10 Most Outrageous Backstage Demands of Rappers

When you hear hip-hop or rap songs, they always seem to revolve around having relations with the opposite sex, homophobia, or more importantly where a person comes from. Drake tells you he started from the bottom, and now he's where he is. Others talk about living in poverty in New York and Detroit and making their way up the ladder.

It's a great rags to riches story that we at The Richest think is fantastic of them to tell. They were able to make something of themselves and that is by no means an easy thing to accomplish.

However, it seems like some forget where they come from. It is amazing that people often talk about being at the bottom, yet when they reach the top level, put down the ones who are now below them. It seems sort of ironic at the end of the day.

Whether it is something they asked of another person or an action that was despicable, often times artists have gone to a level that makes you wonder about their character and sanity. It also makes you wonder if they have forgotten where they have come from.

There have been several outrageous demands made by hip-hop artists and rappers, we decided to count down the top ten most of all thus far. Maybe your favorite is needing a wake up call. Enjoy the list.

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10 LL Cool J Needs Baby Oil, Stat!

LL Cool J is one of the biggest stars in rap and hip-hop history and he has had quite a successful acting career as well. While Cool J is normally seen as a pretty cool guy, he is not beyond some really weird demands.

According to AskMen.com, LL Cool J once asked for 24 roses and a bottle of baby oil. Johnson & Johnson to be precise.

Cool J is also known for having a school lunch type of diet, with things like Spaghetti Tuesday and Beef Wednesday as well. I wonder how interesting it would be to be in Cool J's entourage. Despite these weird demands, I still find myself liking LL. The power he possesses. Don't forget the baby oil though, guys.

9 DMX Wants To Protect You

Rapper DMX is quite a name in the rap world and it should come as no surprise that success means girls will want to get in your pants. It's common knowledge by now that rappers have a hard time (don't take that out of context) dealing with the girls that come backstage, as many will want to have a kid just to say they had, say, DMX's kid. Then, of course, they are set for life.

DMX knows this, because he's no spring chicken to the game. According to Radaronline, DMX reportedly asked for enough condoms for a small army, three full boxes. And because he's a romantic, he wanted a bottle of Hennessey along with it. Preparation, people. Preparation.

Some say this isn't all that bad, but the fact that he demanded it as part of his wish list is actually quite comical.

8 Eminem Likes To Work Out, Drink Some Soda, And Eat

Eminem used to be kind of a jackass, but he's not a big one anymore, according to most who have dealt with him. Usually when you're behind the scenes and work for a television show or work on the road with a rapper, you're clearly going to get some requests for things they might want or need. We're assuming young Marshall was having a concert the day he asked for all of this according to The Smoking Gun:

-25 pound dumbbells-24-Diet Coke 16oz plastic bottles-12 Diet Coke 12oz cans-6 Verner ginger ale soda (or Schweppes)-48 Dasani, Poland Spring 12oz bottles "NO Evian"-1 Loaf white bread-1 Loaf wheat bread-6 Lunchables snacks (3 turkeys & 3 ham with cheese)-6 Cans Red Bull-16 Cans Sugar-Free Red Bull-Large fresh jumbo shrimps with cocktail sauce and plenty of lemons-1 Jar of banana pepper rings

If you noticed, no alcohol was present in his list of demands. We're proud of you, Em. For a guy who has admitted to being part of the party lifestyle for far too long, Eminem seemed good with the idea of working out, eating, and having some water and soda. However, this does seem a bit overboard.

7 Jay-Z Wants To Have The Club Without The Club

Jay-Z also makes it on the list with this really interesting request, but this time for some lighter material than before. He just wanted to have a "gentleman's club environment" according to Radaronline. On his tour with Justin Timberlake in the summer of 2014, he wanted a lot of interesting material.

One of the most memorable things was a full-time, on-call cigar roller as part of his entourage. You know, the necessities. Obviously he has to have this to properly deliver music on tour.

6 Kanye West Is One of THOSE Dads

Kanye West makes the list with this very weird over-parenting requests, at least this time he's not all about himself. He wants his daughter North West to get the best possible stuff while he can. So according to Radaronline, he asked for a great deal of, shall we say overboard material.

He wanted his child to have a special $8,000 bed in the green room. This is a big deal of course. Since she cares so much, she'll need a TV full of her favorite programs. On top of this, she will need a personal chef for her alone to prepare her favorite meals using only the finest organic ingredients.

This is what we call spoiling a child, people.

5 Rae Sremmurd Forgot No One Cares About Them That Much Yet

via hotnewhiphop.com

Rap duo Rae Sremmurd have begun to climb the rap world as of late and they do have a respectable following. However, Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy are by no means the level of a Jay-Z or any of the men listed above. However, they believed that a certain club should give them some of the most insane things you've ever heard.

Get a load of this.

