10 Jaw Dropping Homes Of The Most Powerful Celebrities

Celebrities are known for splashing out on extravagant houses, mansions, and estates that are often as large as their bank accounts. With lavish taste and a big budget, celebrities employ the best tea

Celebrities are known for splashing out on extravagant houses, mansions, and estates that are often as large as their bank accounts. With lavish taste and a big budget, celebrities employ the best teams and go on the ultimate shopping trip to choose the perfect estate to call home. Often the luxury doesn't stop when it comes to celebrities' homes but continues on outside into the yard and the surrounding estate. Celebrities often expand their personal tastes onto their estate. Whether it's incorporating 600 rose bushes like Oprah Winfrey on her Beverly Hills estate, or Taylor Swift's pool shaped like a bra in her Rhode Island beach front mansion, celebrities love their backyards to be as lavish as the house that's sitting on top of them.

These celebrities have spent big bucks trying to acquire their dream homes and estates with the latest, coolest features. From Taylor Swift's wine cooler in her kitchen to Jennifer Aniston's vineyard backyards, celebrities crave the most fashionable homes with unique attributes, from personal movie theaters to koi ponds like Ryan Seacrest's Coldwater Canyon Compound. From pop singers to Hollywood power players like Seacrest and Oprah, these celebrities are making moves in their personal lives, business, and real estate. With so much time on the road and working, these celebrities make their homes their havens, a place to get away from the rest of the world with added personal touches that make them feel at home. These celebrities have put major time and money as well as effort into tracking down and finding their ideal havens and homes that fit their own unique personal and lavish tastes.

Find out what celebrities live where and what real estate purchases they have indulged in with this exclusive list of the 10 Homes Of The Most Powerful Celebrities and see where the rich and powerful call home.

10 Homes Of The Most Powerful Celebrities

10 Justin Bieber - $6.5 Million

Justin Bieber has made a name for himself since busting on to the scene as a stand out young YouTube sensation. This wonder kid turned pop star has gone on to find major success in the music industry. Bieber has not only matured as a singer but as an adult, making purchases in real estate, including his Calabasas, California mansion.

This Estates Of The Oaks Mansion boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms Hacienda style house for $6.5 million in 2012. This sprawling home in the heart of the suburbs of Los Angeles resides behind two gates for extra security. Justin's mansion has a private home theater, a high ceiling living room, a stunning outdoor pool and hot tub, outdoor dining room next to the pool, huge kitchen with marble floors and counters, and an outdoor fireplace.

9 Jennifer Lopez - $10 Million

In addition to being a best selling artist and former American Idol judge, and a mother, Jennifer Lopez owns 2 homes in Glen Head, New York, and California. The popular singer and actress made headlines for purchasing her Hamptons Estate in Water Mill New York for $10 million. Ranked at number 12 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, Jennifer Lopez bought the 3 acre estate and with good reason! The 8,500 square foot property plays host to a pool, pool house, 8 bed rooms, a theater, sauna, steam room, and covered porches. Not bad for a girl from the block.

8 Katy Perry - $11.5 Million 

Katy Perry is ranked 18 in the Forbes Celebrity 100. The beautiful and funky pop star singer of "I Kissed A Girl" and "Roar" had purchased a 2011 home with her ex husband comedian and actor Russell Brand but sold the Hollywood Hills abode for $6.5 million. The pop songstress is known for her playfulness, fun songs and colorful shows. In May the singer put down $11.5 million for the purchase of a two properties in the Hollywood Hills. The estates combined feature 2 swimming pools, 2 guest houses, and 4 acres.

Perry has set about renovating the combined estates which feature a Spanish style older home in addition to a $7.2 million modern mid-20th century home. The 20th century abode features windows that reach from floor to ceiling, an open floor plan, a modern angled roof, and a seamless integration from the indoors to the outdoors. The new house features a eat in bar, a lush backyard with outdoor dining, high ceilings and his and her sinks with cool grey counters, and is secluded with verdant trees and a reflective, rectangular pool.

7 Rihanna - $12 Million

Beautiful and successful pop star Rihanna is no stranger to real estate. The pop diva is 13 on the Forbes Celebrity 100. Rihanna snapped up an 11,000 square foot mansion in the Pacific Palisades in December for $12 million. The mansion came with 7 bed rooms and 9 baths.

The mansion also has tricked out game rooms and media rooms, and 6,000 square foot garden with an outdoor barbecue area for entertaining. This gorgeous estate also boasts a geometric drive way, a sun deck, infinity pool, and smart home technology that controls everything from sound to temperature, fireplaces, and security.

6 Taylor Swift - $17 Million

Taylor Swift has risen from her country pop roots to become a pop super star in her own right. Ranked sixth on the Forbes Celebrity 100, Swift has accumulated quite a bit of cash to go with her stardom, and she's splashed out some of that cash on beautiful houses in multiple cities. Swift made headlines for purchasing a quaint sea side home on Cape Cod near the vacation house of the Kennedy's, her boyfriend's family in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. Swift ended up selling the house for $5.7 million, nearly a million more than the $4.8 million the singer paid for it.

Taylor has since swooped up cribs in both the home of country music, Nashville, as well as Los Angeles. The songwriter and singer purchased a 2800 foot Cape Cod style home in Beverly Hills for $4 million in 2012. Taylor has also purchased a penthouse condo in Nashville, the town she went to in order to be discovered, as well as a beautiful Northumberland Estate for her parents. A Tudor style home for her parents was been placed on the market for just under $1.5 million. The house boasted four bedrooms and four and a half baths and covered just under 5,000 square feet.

