10 Reasons Every Man Wants To Be Dan Bilzerian

If you haven’t heard of Dan Bilzerian yet chances are you have been living under a rock for the past few years. Dan Bilzerian is known as many things including the “King of Instagram.” Bilzerian has made himself a household name due to the lavish lifestyle he leads. The professional poker player has over 11 million followers on Instagram and it is not because of anything he does specifically, it's just because of the way he lives his life.

Don’t get me wrong, Dan Bilzerian is not the best role model; he objectifies women, he flaunts his weapons and let's not forget about the fact that he kicked a girl in the face at a night club in Miami. However, for some reason the world can't get enough of him. Yes, our society should start picking better role models for our youth, but let's be real, Dan Bilzerian does some pretty epic shit.

There are many reasons why men idolize Bilzerian and these are just the general ten reasons why. The majority of men dream of living the kind of life Bilzerian leads and that is why he is so interesting to them and why he has become a household name.

10 He’s Rich

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Plain and simple, the man is loaded, which is what most men on this earth aspire to be. Although Bilzerian is part of the “lucky sperm club” (meaning he comes from money), it's still hard not to respect that kind of cash. His parents are worth an estimated $100 million which is part of the reason why Bilzerian has always appeared to be such an asshole. Men around the globe envy Dan Bilzerian for his financial status. He lives a lifestyle of the rich and the famous and both men and women tend to be impressed by that. This is one of the most obvious reasons why men want to be him.

9 His Toys—Guns, Cars & Planes

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Dan Bilzerian has A LOT of toys, and when I say toys I don’t mean video games! Bilzerian loves cars, and loves showing them off to the world. His collection contains a variety of top of the line SVU’s and even more luxurious sports cars. Another thing he is passionate about besides fast cars and fast girls are guns. He owns 97 guns and decorates every room of his Hollywood Hills mansion with a loaded gun on display (very smart). He was even arrested when he was younger for having a machine gun on school property. Also, we can't forget his collection of boats and helicopters!

8 He's Always Traveling

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Dan Bilzerian never seems to stay in one place for too long, which can make people very envious. To make the world even more jealous, he travels in style 100% of the time. Bilzerian hates flying commercial, he is usually seen traveling on private jets with beautiful naked women around him. In 2014 he purchased a Gulfstream N701DB which most likely cost him around $6 million. No big deal for him, but for the average Joe, Bilzerian's reality is bigger than their greatest fantasy, which is why men all over the globe would kill to be him. Traveling is a huge perk that comes with being Bilzerian and travelling private is just an even bigger bonus.

7 His Party Style

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Bilzerian knows how to party; there is no way around it. He loves the club scene and due to his lucrative funds, spending money on excess amounts of alcohol does not faze him. Bilzerian is known for throwing epic and lavish house parties at his Beverly Hills Mansion. These over the top parties are unlike any house party you have ever been to. Bilzerian had decorated his home with a real giraffe as the center of attention, (yes a live giraffe) and if that is not extravagant enough his pool was filled with models dressed as mermaids. I mean… who wouldn’t want to check out that party!

6 Girls Girls Girls

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Everywhere Dan Bilzerian goes, beautiful women surround him. It is a mix of his money, social status and general “I don’t give a crap” attitude that makes girls want to be around him. Although he is not always surrounded by the classiest of women, they are always good looking. Men around the world look at his Instagram photos and wonder what it would be like to even speak to a girl that looks like that, let alone have her sitting naked on your lap. Bilzerian is also very open about his sexual conquests which leaves his followers even more in awe of him.

5 Being Paid to Party

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The idea of being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to party is pretty outrageous. However, for Bilzarian (and many other celebrities) this is their reality. Clubs pay Bilzerian to pretty much show his face at their establishment. Recently he hosted a presidential party in both New York City and Boston. Bilzerian for 2016 seems like a ridiculous idea but men have been caught saying they would vote for him. They wouldn’t be giving him his vote due to his political beliefs; their reasoning is probably that they believe he would legalize prostitution, which let's face it…he probably would!

4 His Entourage

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Dan Bilzerian does not only surround himself with beautiful women, he also surrounds himself with some interesting characters. Some of his entourage includes DJ Steve Aoki, superstar Miley Cyrus, rapper Wiz Khalifa as well as Justin Beiber and the notorious Floyd Mayweather. The lifestyle he leads is truly a lifestyle designed for the rich and famous, which is why he surrounds himself with those who are rich and/or famous. People dream of the life Bilzerian and his friends live and it is one of the reasons why so many men are so fascinated by him.

3 The Things He Posts


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I am sure everyone has seen his Instagram, and if you haven’t you definitely should! Bilzerian has one of those Instagram pages that make you question if you have ever even truly had fun. His life is a series of terribly amazing decisions which he shares with the world. Although a lot of his posts create controversy, I believe it is the exact reaction Bilzerian is seeking. From being derogatory toward women to being politically incorrect, Dan Bilzerian is always posting something that will piss someone off. However, you can't deny it when you look at his pictures, he really is living his life to the fullest!

2 He Does Whatever He Wants, Whenever He Wants

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Dan Bilzerian is a rebel in every sense of the word. Bilzerian definitely walks to the beat of his own drum and does not apologize for who he is (unless he is court ordered to do so). Bilzerian lives his life the way he wants to. It may not seem right to everyone, but to him it is exactly what he wants to be doing. His pictures remind you everyday that he is living life to the fullest and that is what living is truly about. Regardless of his not so moral choices, no one can say he is not having a good time.

1 He Makes No Apologies For Who He Is

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Dan Bilzerian straight up does not give a damn about what the world thinks of him. This is probably the thing people envy the most about him. He is unapologetically himself - his cocky, arrogant, obnoxious self. And guess what? He really does not care if he rubs you the wrong way because he knows millions of people envy the lifestyle he leads. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot more he could be doing with his fame and fortune, but then again he really doesn’t care what I think and why should he? Dan Bilzerian is an exception to the rule and the reason for that is because he has made himself an exception, and people let him.

Sources: businessinsider.com

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