10 Rich Celebs You Didn't Know Had Poor Siblings

It is very common for celebrities to share their wealth with friends and family, using their platform to try and start careers for their loved ones that could potentially become just as big as theirs. But what do you do when the people that you grew up with suddenly change and sell you out to the media — could you forgive and forget or resent and neglect? In the list gathered below, several stars have fallen victim to being sold out to the press while others have seen family members spend money on drugs and alcohol, leading to severe addictions that have led to estranged relationships. It is always questioned as to why so many rich Hollywood celebs have siblings that are homeless and struggling with some sort of addiction, while they live lavishly in their multi-million dollar homes. Clearly something must have happened that has led these famous faces to distance themselves from those who they now consider as nothing more than blood-related relatives from afar. This list will uncover the truth to rich celebs and their poor siblings; what separated them, why one refuses to support the other and what the chances are of them ever reuniting and making peace. Some have, some have not. Find out who they are below.

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10 Mariah and Alison Carey

Mariah Carey may be worth over a staggering $530 million, has won multiple awards and carries the title of one of the best-selling artists of all-time. Yet with all that success, one is quickly baffled as to why the songstress would let her sister Alison, suffer in the way that she has. Many of Mariah’s fans may not even be aware of the fact that the singer has an HIV-positive former prostitute of a sibling, having struggled with money for as long as she can remember.

The two fell out in 1994, supposedly over Alison’s struggling drug addiction. Mariah is reported to have tried to save her sister, offering her thousands of dollars to seek help at rehab facilities, but Alison refused. Mariah would often send Alison money following her musical success, but all that she would do is spend it on drugs. It is believed that though her sister has begged to get back in touch with her, 45-year-old Mariah cannot overlook a series of drug addictions — Carey could not imagine putting her two children in that kind of danger. Alison has been making a steady income by talking about her famous sister in interviews, begging the pop icon to get back in touch with her.

9 Jimi and Leon Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix’s brother Leon, was considered one of the worst cases of famous celebrities with poor siblings after he was caught stealing fur coats. The first thing that one would question is to why Leon would be stealing from other people when his brother was loaded with cash. Clearly the two weren’t close enough for Jimi to lend his brother money, and this became evident after the singer’s death. Jimi’s inheritance went to his father and nobody else. Furthermore, when Hendrix’s father passed away, the only thing that Leon ended up receiving was a gold plate from one of Jimi’s albums. It is evidently clear that both Jimi and their dad did not have a good relationship with Leon.

8 Prince and Tyka Nelson


Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, has not had an easy journey following the release of her 1988 debut album, Royal Blue. After having landed a record deal through her famous brother, Tyka released her record to disappointing sales while her sophomore utterly bombed at the charts even more. According to Nelson, the failure of having any very minimal success in music while her brother was on top of the world, was hard on her. In the early 2000s, she admitted to the National Enquirer how she was battling a crack addiction while having sold her body for money, as her close bond to her brother had suddenly faded. Tyka famously claimed that Prince was not stepping up to help her get out of a miserable situation, having stressed at how much she wanted to change her life. Prince eventually reached out to his sister and managed to get her back on her feet. A gospel album would go on to be released by Tyka in 2008 which, once again, failed to make an impact on the charts, but she is happy and in a much better place than she was ten years ago.

7 Mariah and Morgan Carey


Mariah Carey makes the list twice, seeing that her two broke siblings are beyond troubled. If Alison’s behavior was not bad enough, Mariah has also been putting up with the fabricated lies that her brother Morgan, has been spreading about her in the press. It is said that Carey and Morgan had not spoken to one another since 2013, after an argument that left the singer’s brother fuming. During the time that the two were no longer on speaking terms — just like Alison — Morgan ran to the media and claimed that his sister was a drug addict, battling suicidal thoughts and has a severe alcohol problem. Of course, the juicier the story, the more money Morgan would have gotten from the tabloid magazines he told this to. When your multi-millionaire sister cuts you off from her life, both Alison and Morgan settled with the idea that selling their sibling out for thousands of dollars was appropriate to do.