According to Pagesix.com, a source told them that the duo asked for “a dozen or more of the most beautiful women in the establishment must be there to greet and accompany Rae Sremmurd and party to VIP section."

They also wanted the club to provide bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne, but they did say that it would be okay if they did not and would settle for some Dom Pérignon. They're givers, people.

They also want the club to be sure that when they bring out the alcohol, the girls must have their song, “Lit Like Bic” playing and have double sparklers.

They weren't sure if the club would have a restaurant, so they said if they do manage to have one that they would love to have seven to-go meals that must be fully prepared and approved by their road manager.

They clearly are living it up while they can.

4 Kanye West Loves Yogurt And Alcohol

via zimbio.com

Yeah, him again.

Kanye West is known for being a bit...out there at times. No one is saying he's crazy, but a man that often times calls himself God would be thrown into an insane asylum if he didn't have a lot of money and a music career. Get a load of some of the demands Kanye asked for a one point. According to The Smoking Gun, Kanye asked for:

-1 Tub Plain Yogurt for dipping-4 small Yoplait Yogurt-1 Bowl of assorted nuts-1 Bowl of Sunkist Salted Pistachio Nuts (No Red Coloring)-2 Packs of Extra Chewing Gum-1 Bottle of Hot Sauce (Tabasco, Caribbean Type)-1 Box of Toothpicks-1 750 ml bottle of Hennessey Liquor-1 750 ml bottle of SKY or Absolut Vodka-1 Bottle of Patron Silver Tequila-4 Six Packs of Heineken Beer

I would really like to know what the hot sauce was for. Wait, no, no I do not want to know what it's for.

3 Jay-Z Is A Bit High Maintenance

Look at that, Jay-Z also makes a second appearance.

Jay-Z is one of those types that we mentioned above who completely forgot where he came from and ironically asks for some of the most high maintenance stuff you could even think of. Get a load of what he has asked for according to The Smoking Gun:

-7 Dressing Rooms-Desired room temperature of 72 degrees-1 Love Seat-1 Large Couch-2 Matching End Tables-48 Cases of Fiji Water (24 cold/24 room temperature)-6 Cans of Coca-Cola-6 Cans of Red Bull-6 Bottles of Vitamin Water-1 Jar of good quality peanut butter-1 Jar of good quality grape jelly-1 Hot tea service for 4: hot water kettle, ceramic and disposable cups

I particularly love that he wanted the room temperature at exactly 72 degrees. Not 73 or 71, you monsters, but 72! He's not some sort of dog, people. If that wasn't enough, he has to have two matching end tables. The 7 dressing rooms are probably the best of them all, as Jay-Z will use every single one of these rooms.

Don't you understand a man needs a place to drink his tea away from the place he drinks his water? He also needs a sandwich room, because you know, good quality peanut butter and jelly is by no means something that should be around a can of red bull. This isn't the jungle.

2 Kanye West Is At It Again

via Rolling Stone

Is it really shocking Kanye is on the list three times? I mean think about it. He's known for having some crazy demands in the past, so we had to include them. However, these aren't so much demands than West becoming a bit too anal about things. According to the Daily Mail, Kanye demanded:

-Imported Versace towels on hand at all times.-Drivers wear clothes made from 100 percent cotton.-Dressing room carpet must be ironed by an assistant because it is “too bumpy.”

Now I don't want to say this is a bit too much, but seriously, Kanye? Seriously? The best one here is that the drivers have to wear 100% cotton. That will surely affect West. I can just imagine if it wasn't followed 100%- "Is this polyester? POLYESTER?!? I'm done with music!"

1 P. Diddy Doesn't Need To Come Home When He Brings It With Him

P. Diddy has gone by several names in his career as a hip-hop/rap star. He has had a lot of success in the world of music and no one can take that success away from him. He has been a good crossover star, where he's been able to make a lot of money. However, he does live up the lifestyle success brings to the table.

Diddy has always seemed to live it up, but this one might take the cake. Check out these demands he made according to radaronline:

-204 towels-20 bars of soap-two bottles of Hennessy cognac-two bottles of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio-two bottles of Veuve Clicquot-a bottle of Dom Perignon-Grey Goose vodka-a boom box-a bouquet of white flowers-cheddar cheese-sour-cream chips-Sweet Tarts-$300,000 bulletproof Maybach

While the good bit of alcohol may seem like a lot, for most of these guys, the alcohol is not all for the but also for friends and family that come on the road with them or attend events.

However, over 200 towels seems like a lot. In the midst of the alcohol, the boom box and sweet tarts seem a bit out of place. You never know whose tagging along I suppose. The big one however is the bulletproof Maybach. He apparently is in a world where people are going to shoot at him a lot.

Have times really gotten that bad, Diddy?

Sources: radaronline.com, pagesix.com, businessinsider.com

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