10 High Profile Celebrity Bachelor Parties

Liquor and strippers, VIP clubs and no-holds-barred bad behaviour: these are just a few things that contribute to a great bachelor party. Whether you’re an A-list celebrity or just another guy who was lucky enough to get the week off work, you want to make sure that your last blowout as a singleton is more than just a good time—you want to make it the best time.

Of course, what each bachelor will define as the “best” is subjective. Skydiving and bungee jumping, or watching a football game and eating day-old Cheetos? Some people take their bachelor parties to strange and usual places, so bizarre they might even manage to catch the attention of the global media. One travel agency in the UK called The Last Night of Freedom has a special package for bachelors who want to take their party, literally, to the ends of the earth — the North Pole. For a whopping 14 000 euros each, a bachelor and his friends can hop on a plane to an area where only a fraction of the world’s population has ever been.

A Swedish bachelor party took their celebrations in a different direction. A man named Tommy - the presumed groom-to-be - dressed up in a panda costume, spun himself on a stick, and ran through a bonfire with a live chicken over his head. The craziness was caught on tape and naturally went viral. Alcohol might be to thank for a bachelor party those guys will never forget.

It’s unlikely that any celebrity will be jumping through a fire with a chicken any time soon; indeed, it’s far more likely that they'll be signing up for the expensive excursion to the North Pole. But the celebrities on this list — with all of their fame and fortune — celebrated their last days of freedom in various ways, some a little crazier than we'd expect and some much, much tamer than any of us would have thought.

10 Russell Brand

The comedian Russell Brand has starred in the movies Get Him to the Greek and Arthur. Although known for his progressive political and social opinions, the bachelor’s stag party before marrying pop singer Katy Perry was anything but controversial. Instead of drinking until dawn, dancing, and maxing out credit cards to party with strippers, Brand was home from his night out before 2am. He seemingly didn’t even drink enough to even have a hangover, as he was spotted outside his home on the way to a business meeting early the next day. The roster for the night was a soccer game, a visit to a pub and hitting up a club before taking a private bus back home. All in all, it didn't quite live up to Brand's bad boy rep.

9 Carmen Electra

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8 Adam Levine

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PEOPLE’s magazine Sexiest Man Alive and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine took himself and 50 of his friends to Las Vegas to party in an unusual way: playing basketball on a private court. 50 people is a crowd, but they were no match for the 10 000 square-foot suite at Palms Casino Resort where a 24-hour butler could satisfy any need. But the party wasn't jumping enough to be cause for complaint. The group had a steak dinner and gambled in the Mint where high-rollers try and beat the odds. Before saying his vows, Levine and the group rode dune buggies in the Nevada desert.

7 Carrie Underwood

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The country singer Carrie Underwood had her bachelorette party in the fairly standard location of Las Vegas. But it wasn't what most people would expect: The group kicked back with drinks and dinner at LAVO and, according to another patron, Underwood got nerdy and did the “running man” dance. Since her engagement, Underwood has been keeping things cool, trying to avoid any more stress than planning a wedding already lends itself. She's hardly a party animal, but her bachelorette party was surprisingly low key for the Las Vegas setting.

6 Jack Osbourne

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Las Vegas, again, was where it was happening for Jack Osbourne, the son of metal rock hero Ozzy Osbourne. He and his friends took off from Los Angeles for a party in the world's clubbing capital but, bizarrely, they vowed to exclude any nightclubs from the roster. The trip was complete with relaxing by their private pool and watching a live UFC event. Without the VIP clubbing edge, Osbourne brought the extreme aspect to the bachelor party celebrations by waking up at dawn for an all-terrain adventure of hiking and ATVing.

5 Justin Timberlake

4 Katy Perry

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3 Mario Lopez

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Former Saved by the Bell star Mario Lopez didn’t get to spend his bachelor party alone and free like most grooms-to-be. At his party in Las Vegas, his fiancé Courtney Mazza decided to make an unexpected appearance to make sure he was behaving. Paranoid? Maybe. However, Lopez did cheat on his first wife at a previous bachelor party back in 2004. But Lopez and his friends didn't get the third-degree; instead, Mazza was actually performing with The Pussycat Dolls where she put on a sexy show to remember. She was wearing nothing but lingerie.

2 Kim Kardashian

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Before marrying boyfriend hip-hop superstar Kanye West, Kim Kardashian had her bachelorette party in Paris, under the shadow of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Fans and the media wouldn’t expect anything less from the multi-millionaire fashion diva. Not stopping at one of the most beautiful and expensive cities in Europe, Kardashian and her five friends had room service deliver 15 bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne at the Four Seasons Hotel. After dinner, where Kardashian was wearing a priceless Balmain dress, they toured romantic Paris in a private van.

1 Bill Murray

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A certain amount of urban legend that surrounds legendary actor Bill Murray. There are stories of his crashing karaoke parties and sneaking up behind strangers at restaurants, taking a bit of their food, and saying, “your friends will never believe you.” Some of these reports might be tall tales from fans, but at least one fascinating story, as told by Rolling Stone, is true. In South Carolina, Bill Murray showed up at a random bachelor party and gave a speech to everyone there. In addition to a few friendly jokes, he also delivered some heart-felt words about finding true love and never letting them go.

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