6 Rob Kardashian

While the Kardashian women continue to succeed in all of their business endeavours, the same cannot be said for troubled reality star, Rob Kardashian. The 28-year-old, who is said to be battling an ongoing weight gain, is living off of his family’s money, as explained during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The Arthur George sock designer has struggled to turn his own business into anything successful, charging up to $60 for a plain pair of socks. So with that failed project going down the drain, it should not come as a surprise to find that Rob is living in Khloe Kardashian’s Calabasas mansion, while his mother Kris Jenner, provides him a weekly allowance. There is something seriously wrong about a mother paying her 28-year-old's son bills and giving him allowances.

5 Michael Jackson and Siblings


Following Michael Jackson’s death, many of the Jackson family members began fighting for their brother’s money following a drastic rise in music and merchandise sales. Michael, who earned up to $400 million in 2009 alone, would go on to be the cause of one of the biggest Jackson fights in history. 2012 saw a majority of the Jackson siblings fight for a piece of their brother’s money, after being told that the only people that were set to receive any of Michael’s wealth were his three children and his mother, Katherine. Jackson’s siblings were outraged, and reports would soon go on to claim that the Jacksons kidnapped their mother while they attempted to settle a case with MJ’s estate, hoping they could make a turnaround on things.

4 Alec and Daniel Baldwin


Following the success of Alec Baldwin’s Hollywood career, his brother Daniel, quickly jumped on the chance to follow in his sibling’s footsteps, hoping for the same outcome. Well, not quite. A few TV cameos and embarrassing low-budget movies, Daniel could not live up to the hype and fell off from the industry, which was believed to have led to his cocaine addiction which dates all the way back to 1989. The failed actor has attempted time and time again to beat his drug battle — having reported to rehab on numerous occasions — but sadly, he’s had no luck beating his habits. Daniel has had many financial problems in recent years, seeing that the minimal income that he does make is allegedly instantly spent on drugs and alcohol.

3 Lindsay and Ali Lohan


Britney Spears gave us Jamie-Lynn. Jessica Simpson gave us Ashlee. Kim Kardashian gave us Kendall and Kylie, and Lindsay Lohan — well, she really didn’t bring much. As many would have expected, instead of helping her sister Ali, continue her dreams on becoming a supermodel, it was reported that the troubled celeb was doing nothing other than hurt the young adult’s chances in succeeding. Lindsay has such a bad reputation that Ali is allegedly blackballed from big offers because of her family name. Nobody really knows who Ali is in the modeling world, and the only jobs she usually lands are catalogue gigs. In other words, the surname 'Lohan' is preventing Ali from making any serious income. Meanwhile, her older sister (shockingly) still manages to pull in a couple of millions annually through theater work and endorsement deals over in Europe.

2 Madonna and Anthony Ciccone

Madonna’s empire may be worth more than $5 billion, but in this particular case, the singer has learned that money can drive families apart. The 56-year-old’s brother, Anthony Ciccone has reportedly battled an alcohol addiction for decades. Ciccone had previously ran the family’s vineyard business, which later started to collapse as Madonna’s older brother would show up drunk for work, having struggled to stay sober for more than a day. It is believed that the pop icon has tried to help her sibling on numerous occasions, hoping that even giving him cash to move away from Michigan would help him start a new beginning. Unfortunately, this was not the case — Anthony would continue to spend the money on alcohol. Madonna has not spoken to her brother in years.

1 Beyonce


Beyonce surprisingly makes our list now that her father Mathew Knowles, was confirmed to be the dad of two youngsters. Mathew, who evidently cheated on Beyonce’s mother Tina, when both children were conceived, has struggled coming to terms with the fact that he now has two other kids under his belt. The former Destiny’s Child manager was taken to court by his two baby mamas for not having paid any child support since they had given birth. Even worse, Mathew argued with a judge that the reason as to why he has not been able to pay child support was simply down to the fact that his earnings had drastically decreased after his famous daughter fired him as her manager in 2011. In the end, Beyonce’s father impregnated two women who are extremely upset that their children cannot be taken care of since Mathew is not footing the bill, having even struggled to pay their own rent bills.

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