10 Of The Most Envy-Worthy Celebrity Engagement Rings

We are all familiar with the saying, 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend', especially when that girl is a Hollywood celebrity who's dating someone as equally filthy rich as they are. When money is no object, it's easy to see why celebrities go all-out once they've found the one. It is no wonder that a simple diamond ring just doesn't fly in the Hollywood Hills and these 10 examples prove it. Here are the largest, most envy-worthy engagement rings to ever hit these A-lister's ring fingers, thanks to the men in their lives that put a (really massive) ring on it.

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10 Lauren Conrad

Via: instagram.com/laurenconrad

Former The Hills star Lauren Conrad got engaged in October 2013 and took to her Instagram to announce the news, posting the above photo showing off her shiny new bling. Her diamond is estimated at a modest-sized (in celebrity terms) three carats, with it costing around $50,000. But the beautiful, round cut diamond is in no way small, as it sits prominently in its four-prong, gold band setting. This round solitaire is sure to never go out of style and is as classic as can be, just like Conrad herself. We're calling this one a perfect match.

9 Emma Roberts

The 22-year old actress (and Julia Roberts' niece) got engaged this past January to her Rocky Horror Story co-star, Evan Peters after dating since 2012. Though the couple have had their fair share of turbulent times (she reportedly attacked him in a Montreal hotel and was subsequently arrested), clearly the duo have patched things over, resulting in Roberts' shiny new ring. The halo-setting, yellow gold diamond ring is estimated to cost upwards of $50,000 and totals three carats. We'll take one, please.

8 Jamie Chung

Via: blog.hellomagazine.com

The 31 year old actress and television personality got engaged sometime in late 2013 to actor Bryan Greenberg, who has starred in One Tree Hill and How to Make It in America. The couple was dating for nearly two years when he decided to pop the question and gift Chung with a killer rock, weighing in at an estimated five carats. The split band is encrusted in diamonds and the halo setting adds all that much sparkle to her huge center stong. Good job, Brian. Very good job.

7 Naya Rivera

6 Kelly Rowland

5 Gabrielle Union

Via: instagram.com/gabunion

Is that a diamond or a boulder, Gabrielle? Sporting a shiny new (and totally massive) rock, Gabrielle Union took to her Instagram this past December to announce her engagement to Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade. The 41 year old actress now boasts a $1 million ring, which comes in at a whopping 8.5 carats. Worst of all? It's not even the biggest on this list. We'd definitely settle for it, though.

4 Blake Lively

via: www.ritani.com

As if Blake Lively wasn't lucky enough to have Ryan Reynolds as her beau, she's also got a stunner sitting on her ring finger. The $2 million, oval diamond set in rose gold was designed by Lorraine Schwartz (the jewelry designer to the stars) and is rumored to be a mere 12 carats. Though Ryan first got down on one knee for Scarlet Johansson (the two were married for two years), he stepped it up quite a bit in the diamond area for Blake, whose rock is noticeably larger. Blake's dreamy diamond is one of Hollywood's most sought-after designs and replicas are being created left and right. And quite frankly, we don't blame anyone for trying to knock off this beauty.

3 Ciara

via: www.huffingtonpost.com

2 Kim Kardashian

Via: instagram.com/kimkardashian

1 Beyonce

In true Beyonce fashion, he liked it, so he put a very expensive ring on it. Queen B takes the number one spot on this list for the largest, most lavish celebrity engagement ring. Her 18 carat, platinum-set diamond ring set Jay Z back an estimated $5 million, making all the single ladies out there as envious as can be. Designed by none other than Lorraine Schwartz, this stunner has been sitting on B's finger since 2008. We'd be happy taking a chunk off of that diamond.

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