10 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes For Sale

Even though they have all of the money in the world, celebrities don’t just buy a house because it’s fancy or expensive. They are actually quite choosy and hard to please when it comes to buying homes, with some even refusing homes when it comes down to the last, tiny detail.

Most celebrity homes come equipped with excellent security systems, nice locations away from civilization (or at least down a long driveway and hidden from drivers on the road), a large swimming pool (or pools), a large wall that surrounds the estate, a private gym and enough space to hold parties.

Many celebrity homes have been on the market for some time and have yet to have a single offer put on them, but then again, not everyone can afford a house or a place to live with all of those luxuries and amenities!

What we have here is a list of the ten most expensive celebrity homes for sale. This list could become outdated in just a matter of weeks or even mere days if a home or property is bought, but then again, this list could remain perfectly valid for many more months or even years, if these homes remain out on the marketplace. Nonetheless, each of these homes is truly stunning in its own way.

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10 Mark Wahlberg’s Mansion


Movie superstar Mark Wahlberg has had his Oak Pass, Beverly Hills mansion on the California real estate market for many years now, but at $13 million, it has still yet to be sold. Clocking in at close to twelve thousand square feet and nestled nicely within two acres, Wahlberg has decided to upgrade to a thirty thousand square foot mansion that he is having built not too far from this location. Some of the nice luxuries and amenities of this mansion for sale include a private basketball court, boxing ring, a few large and deep swimming pools, and a golf course.

9 Jack Nicholson’s Victorian Home

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This classical Victorian home is owned by Oscar-winning movie star, Jack Nicholson, who put the home up for sale at an asking price of $14 million. It is located in Aspen, Colorado, a resort town that became a popular getaway location for film stars and celebrities in the latter part of the 1900s. The small town, which only has a standing population of just over six thousand people, boasts the highest real estate prices of any town or city in the country. Nicholson’s home was built in 1895, and comes equipped with a hot tub in the living room, a private cinema room and two bedroom suites.

8 Mel Gibson’s Malibu Home


7 Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Mansion

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Even while this mansion has all the luxuries that you would expect from a celebrity home, the real attraction to this home is the stunning, magnificent view of Los Angeles. It is located off the road in Bel Air, sits on just over an acre of land and was built in 1955. One would have to ask why Gabor would be giving up this home, especially considering that she has lived inside of it for over thirty years by now. The home is now on the real estate market, with an asking price of $15 million.

6 Tim McGraw’s Ranch

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This isn't the only home that Tim McGraw, the country music superstar, owns. But it is, however, his largest and most expensive one. The home is priced at just over $20 million, and the main features of it are the sprawling seven-hundred and fifty-three acres. There are also three other small homes on the ranch, so if you can afford the $20 million price tag and want other family members to live near you, this just might be the right ranch for you.

5 Michael Jordan’s Estate

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4 Billy Joel’s Home


Originally on the market for $22.5 million, this home is owned by Billy Joel and located in Sagaponack Village in New York. The property is classic New England and on very beautiful grounds, but Joel has been forced to bring down the price on the home multiple times, in roughly $2 million increments, and it has yet to find a buyer. Last time, the home was priced at just under $17 million, but if the house continues to go unsold, it is unknown if Joel will increase the price or decrease the home even further, even though he paid $17 million when he first bought the property back in 2007.

3 Barry Bonds’ Mansion

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Many may find it ironic that Barry Bonds’ mansion is located in Los Angeles, especially since he played with the San Francisco Giants for the overwhelming majority of his career.  Nonetheless, Bonds has made Los Angeles his home for much of his life, and this estate is certainly a highlight of the City of Angels, with a luxurious kitchen, tanning salon, private cinema, study, an indoor hot tub and sauna, and therapy rooms, all inside seventeen thousand square feet.

2 Bob Hope’s Home

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Even though he has since passed on, Bob Hope’s home is one of the most unique homes in California, both expensive and non-expensive. Hope owned multiple homes throughout California, but this one is without a doubt, his most well known, as well as the largest one.  The home was purposefully built to look like a volcano, and is constructed out of glass, concrete and copper. The roof in the middle opens up to form a circle at the center of the home, hence the volcano. The home has been frequently visited by many people for its unique structure and features, although, we wonder how many people would be willing to pay $34 million for its reported asking price.

1 Celine Dion’s Resort Homes


Celine Dion purchased two homes on Jupiter Island, Florida in 2004 and 2008, and upgraded both of them with many luxuries, so that they both now resemble a private resort. One home originally cost $13 million and the other $7 million, but combined, Dion is now selling them for $75 million. Dion used to live in the homes extensively, but has since decided to relocate to Las Vegas, due to all of the shows she performs there.

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