10 Most Bizarre Celebrity Home Invasions

Bizarre Celebrity Home Invasion

The anger that comes with a home invasion is certainly justified, whether you're a celebrity or not. A burglary can also cause significant and warranted fear, particularly if the resident is in his/her home at the time of the break-in. It can take a while for victims of a home invasion to feel safe in their own houses again, which is completely unfair.

Unfortunately, being worth millions means being a target for thieves who are looking to steal valuable goods and use them to make a profit. Of course, when it comes to celebrities, some individuals simply want to take items from the homes of famous people to keep as "souvenirs." However, aside from the infamous Bling Ring, which everyone has likely heard of by now, there are some celebrity break-ins that are just downright strange. The criminals may show up with a costume of sorts, or plan their heists at a time when they know the celebrity will be home, hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite famous person. Some thieves even indulge in the amenities of the celebrity home, perhaps to get a feel for how it must be to live in luxury on a daily basis. Here are 10 celebrity break-ins that are pretty bizarre.

10 Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

The married pair of actors weren't robbed in their home, but burglars did steal items from their clothing store Belle Gray, in Sherman Oaks, California. A number of people suggested that the break-in was a publicity stunt, since the break-in happened right before their reality series debut, Harry Loves Lisa. Six days after the couple appeared on The Today Show to promote their reality show, their clothing store was burglarized again. A few months later, the couple was robbed again. It's pretty safe to say that the robberies weren't a stunt, since repeated robberies can be mentally draining and a complete nuisance to report at best.

9 50 Cent

Rapper, actor and producer 50 Cent, had a home break-in when he was likely out recording music, attending an awards show or engaging in a publicity interview. The man who broke into his home should be relieved that 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, wasn't there, since it could have turned into a violent situation. While the burglar was breaking in, the police walked into the home to arrest him. But, the thief managed to snatch a bottle of wine and hide in the closet to enjoy it. Not long after, he was carried away in a drunken stupor. Looks like the criminal was trying to live it up as much as possible before his inevitable arrest.

8 Jon Bon Jovi

The legendary rocker's home was broken into on April 2011, and the thief only wanted one thing. He was looking for jewelry, and he definitely found it. You'd think that thieves would be much more interested in stealing the musician's cool clothes and shoes, but it appears that Jon Bon Jovi has an affinity for diamond accessories. The burglar stole about $100,000 worth of jewelry from Bon Jovi's home in New Jersey. A little over a week later, police found the same jewel thief in the bathroom of Bon Jovi's neighbor. Apparently, the criminal had a plan to become rich off of celebrity jewelry.

7 Moby

6 Pamela Anderson

The forever Baywatch babe didn't notice right away that she was being robbed, which suggests that her house must be pretty huge. She started to notice that items were disappearing from her home, where she lived with her two sons. In an interview with The Independent, she stated she noticed that the bread in her kitchen was missing, and then she was unable to find her jean jacket. Anderson thought that her two pregnancies were taken a toll on her memory, and didn't suspect that an intruder was to blame for her missing belongings. It turns out that a woman had been staying in the guest room of Anderson's home. Once the case was cracked, the woman was deported out of the country.

5 Celine Dion

The French-Canadian songstress is just as well-known for her kind nature, as her powerhouse voice. Her home in Montreal must be particularly inviting, because an intruder decided that he would hang out there for a little bit while Dion wasn't home. The burglar helped himself to some pastries Dion had in the refrigerator, and even drew himself a bath. Once Celine Dion's security system alerted the police that there was an intruder in her home, the cops showed up to find the burglar just about to step into the bathtub. When he saw the officers, he casually asked, "Hey guys, what are you doing here?" Wow. Talk about creepy.

4 Justin Bieber

The Canadian crooner with an impressive head of hair is often welcomed by screaming fans who just want him to look in their direction. But sometimes, there are "fans" who want a little more. While Justin Bieber was staying at a hotel in Liverpool, two thieves stole maid uniforms and pretended to be hotel staff. They got into his room, and while pretending to clean tables and wash the windows, they took pictures on their phones of Bieber's belongings. So technically, they didn't steal anything but the pop star's privacy before they were kicked out of the hotel. Justin Bieber wisely decided to check out.

3 Nicolas Cage

2 Prince

Music superstar Prince, who brought us timeless classics like When Doves Cry and Purple Rain, was also the victim of a home invasion. The girl who trespassed onto his property was virtually unknown then, but she now has a music career of her own. In 2009, Kesha admitted that she crawled under a fence to get into Prince's house, so she could give him her demo tape. Surprisingly, she was able to actually get into the house before Prince's security guards noticed her and kicked her out. Obviously Kesha really respected Prince's opinion and was influenced by his music. Fortunately, there's no need for her to break into his home again.

1 Madonna

Madonna's Wiltshire, England home was broken into a few years ago, when she was married to film director Guy Ritchie. The intruder came into the house and proceeded to try on some of Ritchie's clothes. The home invader also managed to trip the home security system, and when police officers showed up, they didn't arrest him because they couldn't find him. He was hiding in a cupboard. Interestingly enough, the thief didn't leave the house with much. Apparently he just wanted to spend some time in expensive clothing, because all he stole from Madonna's home was a can of Red Bull, which is available at most grocery and convenience stores.

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