hearts of many across the world. Now that Hannah Montana is no more, we have to deal with the real Miley Cyrus.

Miley shocked the whole world with her inappropriate performance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMA awards. Now we relate her with twerking, bizarre use of foam, tasteless dressing, and sticking her tongue out at people. She started very well with her talent and charm, but her need for attention ruined it all.

Currently many interviewers have reported that Cyrus comes off dimwitted in interviews, as they expressed their disappointment. It seems that all she wants is attention, and she has managed to piss off most of her fans on her way there.

1 Dorothy Wang

Unlike many of the celebrities out there who actually do some work to make their millions, Dorothy Wang has no job but is filthy rich. Dorothy's net worth is approximately $10 million, and she has thousands of online followers. This daughter of a billionaire just spends her time posting pictures of her lavish lifestyle on Instagram. She is ever shopping for things she does not need, she is always busy attending parties, and all she does is annoyingly waste her father's money. Her fame due to living a lavish lifestyle is what annoys people the world over, and being part of the reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is not helping anyone to love or respect her.

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