10 Ways People Have Proven Money Equals Power

There are people who aspire to be wealthy beyond our imaginations. We have a lot of details about how to become successful and earn a lot money but what does one really do with all the success and money once they attain it? Spend on private islands, buy a mansion, have some hotels, or donate a part of what they've earned? Money really seems to be alike power that gives access to anything that one wants.

Power is something that people crave just as much as money and way of obtaining power over others is by flaunting the money you have. By flashing the green it can make people be at your beck and call. It can provide you with the most luxurious thing this world has to offer and usually people use money to their advantage to prove they have a higher position over others.

People often contradict and debate on this topic if money actually means power. Here is a list of the 10 ways people have proven money to equal power.

10 George Clooney: Buying A Satellite

George Clooney has spent all of his earnings that comes from the Nespresso Commercials in maintaining his own satellite over the North and South Sudan to keep an eye on the Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir. The actor who is a political activist wants to aid immediate humanitarian acts against the killing of men, women and children in Sudan. He spends all of his earnings coming from the commercials to keep an eye on the dictator so that the armies can be warned prior to any kind of attack.

9 Naomi Campbell: Shutting Down 7 Star Hotel

Naomi Campbell, the famous supermodel and a party globetrotter, rented the only 7 star hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai for her 36th birthday party. Rooms of the hotel start with the price of $1,200 a night and she booked the entire 18 floors of the sail-shaped hotel. It was a three day long enjoyment for the guests in the most costly birthday party ever in the world that she organized.

8 George Lucas: Buys Full-Time Civil Servants

George Lucas who is said to earn $233,000,000 a year and owns the world famous Disney has got his own people to work for him throughout his life. He has hired people who signed to work full time only under his company. This academy award winning film director has got his team members who work only under him and his company Star Trek and Disney.

7 Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud: Personalized Private Jet

The prince of Saudi Arabia bought an Airbus A380 in 2009 for a price of $400 million out of which $100 million was spent on the interior decoration of the plane. The plane has concert halls, a garage, first class seats and beds, a Turkish spa and even prayer rooms. There are also lifts that take him to different floors and rooms.

6 Leona Helmsley: Leaves $12 Million to her Dog

Leona Helmsley who is known for her ruthless professional career and is named "Queen of the Mean" left all of what she earned with the real estate entrepreneurship to a particular pup that she pampered who is named Trouble. The dog was to receive $12,000,000 but a judge reduced the amount to $2,000,000 that could buy him around 250,000 bags of sausages.

5 Mukesh Ambani: Built a Billion Dollar Skyscraper

This Indian billionaire, Mukesh Ambani, build his mansion which is his personal skycraper called Antilia. The building has 27 stories and is around 173 meters high. The building is so sophisticated that it has a cinema hall, swimming pool, health club and over 600 staff members to take care of it. What could be more outlandish than having such personal home?

4 Nicolas Berggruen: "The Homeless billionaire" lives in hotels

Nicolas Berggruen is the only billionaire who does not have a mansion or a personal home to live in. The billionaire investor and a philanthropist has his assets of worth $2.2 billion and now bounces to different hotel suites and mini-bars to spend his life. He has been named 'the homeless billionaire' by the press as he does not own his own home.

3 Roman Abramovich: Buys a Super Yacht

Roman Abramovich who owns the Chelsea Football club bought the world's largest Yacht which spans 536 feet and has over 13,000 ton mass. It is said to cost him over $750,000,000. This super attractive yacht has two helicopter pads, two swimming pools, a submarine, a missile defense system and 24 guest cabins.

2 Yuri Milner: Gets a Mega Mansion

Yuri Milner, who is the head of the Digital Sky Technologies and an investor in Facebook, has an island that is turned into a spectacular resort that costed around $100 million for over 25,000 square foot of area. The mega mansion has a home theater, indoor pool, ballroom and many more attractions. It is quite a purchase for a house that is turned into a villa and would cost $54,000 just for a day.

1 Richard Branson: Buys the Necker Island

Richard Branson made a record buying of a private island in the British Virgin Island which is called the Necker Island. It provides spectacular views of the stunning wildlife around the area. He got the island from a lowbailing of 100,000 pounds that was priced at $5 million. However, the government has put a  strong restriction on the island if he does not make a resort within five years after the purchase.

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