10 Stars You Didn't Know Were Offered Millions For An Adult Film

Adult films are often what actors and actresses do when the bright lights of Hollywood are no longer shining on them, but they still need to make ends meet. Some actors even attempt to get their start in adult films, believing that a “legit” director will one day see their work and select them to work on a major movie.

While the adult entertainment is pretty much frowned upon if you want to be taken seriously as an actor (or any kind of respectable celebrity), there’s certainly money in it. When people are asked to star in adult films, the contract often comes with lots of zeros, in order to make the deal appealing. Some celebrities have decided to go through with it because they needed the money (and hoped no one they knew would see the “movie”). Some people know their fame will only last a few minutes, and they decide to maximize it with an adult film appearance or two. Others turned down the offers because things haven’t gotten that bad for them financially. Of course, executives in the adult film industry often ask celebrities who are currently popular to star in their movies to boost the popularity of the industry. In these cases, the answer is usually "no". Here are 10 people you probably didn’t know were offered millions to star in adult films.

10 Christine Ouzounian


Christine Ouzounian used to be Ben Affleck’s nanny, and she allegedly has a lot to do with why Ben and his soon to be ex-wife actress Jennifer Garner, are no longer together. Chances are she won’t be getting a job taking care of children again any time soon (most wives aren’t going to hire her after her affiliation with the whole Ben and Jen thing), so why not check out adult films, right? Seems like a suitable career transition. P**n director Alex Braun offered Christine $1 million to star in an adult film parody series of Batman vs Superman. Ouzounian will reportedly be offered the role of Batwoman, but there’s no word on whether she’s accepted.

9 Ray J

We’re guessing the actor, singer and younger brother of superstar Brandy, wanted to be seen as an adult, which was the motivation behind his sex tape with then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Obviously the tape did really well (it made over $50 million), and honestly, it helped to keep them both in the spotlight (although clearly Kim is more famous). After the “success” of Ray J’s sex tape, Vivid Entertainment offered him a four-movie deal. Ray J turned it down, probably because his parents and sister informed him that he’d embarrassed the family enough. He decided to go with a VH1 deal instead, and that’s how For The Love of Ray J was born.

8 Ashley Dupre

After it was revealed that Ashley Dupre was Eliot Spitzer’s favorite call-girl, she became pretty famous. She did a series of interviews on notable news shows, talking about how she came to know the politician and what her plans were for the future. Of course, Vivid Entertainment became pretty interested in Dupre, and offered her a pretty sweet deal—a deal that would make her the highest paid actress in the p**n industry. These days, she’s left her work as a call girl behind, and has turned into a bit of a New York socialite. She’s been seen at high-end fashion shows, and was hanging out with Heidi Montag, so maybe a (somewhat) legit Hollywood career is in her future.

7 Spencer Pratt

6 Britney Spears

5 Amber Portwood

4 Tara Reid

3 Justin Bieber

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, Justin Bieber was a cute little kid with a great voice and a talent for playing musical instruments, getting lots of attention on YouTube. Since Bieber was discovered, he’s tried pretty hard to turn himself into a bad boy. He got lots of tattoos and even got involved in a standard scandal that involved a woman claiming Justin was the father of her child. According to VH1, Justin Bieber was also offered $1 million to star in adult films. While this would definitely change his image, it’s not the best career move. He should probably just stick to posting shirtless selfies on Instagram.

2 Miley Cyrus

Once upon a time, the thing Miley Cyrus was most famous for was starring as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel with her dad, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. These days, GameLink, an adult film website that sells movies and products, is offering Cyrus $1 million to show the world that “she’s not a little girl anymore.” Miley seems to want everyone to talk about her, and this would definitely do the trick. There’s no word on whether the singer and actress has accepted the deal, but it’s probably best to just allow the offer to be another part of the celebrity buzz that boosts her career.

1 Kylie Jenner

That’s right. The youngest member of the Kardashian clan, who recently turned 18, is getting lots of offers to star in adult films. Vivid Entertainment offered Jenner $10 million if she’d star in a film with her boyfriend, rapper Tyga. The head honcho over at Vivid, Steve Hirsch, stated in the letter to Kylie that a sex tape helped to launch Kim’s career, and would probably have a similar benefit for her. Kylie is also reportedly getting offers from Digital Playground, who wants her to be their brand ambassador. Hopefully, Jenner will focus on being a reality star and consider something unconventional, like going to college.

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