Swift also bought an Oceanfront Mansion in the town of Watch Hill, Rhode Island in 2013 for an estimated $17 million. This Cape Cod type beach house covered five acres of land as well as 700 feet of beach front and 11,000 square feet. It's historic, built in 1930 and designed by an eminent Philadelphia architect. It overlooks the ocean and has an impressive eight bedrooms, 10.5 baths, and eight fireplaces. In addition, the mansion boasts a five car heated garage, a pool shaped like a bra, balconies, a 36 foot long parlor, a 45 foot long sun room, a family room, recreation room, and a massive kitchen outfitted with a Sub Zero refrigerator, warming drawers, a wine cooler, and an octagonal dining room with China cabinets.

5 Jennifer Aniston - $21 Million

Jennifer Aniston has bought and sold her share of properties. The former Friends actress and current successful movie star of films such as "Horrible Bosses" and "The Millers" is ranked number 64 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. The A list actress sold her Ohana estate in Beverly Hills for a cool $35 million in 2011. Aniston picked up a Bel Air estate in Los Angeles for $21 million, designed by A. Quincy Jones.

This Midcentury Modern home covers a splendid 8,500 square feet and features lush vineyards. Aniston is rumored to have put $6 million into renovating the estate, which boasts a beautiful rectangle swimming pool surrounded by a wooden deck, as well as a private gym and library. The house comes complete with a landscaped garden backyard and balconies attached to the rooms, as well as a guest house for visiting friends.

4 Ellen DeGeneres - $26.5 Million

Ellen is well known for buying and selling real estate with her wife Portia. The talk show host sold her former home to mogul Ryan Seacrest and hasn't stopped there. The number 10 on Forbes 100 bought her Tuscan style villa in Santa Barbara California for $26.5 million. They also bought another Beverly Hills house in May, a Hal Levitt designed Midcentury Modern. They listed a condo in Beverly Hills in 2013 for just under a million and bought a 13 acre estate in Santa Barbara for $26.5 million. They also own a ranch estate in Hidden Valley, CA.

Ellen and Portia's $26,5 million Santa Barbara estate is a Tuscany Villa with a verdant outdoor area to relax and enjoy the day in, accented with beautiful flowers and plants. Stone pillars and bright succulents grace the garden, while a rustic outdoor table and chairs is the perfect area to be seated to lunch, shaded by the branches of the gnarled tree branches hanging overhead. The interior design is both clean and rustic, a funky meld of different textures and visual design, from stone interior walls to sleek grey marble counters in a sprawling kitchen. Trees and plants overlook the hills of California for a majestic exterior view.

3 Madonna - $32.5 Million

Madonna is ranked #5 on Forbes' Celebrity 100. She has a French Style country estate in Beverly Hills California that has a list price of $25 million that she put up for sale that covers 1.25 acres and 17,000 square feet with nine bedrooms, a two story dining room, a gym, and a resort style pool as well as multiple offices. She also sold her duplex in Manhattan's Harperly Hall building for a whopping 16 million price tag, down from the $23.5 million original asking price.

The ageless pop star is currently living in a Georgian triple wide townhouse she purchased for $32.5 million in 2009 on Manhattan's Upper East Side. This beautiful town house has a gorgeously interior that fills the 57-foot width home! It has a 3,000 square foot garden outside bordered by trees and roses and has a paneled dining room that branches off the terrace, a drawing room with south windows to overlook the garden, a library, 13 bedrooms, 9 fireplaces, an elevator, a Georgian staircase, and a future roof top garden.

2 Ryan Seacrest - $37 Million

Ryan Seacrest has risen high from his humble beginnings as co-host of the popular television singing competition "American Idol". Now sole host and producer of the show in addition to reality television show ratings monster "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", Ryan Seacrest is rich and a huge power player in Hollywood, placing at 26 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 List. He also dabbles in real estate, selling his Hollywood Hills Mediterranean previously owned by Kevin Costner, for a solid $11 million.

The producer, radio host, and tv personality purchased fellow tv personality Ellen DeGeneres' Beverly Hills home in 2012. This gated Coldwater Canyon Compound sold for $37 million. It boasts 5,000 square feet for living, a gate, three guest houses, a swimming pool, and koi ponds!

1 Oprah - $52 Million

Named the second most powerful celebrity by Forbes, the mega media mogul and lifestyle guru has a net worth of $2.7 billion and a real estate portfolio to match. She has property in her home studio city of Chicago and stays at her 15,000 square foot duplex at the Water Tower Place, located on Chicago's Michigan Avenue.

Oprah has also owned her gorgeous Kula, Hawaii farm house and farm acres since 2002. Renovated by Elisa Cullman to reflect contemporary farm house style, this beautiful estate is also fertile, providing organic produce for Oprah to cook with. She also purchased additional property in Hawaii, buying 63 acres of land near Hamoa Beach in Maui.

Oprah also owns a luxe Antigua vacation home right on the shore, a Lavallette, New Jersey shore home, a Telluride, Colorado ski villa, and a house in Douglasville, Georgia. But the talk show host and channel owner hasn't stopped there.

Bought for $52 million in 2001 in Montecito, California, Oprah named her estate "The Promised Land". This estate has a remarkable current market value of $88 million. The billionaire 23,000 square foot Georgian style mansion covers more than 40 acres, has a tea house, and more than 600 rose bushes. Her gardener spent an amazing five years cultivating the breed of rose for the sweeping gardens, an entirely new hybrid species. Oprah is known for going to the tea house, saying it's the one place where she can get away from it all.

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