10 Shocking Celebrity Purchases

Everyone’s heard of the crazy things that Rupert Grint bought with his earnings from Harry Potter – several crazy vehicles like a hovercraft, a bright orange range rover, a mini-Cooper with Knight Rider designs and even an ice cream van that he drives around and distributes free ice creams from (since you need paperwork to be an actual ice-cream seller)! But while these are the toys of a car enthusiast and someone who enjoys making kids happy, there are some purchases that are just plain strange.

We have a list of 10 items that other celebrities bought that make our heads tilt in confusion or blink in shock. This list is ranked from least expensive to most expensive.

10 Bono - Plane ticket for hat - $1,700

Yes, you read right. Rock star and U2 frontman Bono shelled out the equivalent of $1,700 to have his favorite trilby hat flown from London to Italy. No, this wasn’t for shipping and handling, it was for an actual plane ticket. In first class. For a hat.

9 Amanda Seyfried – stuffed horse – “thousands”

8 Lady Gaga – Ghost detector - $50,000

We all know about Lady Gaga and how quirky her style is, but did you know she believes in ghosts? And not in the spiritual sense, she believes that ghosts are out to get her, specifically, a ghost named Ryan.

But instead of hiring the Ghostbusters, she bought her own PKE meters aka electromagnetic field equipment. Wonder if she’s considered that she might just be dreaming about Ryan Gosling.

7 Nicolas Cage – Dinosaur skull - $276,000

Ah, Nicolas Cage, the man of the crazy purchases. He’s owned castles, a $1 million comic book collection, and now a 67 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus bataar  for $276,000 at an auction, bidding out fellow actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Though, in hindsight, it might have been a better idea to let DiCaprio get it, it turns out that after the sale was finalized, Cage faced legal issues regarding the validity of the skull.

6 Beyoncé – “Mom van”, customized by Mercedes - $1 million

We’re all enamored with Beyoncé and her new baby with Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, and even before she was born, Beyoncé was receiving expensive presents from friends. She and Jay-Z even planned for a 2,200 square-foot nursery in their TriBeCa apartment.

But this purchase of a “mom van” was a trade-in for Beyoncé’s Maybach. This van contains a $150,000 audio system, a full bathroom and shower and is wired for wi-fi.

5 Celine Dion – Humidifier for Las Vegas home - $2 million

What on earth could possibly make a humidifier cost this much? Is it made of gold? Why, yes. Yes, it is, and possibly of crystal too. Why does Celine Dion have such an expensive humidifier in her Las Vegas house? To protect the quality of her voice. Now, before you balk at the very pricey notion, remember – Celine Dion was a big name in the late 90’s, after the popularity of the film Titanic. She had a $4 million entourage that consisted of an Olympic trainer, yoga instructor and four bodyguards. She could definitely afford it.

4 Mike Tyson – Bathtub - $2 million 

3 Jay-Z – Private island in the Bahamas – nearly $4 million

Being Beyoncé and Jay-Z means being constantly awesome, so it’s understandable when you need to take some time to be out of the private eye and just let go…but do you have your own private island in the Bahamas? Well, Beyoncé does, courtesy of her loving husband and nearly $4 million.

This certainly explained their publicized trip to Cuba, and luckily, there will be no shameful visits from government officials, because everything was done through official channels. So, Jay-Z bought his wife and daughter their own island to have quality time with them without much needed security. What did you do this year? 

2 Kim Basinger – town of Braselton, Georgia, USA - $20 million

There’s giving a celebrity the key to the city, and there’s giving the city to celebrity. Or, in this case, the town of Braselton, Georgia, and the celebrity in question is Bond girl Kim Basinger. A Georgia native, her intention was to turn the town into a tourist attraction with movie studios and a film festival.

As we’ve not really heard of Braselton, Georgia except in this context, it’s safe to say that it didn’t work. Basinger was forced to sell the town for $1 million and file for bankruptcy 5 years later.

1 Donald Trump – Gold-Plated Everything on Jet - $100 million

There’s a lot to say about Donald Trump, and President Obama said pretty much all of them during the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. But this jet, a Boeing 757 that he purchased from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is nothing to scoff at. For starters, the plane is bedecked in a familiar black and gold theme that Trump seems to favour.

It is twice the size of Trump’s original Boeing 727 and is covered in 24-carat gold, right down to the seatbelt buckles. It has room for up to 230 passengers, though it seems unlikely that Trump would want to share a 52-inch flat screen TV with over a thousand of Trump’s favorite films, with anyone other than a family member.

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