10 Most Illegitimate Reasons To Hate Justin Bieber

I am the only one on this planet saying so, but there is far too much hatred and negative emotion being thrown at the "Biebs" these days. I'm not a fan of his music by any means, but the amount of hat

I am the only one on this planet saying so, but there is far too much hatred and negative emotion being thrown at the "Biebs" these days. I'm not a fan of his music by any means, but the amount of hatred floating around the internet and in society in general, that is directed toward this one, confused, troubled, arrogant young man is just slightly ridiculous. Looking at, a site that allows users to vote for different lists, Justin Bieber is listed as the most hated person of all time. He outranks Adolf Hitler; the man responsible for World War II and the Holocaust, he outranks Osama Bin Laden, and even Judas, the man who betrayed Jesus Christ. This is obviously not an academic or objective site, but clearly there has been some voting, and of the thousands on that page, Bieber is worse than Hitler.

Killing millions of Jews and being a catalyst in starting the largest war in history is pretty bad, but writing some bad music, being a "pretty-boy", treating fans like garbage and having a generally arrogant demeanor is worse? This is starting to go overboard now, folks. It may be time to stop hating on this kid and realize that much like killing Obi Wan Kenobi, hating on Justin Bieber only seems to be making him stronger than we can possibly imagine.

While the whole "spitting on adoring fans" incident and a few other choice events throughout his career may warrant a "tsk tsk" or head shake, here are ten reasons for which people hate on Bieber that are ludicrous. After all, if you hate something, just try not to pay attention to it, because to paraphrase Gandhi; "spending time hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die". I think that was Gandhi... Might have been Bono, strange how I get those two mixed up. Note that there are still reasons to dislike him. His musical talent is questionable, his treatment of fans is below disrespectful and his criticism of other artists (such as The Beatles and Michael Jackson) has been unnecessary. However, plenty of people throw stupid reasons onto this pile of hate. I'm a reformed Bieber-hater myself, but I have realized that there is some poor logic that is being thrown around regarding the hatred of the young singer.

10 His Movies

I haven't seen Never Say Never or Believe, and I doubt I ever will. I'm not interested in learning more than I know about his life and work, and biopics on musicians in general are just not what draw my attention. However, people who say "he sold out" and such things because he has allowed two movies to be made about his life are, like many of his haters, grasping for reasons to hate the lad.

9 He Looks and Sounds Like a Girl

People have been hating on him since he was first discovered because apparently he looked like a female and sounded like one too. It's called puberty folks, and for much of their early years, many males have high pitched voices.

8 For Being A "Pretty Boy"

7 Women Love Him

6 His Choice Of Friends (Sports Teams/Athletes)

5 His Violent Streak

It's no secret that Bieber has had his share of violent incidents. Multiple fights with paparazzi and a run-in with his neighbor are just some of the most notorious. We are taught from early childhood that violence is wrong but that doesn't deter everyone. Justin Bieber is just another example of a young man, full of testosterone and money, who has gotten fed up a few times and taken some swings at people. While most of the incidents could have been avoided, no matter how thick-skinned someone is, imagine dealing with the constant harassment Bieber does. You'd want to hit people too.

4 His "Lack of Talent"

3 The Anne Frank Incident

Plenty of people had plenty to say after Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank House. Anne Frank is one of the most widely known victims of the Holocaust; a German-born Jewish girl who hid in the Netherlands with her family throughout much of World War II.

2 Because He's Not A Role Model

This one is a popular critique for parents to use of any celebrity who doesn't maintain a flawless public image at all times. Of course he's not a role model, he's a pop musician! Tom Brady isn't a role model either, nor is George Clooney. This is a criticism offered up by parents who want a scapegoat for their own kids' bad behavior. If a teen is going to take drugs, solicit hookers, piss in mop buckets and drive too fast, it will likely be because of parenting flaws rather than Justin Bieber doing it.

1 His Money

As it stands right now, Justin Bieber has enough money that, if invested and treated properly, his progeny will not have to work if they don't want to. I don't mean his kids, I mean his kids' grandchildren and so on. As I hinted at earlier, Justin Bieber is a marketable product and as such, he has made buckets of money; check that, wheelbarrows of money. If this is why you hate Justin Bieber, find other reasons, because this is the ultimate example of jealousy.


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10 Most Illegitimate Reasons To Hate Justin Bieber