10 Insane Pics From The Rich Kids Of Instagram

With its snapshots and endless editing possibilities, Instagram tends to be the place where people create carefully curated social media identities. Sure, some people might just share quick snapshots that they take without much thought. However, the majority of Instagram users are fairly particular about what they post, and everything from the perfect selfie (achieved after taking 43 other selfies that weren’t quite as perfect) to the perfect meal is posted with consideration.

The Real Kids of Instagram takes things to a whole new level, making many raise their eyebrows about whether the account has a purpose aside from mere bragging. Even the gilded golden frames around each photo are conscious nods to luxury and extravagance. According to one of the young millionaires, Andrew Warren, the account is just like anyone else’s – as Warren says, “I don’t think I should be judged for posting a photo like eating caviar at Claridge’s in London while it’s okay for someone to post a picture at McDonald’s.” True, yet when an entire Instagram account seems designed solely to share the most outrageous and extravagant images possible, it’ll catch the attention of the public – for better or for worse.

From private jets to expensive Champagne to, quite literally, stacks of money, the photos shared on the Rich Kids of Instagram’s account are absolutely insane. Whether you love them or hate them, the Rich Kids of Instagram post some pretty crazy photos – and here are 10 of the craziest.

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10 Night On The Town


When they go out for a night on the town, the average individual might choose to snap a shot of their cocktail for Instagram, or grab a group selfie of their friends as they’re enjoying one another’s company. Not the Rich Kids of Instagram. For them, it’s all about the money, and they’re going straight to the most brag-worthy part of the experience, in their opinion – how much money they spent. This shot captures a bar tab over 168,0000 British pounds that includes only the most top shelf liquors, with a particular affinity for Champagne. Don’t worry, though – the soda water is complimentary, in case you were worrying. Like it would have made a difference.

9 All Vuitton Everything


A designer handbag or luggage is something that many individuals, if that’s important to them, save up for quite awhile to attain. Even one expensive bag can cost thousands, so the average person has perhaps one or two, unless they’re a celebrity, dedicated fashionista, or Rich Kid. In this shot, the Rich Kids are presumably setting off for a bit of boating, a typical affluent pastime. They’ve tossed their bags on board. Boring, right? Well, the shot becomes a lot more insane when you realize that every single piece of luggage aboard is Louis Vuitton. It looks like someone bought out a whole Vuitton boutique.

8 Riding With Da Vinci


When you’re heading out to spend a few days at your family cabin, you might bring along a few creature comforts to vacation in style – a nice throw pillow to accentuate the décor, perhaps a poster or inexpensive print to spruce up the walls. The Rich Kids of Instagram had a similar idea, but instead of bringing a rolled up rock poster, they tossed a da Vinci painting in the back seat to take out to the Hamptons. Of course, you can’t exactly verify from a picture of the portrait is actually real – there are many reproductions of famous artists’ masterpieces. However, whether it’s real or not, the hashtag #LeonardoInTheRari (referring to the Ferrari he’s riding in) is pretty crazy.

7 Barney's Shopping Binge


What can you buy with $47,875.25? The options are pretty endless. You could buy a really nice car, or even two more sensible cars. You could put a modest down payment on a house. You could fly you and your family on a luxurious trip, complete with hotels and spending money, and still have tons left over to put in your savings. If you’re a Rich Kid of Instagram, however, you just buy one really, really extravagant shopping trip. That’s right – this photo shows a cheque written at Barney’s, meaning that someone spent that much on clothing and accessories, including 10,000 on cosmetics. That’s a whole new level of shopping spree.

6 Diamonds and Dogs


An Instagram shot of a gorgeous diamond ring? That’s child’s play. If you’re a Rich Kid of Instagram, you don’t share photos of a one carat diamond ring. You share a photo of 600 carats, packaged in a bag and held casually as if the bag’s contents weren’t worth exorbitant amounts of money. Again, there’s no guarantee those aren’t just cubic zirconias, but still – the mere possibility that they might be actual diamonds, in that amount, is astounding. Of course, in the background is a purebred puppy – can’t go shopping for bling alone!

5 Golden Calculator


When you’re a Rich Kid of Instagram, it can get very tiring counting how much money you have. What do you use when you need to budget how much money you have for a night on the town (hint – if you’re a Rich Kid, anything under $50,000 and you may as well just stay home). Well, don’t even think about using the calculator on your cell phone when you could be counting your cash with a gold-plated, diamond encrusted calculator. The one captured in the picture was a gift from a Rich Kid’s father, brought all the way from Burma. From the precious metal and gems to the ornate shape, can you say #overthetop?

4 Black Amex


When you’re a Rich Kid of Instagram, you need to sneak in as many references to your wealth as possible. Case in point – this picture. First of all, the shot captures two black American Express cards, one of the most exclusive charge cards you can have. They’re invitation only, and generally only held by individuals who are spending at least a million a year. However, if you look closely, behind the carefully boxed cards is a Porsche logo. Driving in your Porsche to go max out your black card? That’s just an average afternoon, right? Well, it is if you’re a Rich Kid of Instagram.

3 Why Use One Bentley When You Can Use Two?


Wondering how to convey opulence and fun-loving time with friends in a photograph? It’s easy - this shot from Rich Kids of Instagram is practically a step by step guide. Step one – find a huge, luxurious building to have in the background. Anything under 5,000 square feet is just wasting your time. Step two – find a group of your friends, all tanned and groomed to perfection – regular trips to the most exclusive salons are needed. Step three – get a Bentley. Step four – wait, you’re rich – get two Bentleys. Step five – drape your friends over your Bentleys and take the picture. Preferably with a diamond encrusted phone.

2 Weighing Your Watches


The Rich Kids of Instagram account is very much about numbers – how staggeringly large your bar tab is, how many Louis Vuitton bags you have, how much money you spent on a shopping spree, etc. This photo is no different. One of the Rich Kids captures his watch collection, but he’s not content to merely take a photo of his watches. He needs to weigh them out, showing exactly how many grams of finely wrought precious metal watches he owns. The answer? Just under 1,500 grams, and a need to buy a scale in preparation for the next watch, which will tip the collection over the scale’s limit of 1,500 grams.

1 Champagne Cleaning


Champagne, bubbly, champs, whatever you want to call it, for many people it’s a luxurious drink used for celebrations and special nights out. For a Rich Kid of Instagram, if it’s not the most expensive brand of Champagne, you may as well not even drink it. In fact, why not just use it to clean out the sink? This photo captures a Rich Kid pouring Champagne down the sink, captioned ‘cleaning the bathroom.’ Don’t worry – the maid will get the rest in the morning. Now, go out and buy a more expensive bottle. What were you thinking, buying such cheap swill?

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