10 Ridiculous Things Floyd Mayweather Does With His Fortune

Money is a wonderful thing. Anyone who doesn't have any can tell you that, and anyone who does can attest to it. The simple stress reduction about not having to worry about anything financially just makes life so much easier to live. Though most people reading this cannot relate to it, the high life must be an otherworldly experience. Just imagine seeing something and knowing you can have it, without it even denting your balance in your account.

But there is a fine print that goes along with being rich, and some superstars just don't seem to understand. The money is not infinite. Yes, it may be coming in now, and coming in by the millions, but no one's card stays hot for long. That is why the smartest businessmen, athletes and rappers know how to invest and keep their money growing. But some of the less fiscally educated tend to just throw it around like it is Monopoly money.

Floyd Mayweather is one such person.

Yes, he is the hot ticket right now, but there are already people getting sick of how he flaunts and spends his fortune. We live in a world clearly divided by people's incomes. You have the 99% and you have the 1%. Floyd wants us all to know he is a 1 percenter now and is proud of it. The problem is, if he keeps spending money the way he is, he will probably be running auctions with Nic Cage in about a decade.

Anyone can have and spend money foolishly, but Mayweather takes it to absurdest heights. We all wish we had a fleet of cars and a shoe closet, so a lot of these may stem from jealousy. But after that last fight, is it wrong to assume he gets paid by the hug? And that maybe his star is starting to fall and he may want to start making some smarter investments? Regardless, here are ten insane ways Mayweather has spent and flaunted his fortune.

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10 $6.4 Million Dollar Watch Collection

via ealuxe.com

It is safe to assume someone reading this has some bills stacked on their table. A few probably overdue. That doesn't reflect poorly on any of you. That is how the world goes now for people trying to make ends meet; the fact that this man owns more in watches than any of us will ever see in our lifetime is pretty unsettling.

While it could be said that they are some of the finest watches and names in the world - 8 Rolexes up in there - $6.4 million could LITERALLY take a third world country out of debt.

If only we were kidding. The best part is, time is actually free. Someone should have told him that.

9 Bets

via youtube.com

Mayweather has spent more money betting on sports than some entire sports franchises have access to. One of those bets was the famous 1 million dollar New England Patriots bet 4 years ago. And that was just pocket change to the guy. He outdid himself and that bet in 2013 when he put $6 million on a Miami Heat game.

Some of us are lucky if we can throw ten bucks towards a team we love, and this dude can throw down briefcases filled with millions in cash. Homie better watch his back; hood life is no joke.

8 Diamond iPod

via bloodyelbow.com

This is when stuff starts really going off the rails. Making some bets? Cool, it's your money. Having a sick watch collection that will make everyone else jealous? We get it. But having an iPod that is covered in diamonds is when things really start crossing the line. What's the point? Do you want your music to sound extra shiny? Do you want the beats to bling? It's just such an impossible thing for us regular mortals to even try and fathom.

Just why? Cars and jets are somewhat understandable. Diamond iPods? Not so much. If a friend did this you would smack them, but Floyd does it and the world thinks it's cool.

7 Flaunting His Fortune 

via dailymail.co.uk

So at one point after one rather well publicized flight, Floyd Mayweather walked away with a lot of cash, as he is often does. But what happens next reflects that "rapper rich" aspect of bragging about your riches to the "peasants", and that stuff never goes over well.

We're referring to the photos he released counting one million in cash on his private jet after a fight. Come on, dude. You seem like such a frat boy when you do stuff like that. "Look at me in my jet counting my millions in cash. Look how awesome I am! I'm so much better than you!" It just makes him look ignorant. And when people who don't know how to handle money get lots of money, guess what eventually happens?

They pull an MC Hammer. Or a "Mayweather" as it may soon be called.

6 Boxer Shorts

via sbnation.com

While this may seem like an odd entry amid private jets and platinum watches, it is the fine print of this that makes it so, well... damning. Floyd Mayweather told ESPN he only wears boxer shorts once and throws them out. He spends upward of seven thousand dollars on underwear a year, all of which he wears only once.

That is the very definition of gluttonous, wasteful and ignorant. It shows you the mindset he is at when it comes to money and its worth.

5 His Car Fleets

via otomotif.news.viva.co.id

First off, no one here would diss anyone for a lofty car purchase or two. Luxury cars are cars you earn, and once you drive one, all other cars feel like toys. We can understand rich people wanting to show off in a nice car, while experiencing the benefits of how well those cars drive.

BUT, Floyd has two fleets of luxury cars. One fleet is all white, while the other fleet is all black. When "fleet" is mentioned, we're talking upwards of 100 cars, no joke. In all honesty, none of those cars are anything less than spectacular.  Still, though, keep in mind there are families out there who cannot afford one to get to work, but the dude has 100. Makes sense.

4 $250,000 At The Strip Club

via blacksportsonline.com

Let's put this into perspective: Floyd Mayweather took a duffel bag to a place where women were taking off their clothes so he could then throw that exact money at them while they danced.

We are talking about a quarter of a million dollars just to THROW AT NAKED PEOPLE.

Most of us would be lucky to be able to throw five dollars at someone who was even fully clothed. He had a quarter million just to throw at people. That is mind blowing in every single way.

3 His Shoe Closet

via lukebuchanan.com

Repping fresh kicks has really become a social status thing, and a good pair of sneakers can really earn you some respect. But what about an entire closet full of the freshest kicks available in the world right now, some of which are so rare he owns the only pairs?

Well, that is what Floyd Mayweather has: an entire closet full of the best shoes in the world. The funniest part is the fact that he gets a great deal for free - the shoe companies want him to be seen wearing their brand - so in this case, a big chunk of those come in the mail to him as a gift.

All this makes it even more depressing for those of us who blow a bill on a pair twice a year. The dude could wear a new pair of shoes every single day of the year (and he practically does).

2 His Friendship with Justin Bieber

via fansshare.com

Oh, don't make any mistake. This did not cost him actual money. This is the selling of his soul. It's even worse than spending money. That, dearest readers, is spending integrity.

Moving on...

1 His Private Jet

via mirror.co.uk

The problem with a private jet that most of us pedestrians don't know about is the upkeep. A jet takes a lot more work to keep working than a car. You add to that the staff you also need, the pilot to fly the thing, the fuel to keep it going, and the yearly tax and storage fees, and the jet in ten years time will be a big pain in Floyd's ass if he hasn't invested some of his other millions more practically.

Only time will tell how this story plays out. For now, enjoy it, Floyd. Because eventually, the river of liquid gold stops flowing. Mike Tyson had two pet tigers and a massive estate, and now he is feeding pigeons and barely getting by. Someone should point this out to you right now before it's too late.


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