10 Lavish Celebrity Homes With The Wildest Rooms

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, there is so much to be envious about; the free stuff (even though they make enough money to buy the things they get for free), being treated like a god, the finest of food, and oh yes, the gigantic estates. Although most people may agree that some of the homes these celebrities buy are unnecessary and a waste of money, they have to admit that some of the perks that come with these homes are enviable and very necessary. Legendary country singer Kenny Rogers had a Roman spa built into his home (don’t say you are not jealous), Avicii has an elaborate wrap around pool that circles his huge property; even the most modest of men like Ron Howard, has splurged and built himself a domed observatory with a professional grade telescope to keep himself occupied. One could say that the reason why these celebs build their homes with so many amenities is so they do not have to go outside and endure the harassment from the paparazzi and the yelling from their fans. Then again, some would say it is because they have an excess of wealth and have no idea what to do with it if they are not buying extravagant gifts or in this case, adding room after room to their already luxurious homes in the richest neighborhoods. At the risk of jealousy creeping up on you, take a look at this list of celebrities who have some of the most unnecessary, coolest amenities in their million dollar homes.

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10 Neil Patrick Harris - Room: Magic Man Cave


9 Michael Jordan - Room: Basketball Court


What else would a multi-millionaire basketball player have in his home besides a regulation, customized basketball court? Not only is Jordan’s house reportedly the most expensive home in Chicago, Illinois, it is also located in the elite neighborhood of Highland Park. The estate boasts some other great amenities like a chef certified kitchen, an envious amount of land around the estate and it is reportedly valued at $21 million. The home is now on the market and if you are a fan of #23, then you won’t be disappointed if you can scrape up $21 million to live in his luxurious reality.

8 LeBron James - Room: Screening Room


It is no secret that basketball player LeBron James loves movies; he has made cameos in a few, including this summer’s upcoming comedy Trainwreck, with Amy Schumer and Bill Hader. So it should be no surprise that he invested in a customized movie theatre in his Miami mansion. This theater is the classy way of watching films; forget the crowded, cloth seats us common folks are used to; only the best for James’ family and friends. Leather seats, food trays, surround sound, cup holders and dimmed lights are just some of the perks of this theater. Plus the ceiling trim is a beautiful dark wood and all movie buffs know that the theater atmosphere is just as important as the film itself.

7 Catherine Denevue - Room: Moat


This wealthy French actress is no stranger to the high life and while technically this is not a room per se, it is definitely worth mentioning because come on, let’s be honest, who do you know that has a moat surrounding their house? It is stunning; Deneuve’s 18th century chateau is a mere 47 miles outside of Paris and has one of the most beautiful landscapes. It looks like a beautiful grey stone and white castle and it literally sits on a body of water. It went on the market in late 2014, for an affordable $3.2 million. The moat is not the only exciting thing about this property though, as it also has 44 acres of land for one to gallivant on, and Deneuve has done modern updates like a swimming pool and a “relaxation room”.

6 Jennifer Lopez - Room: Putting Green


Did anyone else know what a fan of golf Jennifer Lopez was? Apparently she is a lover of the game, enough to have her own putting green. Why is this so cool you ask? Well first, this green is in Lopez’s penthouse located conveniently on the rooftop and second, it is Jennifer Lopez and it is always interesting to find out what her interests are. Is it normal to install a putting green on a penthouse rooftop? That has to be elite, not to mention exciting. The $22 million Manhattan home is just a place to relax for Lopez, considering she has several other places she can call home.

5 Lady Gaga - Room: Bowling Alley


Okay, so Lady Gaga has a bowling alley in her $23 million Malibu mansion, and apparently it is used to solely practice her bowling skills. There are two things that are curious about this; one would not look at Lady Gaga and assume she is into bowling, and one would not look at Lady Gaga and assume she loved bowling enough to have a lane occupy a permanent space in her home. Gaga’s mansion also boasts a bocce ball court (because that is common) and a horse stable; so it looks like she has a lot to keep her busy during her down time.

4 Drake - Room: Equestrian Ring


3 Jay Z & Beyonce - Room: Candy Store


We can safely assume that this candy “store” in Beyonce and Jay Z’s $85 million Beverly Hills mansion is for Blue Ivy. Apparently in true Bae and Jay fashion, they will not confirm that they have a candy store in their home but let’s face it, it would not be unrealistic to believe; especially considering how rich the two of them are individually and combined. The superstar couple has never shied away from living the extravagant life and what else would you do with all your money besides spoiling your only child? Love can only spoil one so much though, eventually the physical aspect will take flight. Plus who can say no to candy?

2 Kim Kardashian West & Kanye West - Room: Vineyard


1 Celine Dion - Room: Water park


Celine Dion has slayed everyone on this list. Yes, a vineyard is cool; one cannot go wrong with a movie theater or horses, oh and how can you say no to a relaxing game of golf right in your own home? Unfortunately, nothing beats a water park. Dion’s Jupiter Island, Florida home has a complete water park with insane water slides and a lazy pool, and three separate pools if you think you are too cool to swim with anyone else. Unfortunately for Dion’s kids, she is over this house and has placed it on the market for a mere $62.5 million.

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