10 Outrageous Gifts Celebs Gifted Their Parents

When parents are willing to take the risk and move to Hollywood so that their child can follow their dreams and make it big, that's gotta be worth something, right? The majority of these celebs were destined to become stars in their own right, and each one of them is very aware of the fact that had their parents not made big sacrifices for them, their careers would have never taken off. Most parents question the idea of moving to New York or Los Angeles so that their children can aspire to do something great in life, but those who have taken that risk -- in hopes that it would pay off -- are forever reminded what a great decision it was. And these celebs have certainly not forgotten their parents on their way up the ladder of success, as all of these stars have splashed a whopping amount of cash to show their appreciation. From multi-million dollar mansions to fancy cars, and even a $2 million church. These celebrities know how to treat their parents well.

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10 Victoria and David Beckham — Matching Audis For Their Parents

David and Victoria Beckham had one of the coolest ideas when it came to gifting their parents something special. The Hollywood duo opted in presenting their loved ones with matching Audi vehicles, worth $60,000 per car. The gesture was said to have been a spontaneous one following the couple’s move to America in 2007. Perhaps it was a gift to their parents so that they wouldn’t miss them too much since Beckham and Posh’s parents are both located in the UK.

9 Rihanna Purchases Mother A $2 Million Barbados Mansion


What took her so long? Following an intimate interview with Oprah Winfrey in Barbados back in 2012, Rihanna concluded her conversation with the legendary TV-personality by inviting her mother over to a newly-purchased home. Monica Braithwaite was stunned to learn that her daughter had splashed a reported $2 million on a mansion, big enough to fit the entire family in separate rooms. Even Oprah was gobsmacked just by looking at the house.

8 Beyonce Gifts Mother $5.9 Million Home, Clothing Line


Beyonce is so grateful for her parents, knowing that they are both responsible for having made her the successful businesswoman that she is today. Having helped her mother Tina Knowles, jumpstart her own fashion line titled House of Dereon, the singer went on to gift the former salon owner with a $5.9 million home located in Houston, Texas. It is unclear why Tina would need such a big home, but it could certainly be looked as a nice gesture from daughter to mother, showing just how much love Bey has for Tina. Still, the house is too big for two people to live in (Tina married Richard Lawson earlier this year).

7 The Rock Purchases Escalade For Mother on Christmas Day


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is such a good son. Having already purchased a home for his mother, the former wrestling champ needed to come up with something new and creative. Ata Johnson, who was said to have been in need of a new car, was stunned to learn that Dwayne had bought her a shiny 2012 Cadillac which famously range between $80-140,000. The gift was extra special because the beloved Hollywood actor did not present his mother with the vehicle until Christmas Day. How sweet.

6 Dwyane Wade Gifts His Mother A Church

Dwyane Wade’s mother Jolinda, has been a preacher almost all her life. The NBA player knows how passionate his mother is when it comes to her religion and spreading the good word of Jesus Christ, hence why he ended up buying his mother her own church. Jolinda will no longer have to travel miles and miles to pray at a local church, as she is now the sole owner of her own religious building. Outlets claim that the church is always filled due to the amount of publicity Wade had attracted following the purchase — the more people that want to come and pray, the better.

5 Taylor Swift Splashes $2.5 Million on Nashville Home for Parents


With all the money Taylor Swift has been making through her music sales as of late, the 25-year-old felt it was only right to purchase her parents, Andrea and Scott, a new home. The mansion, located in Nashville, is reportedly worth $2.5 million, and Taylor made the move in purchasing the home as a reassurance that her parents are living just as well as she is. Despite having asked whether her parents would want to relocate to New York or Los Angeles, Taylor’s parents are just fine living in Nashville. Nobody will ever bother them at their house.

4 Kim and Kanye Spend $200,000 on Bentley for Kris Jenner


When Kanye West started dating Kim Kardashian just weeks after her divorce to Kris Humphries, Kris Jenner had her doubts. Kim’s mother felt her daughter was rushing from one romance to the other, and wanted to feel assured that the reality star wasn’t rushing into another relationship like her previous one. Well, Kanye and Kim wanted to let Kris know that their romance was real, reportedly gifting the momager with a $200,000 Bentley. Sources say that after receiving such an incredible gift, she was instantly won over. Money can do that kind of thing to you.

3 Prince William Helps Kate’s Parents Purchase $7 Million Home

Prince William is such a nice guy, he helped pay for his mother-in-law’s $7.3 million Berkshire home in 2012. According to Us Weekly, William made the very kind gesture just one year after marrying Carole and Michael Middleton’s daughter, Kate. The house sports seven bedrooms, featuring 18 acres, which is relatively large for a married couple, but the bigger the better, right? "He sees them as his own family and wants to help out in any way he can,” a source tells the magazine.

2 Kanye West: Thousands Spent on Mother's New Body


Kanye West famously footed the expensive bill that saw his mother Donda, undergo liposuction and a tummy tuck. The gift was outrageous for the fact that the surgery was believed to have been close to $100,000, seeing that Donda was eager to "fix" her imperfections all in one go. Another reason as to why the gift is outrageous is simply down to the fact that West paid for his mother to get a new body -- should he have stopped his parent from wanting to perfect herself by undergoing surgery? We certainly think so. But hey, Kanye always finds a way to surprise us.

1 Rita Ora Surprises Parents With $2.6 Million Home?

Who knew that Rita Ora had that much money to spend on a house (and not even for herself)? Earlier this year, after having purchased her very own mansion out in North London, the Black Widow featured songstress decided that buying the six-bedroom house was a mistake. Because she's never able to settle down and stay in one place for more than a week, Rita decided that it only made sense her parents could have the house for themselves.

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