10 of the Longest Lasting Celebrity Marriages

The divorce rate seems to rise year after year, and thanks to the paparazzi, we can always hear or read about all of the failed celebrity relationships taking over the tabloids.  Divorce is quite common, especially in Hollywood, but even so, it isn't too difficult to find long-lasting celebrity love stories. Couples like John Travolta and Kelly Preston or Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are just a couple examples that show it is possible for celebrities to grow together in healthy and long-lasting relationships.

Relationships that last longer than 5 years seem to be scarce these days. Whether they're famous couples or your regular every day people, the reality is that separation and divorce happen sometimes early on in relationships or years later. But what about all of the celebrity couples who have been married for years? One can only imagine how difficult it might be when both parties in a relationship are celebrities, it could be tough to devise a system within the relationship that consists of big egos, careers, and quite a bit of time apart. But these couples listed below seem to be great examples of how to make a long-lasting love work in Tinseltown.

Here is our list of Hollywood's longest lasting marriages:


10 Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan - 26 years

The couple met on the set of Family Ties where they played boyfriend and girlfriend on the sitcom. A few years later they met again on the set of a movie and have been together ever since. The couple married on July 16, 1988 and have four children together.  Fox began showing signs of Parkinson's disease just a few years after getting married and the couple have stayed together despite the struggles and everything else that comes with battling a disease such as Parkinson's.  Pollan, when asked about their relationship, said " Any marriage has its up and downs. It's work to be married for this many years! That said, Michael's a very easy person to be with under his circumstances, funny and gracious...I love him. I want to be there for him."

9 Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall - 27 years


Hall and Louis-Dreyfus met in college as they were both part of the comedy scene at Northwestern University. The Theatre Company within the school attracted SNL's attention and both Julia and Brad were hired immediately after school ended. The two have been together pretty much ever since. They married in 1987 and have two children. Louis-Dreyfus said of her husband, " Brad was the right guy, and he's remained the right guy."

8 John Travolta and Kelly Preston - 23 years

After 23 years of marriage and three children, a tragic death of a child, controversy and tabloid rumors of divorce, it's safe to say that the couple have shared and overcome a great deal over the years. Recently the two of them appeared on an episode of Extra and talked about the first time they met on the set of the 1989 movie The Experts.  “Oh my god, first of all, there’s a strong physical presence to her because she has this amazing body. I liked that her face reminded me of Grace Kelly," Travolta said. Added Preston: “I see him coming across the hall, seriously, he was one of those hot guys. He had his two dogs and he came up to me… dogs are always a good trick to get girls.”

7 Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick - 26 years


Bacon and Sedgwick met on the set of the PBS version of Lanford Wilson's play Lemon Sky. The couple married September 4, 1988 and have two children together. The two have acted together in several works including Murder in the First, The Woodsman, Loverboy and Pyrates. Bacon has said,  "The time I was hitting what I considered to be bottom was also the time I met my wife, our kids were born, good things were happening. And I was able to keep supporting myself; that always gave me strength."

6 Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson - 26 years

Hanks and Wilson met on the set of the film Volunteers in 1985, married a few years later, and have two children together. Before getting married, Hanks converted to Greek Orthodox, the religion of Wilson's family.  Even 26 years into their marriage they both speak highly of each other. Wilson told PARADE magazine, "Hanks is a sweet, attentive husband. He leaves me notes, by the phone or the coffee maker, I keep them all. He also sends me pictures from his phone all day."  Hanks recently told Piers Morgan, "Every day is a blast with Rita. When I met Rita, I thought, 'oh, this is what it’s supposed to be like when you are married to someone. It’s supposed to be this carefree and easy.'"

5 Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos - 19 years


Mark and Kelly met in 1995 on the set of TV soap opera All My Children, and the two ended up eloping in Vegas on May 1st  1996.  They have three children and even after 19 years of marriage, they seem extremely close and in love. Kelly told People magazine the following about the couple's relationship. "It's OK to fight about things. We're secure with each other... I really do worship Mark. I love everything about him, even his annoying habits. He is the person I was meant to be with forever, and I think he feels the same way."

4 Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith - 18 years

Recently the couple has been in the media with rumors of divorce after 18 years of marriage. They appeared  to have called it quits and are in the process of selling their 1.5 acre Italian estate. It's no secret that over the years Griffith has battled addictions with pain killers, alcohol and cocaine, which would damage any relationship. Banderas has publicly said  "We have had as many problems as anybody," referring to Griffith's well known addiction problems throughout the years. Regardless, this couple has had a good run and lasted longer than the vast majority of celebrity relationships.


3 Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman - 33 years


The couple met in 1971 when Perlman went to see a friend perform in the play The Shrinking Bride, which also starred Danny DeVito. It was only two weeks later that the couple moved in together and  married 9 years later, in 1982. The couple has three children together, but back in 2013 things seemed grim for them as they separated for a short time, but appear to be happy together again.  A close friend of the long term couple told People that "they love each other, always have and always will."

2 Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - 32 years

Sharon and Ozzy met through Sharon's father, Don Arden. Arden was the manager of Black Sabbath at the time and Sharon was only 17 years old when she first met Ozzy. A few years later Black Sabbath separated and he became a solo act, with Sharon becoming not only his manager but girlfriend as well. The two married on July 4, 1978 and have three children together. Ozzy has gone on record many times saying that he purposely married Sharon on US Independence Day so he would never forget their anniversary.

1 Johnny Cash And June Carter - 35 years


The film Walk the Line starring  Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix was based around the couple's relationship.  The country music couple first locked eyes while June was on tour with Elvis Presley. A few years later, in July 1956 Carter was tuning her guitar at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry when Cash turned to her and took her hand and said, "I've always wanted to meet you." The two married 12 years later, after years of courtship on March 1st, 1968 and had one child together. They became partners on stage and in life up until June's death in 2003, Cash died just four months after June passed away.


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