10 Most Successful Children of Billionaires

Some people are just born super wealthy. Children of billionaires roam around their countries in cars being chauffeured and driven for them, eat in the best and the most expensive restaurants, travel

Some people are just born super wealthy. Children of billionaires roam around their countries in cars being chauffeured and driven for them, eat in the best and the most expensive restaurants, travel to wherever they want to, and get educated only at the top educational institutions. So if you are wondering who the most successful children of billionaires are, prepare yourself to get envious and read below.

9 Anna Anisimova

For many people, Anna Anisimova is the Russian counterpart of the Hilton Hotels heiress, Paris Hilton. Much like Hilton, Anisimova also lives the life of an heiress, the only difference being their nationalities. She is a regular in New York City’s social scene. While she may be an aspiring actress, she graduated from the New York University. She wanted to make a name for herself in Hollywood, which is why she made the move to the Big Apple. She is currently married to Peter Schafer, who is a film producer. Anna Anisimova attracted the attention of the media and the public after listing her Manhattan apartment for the price of $50 million.

8 Sam Branson

Richard Branson, who has been ranked number 255 on Forbes’ lists, is known for being somewhat flamboyant. His son Sam, on the other hand, is a different story. Sam Branson is following a different path, as he wants to become a documentary film maker. He even trekked across the Arctic to find inspiration for his films. The Virgin heir graduated from Oxford’s St. Edwards, is a friend to Prince Harry, and is considered to be one of Britain’s most eligible and young bachelors. The 26-year old Sam Branson can be seen working hard to turn his film making dreams into a reality, and his recently set up production film is proof of this.

7 Dylan Lauren

Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren, could easily have made a name for herself in the industry of fashion. However, she opted to pursue a different path. She is now known as the owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar, an international confectionary chain. She was apparently inspired to take this path after reading the book (that has also been made into a movie) entitled Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This very successful business owner has even written a book called Unwrap Your Sweet Life.

7. Anastasia Potanina

Vladimir Potanin is a tycoon in the media and metals industry. He is the owner of the Russian counterparts of the Cosmopolitan Magazine, VH1, and MTV. Like many of the children of the most successful billionaires in the world, Vladimir’s own daughter has started to make a name for herself on her own. Anastasia Potanina, who is now 28 years old, has been penetrating the world of sports with her exceptional skiing and aqua biking skills. She has gotten so good in what she does that her father decided to have an indoor ski slope designed and built just for her, right at their Moscow home.

6 Vanisha Mittal

For those who do not know Vanisha Mittal, she is actually the daughter of the leading steel tycoon in the world, Lakshmi Mittal. She was watched by the whole world as she got married to Amit Bhatia, an investment banker. So why was her wedding day televised for the entire planet to see? Well, a probable reason may well be due to the fact that her father spent $60 million for her special day. While she may have been used to leading an affluent life, she is not known for her extravagant spending of her parent’s money. She uses her own, which she gets from taking on a number of crucial roles in the business that her father runs. She also makes smart investments on properties all around the world.

5 Georgina Bloomberg

Georgina Bloomberg’s father, Michael Bloomberg, is the 20th wealthiest person in the entire world and the New York City Mayor. However, Georgina does not have the same interests. So what is she passionate about? She dreams of becoming known as a professional equestrian. Aside from horseback riding, she also has two books (young adult novels) under her belt.

4 Isha Ambani

By the time that Isha Ambani, daughter of Mukesh Ambani who’s at the 19th spot of the Forbes’ list, was sixteen, she already had a net worth of about $80 million. Her father, who is the wealthiest of all men in India, placed shares in her name in his own company called the Reliance Industries. At her young age of 20, she is a student at a prestigious Ivy League school. Isha Ambani is also a music lover, being an impressive pianist.

3 David Ellison

David Ellison is the son of Larry Ellison, the CEO and the co-founder of the Oracle Corporation. While they may not have the same interests, they still have something similar: they both run their own show. David is continuously striving hard to turn his dreams of becoming a movie star into a reality, something that is evident with his establishment of a production company that he calls Skydance. The firm has supported a number of box office hits, including Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol as well as True Grit. Aside from this, David Ellison is also an aerobatic pilot.

2 Marta Ortega-Perez

A lot of people have been misled to believing that Marta Ortega-Perez is a super model. Yes, she definitely has the looks and the makes of one, but she is actually being groomed for something larger. Her father, who happens to be Amancio Ortega, is the founder of the international fashion firm called Inditex. The company owns and runs the extremely popular label Zara. However, unlike many of the other kids whose parents immediately transfer their roles over, Marta began with a bottom role. She used to deal in person with clients, having even stocked and refilled shelves.

1 Antoine Arnault

Antoine Arnault gets the number one spot on this list of the most successful children of billionaires. He is faithfully following the footsteps of his father, who happens to be the number 4 person on the Forbes’ list of wealthiest, Bernard Arnault. His current role is the Head of Communications for the extremely expensive and internationally acclaimed Louis Vuitton. Aside from being a very successful figure in the fashion industry, Antoine Arnault is also a professional poker player and a luxury yacht owner.

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10 Most Successful Children of Billionaires