10 Stars Who've Earned More Fame Than Their Celebrity Parents

The American Dream is composed of not only the belief that one can achieve any form of wealth or status one sets one’s mind to, but also in the belief that one can attain a better financial and social position than one’s parents. In that sense, these ten celebrities have reached the elusive American Dream – despite the fact that their parents were already affluent and renowned celebrities themselves, their children have gone on to outshine them in several facets. Some of these Hollywood stars have gained more wealth than their famous parents, some have gained a higher celebrity status, and some have achieved the best of both worlds. Whether their parents praise their children’s fame or reveal more jealous sides, it’s undeniable that these ten stars have earned more fame and fortune than their celebrity parents. Additionally, having famous parents may have helped these stars get a leg up in showbiz. Some of these celebrities’ family trees might even surprise you!

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10 Kim Kardashian


Both Kim Kardashian’s biological parents and her stepfather have all achieved fame in different ways – her biological father is the high-powered attorney that defended O.J. Simpson, her stepfather is former Olympian Bruce Jenner, and her mother is TV personality and manager Kris Jenner. Despite these famous roots, however, Kim has arguably achieved more than her star-studded parents. Not only is she married to Kanye West, one of rap’s biggest stars, but Kim is the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, is heavily involved in the fashion world, and additionally has her own mobile game entitled Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. She’s managed to stay relevant and famous in the fast-paced world of Hollywood.

9 Nas


Rapper Nas hails from a musical background, which may be where his musical bones originated. Nas’ father is Olu Dara, a jazz musician who released his first album in 1998, after improvising with some of America’s greats for years. Although Olu Dara achieved fame within the jazz world, his celebrity status is nothing when compared to his son’s. Nas has had an extremely prolific career, including a slew of Grammy nominations, two BET Hip Hop Awards, over a dozen albums and six films, and even a notorious beef with Jay-Z. Nas has encouraged his father to accompany him on albums, and together, the two have produced beautiful harmonies.

8 Chris Pine


7 Jeff Buckley


Rolling Stone has pronounced Jeff Buckley one of the greatest singers in music history. Whether you agree with this sweeping statement or not, it’s apparent that Jeff’s fame far surpassed that of his father’s, Tim Buckley. Tim was also a musician, and was both highly experimental and influential. Although Jeff Buckley only released a single studio album in 1994, entitled Grace, his music remains popular today, especially his beautiful and haunting rendition of the classic “Hallelujah.” Sadly, both Tim and Jeff died young: Tim was only 28 years old, while Jeff only made it to the age of 30.

6 Lenny Kravitz


5 Angelina Jolie


4 Jennifer Aniston


3 Zooey Deschanel


2 Ben Stiller


1 Miley Cyrus


It’s easy to see why Miley Cyrus makes the top of this list – her father, Billy Ray Cyrus may have had a hit single, “Achy-Breaky Heart,” which exploded onto the global music scene, but Miley has had numerous singles and has maintained her fame since 2006 – she’s been relevant for a total of eight years, a far longer career than Billy Ray ever sustained. In 2013, MTV even awarded her the prestigious title, “Artist of the Year.” Additionally, Miley’s net worth is around $165 million, while her father’s is $50 million. Miley has clearly achieved more fame and fortune than Billy ever even dreamed of.

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