10 Heirs Set For Life

There is no better luck than that of one born equipped with a silver spoon. The phrase silver spoon here means, “Never needing to work a day in your life, because someone who is now dead, worked their tail off and left you everything.” Indeed, no one is more thankful for the inability to transfer net worth to the afterlife, than those originating from prosperous backgrounds and benefactors to an abundant estate. All of the people on this list are winners of what we like to call the “birth/inheritance lottery.” Those who made the cut are financially set for life, and now have the opportunity to luxuriate in opulence for the rest of their days, thanks to a very wealthy relative that has passed away. The chances for success and achievement are infinitely increased when born into such affluence; with silver spoons and silver cups that runneth over with endless opportunity. The following are 10 of the luckiest heirs in the world.

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10 Matilda Ledger - $16 million

9 Bobbi Kristina Brown – $20 million

The only daughter of superstar vocalist Whitney Houston, is the sole heir to her $20 million estate. The now 21 year-old, received her first $2 million installment just one year after marrying her ‘adoptive brother’, Nick Gordan, who was taken in and raised by Whitney when he was 9. Bobbi Kristina has spent her tumultuous teens in the tabloids, from drug and alcohol abuse, to physical altercations with her mother. According to Whitney’s will, her daughter is to inherit another $4 million at the age of 25 and the rest of the estate at age 30. Bobbi Kristina was 18 when her mother passed away in 2012.

8 Rita Marley and Bob Marley’s 9 Children – $130 million

At the time of Bob Marley’s passing in 1981, at the untimely age of 36, he did not prepare a will for his then $30 million estate. By law however, His widow is entitled to 10% of his estate (including an interest percentage of the remaining amount held in trust) and his 9 children- most with different mothers- are entitled to an equal share of 50% of the estate, while the remaining 40% is held in a trust. Today, the legend’s estate is worth an estimated $130 million, leaving his heirs with a collective $78,000,000.

7 Lisa Marie Presley – $300 million

The only daughter of the late Elvis Presley, inherited the King of Rock & Roll’s entire estate after her 25th birthday. Today, the estate is worth an estimated $300 million, thanks in large part to her mother Priscilla Presley, former wife and executor of Elvis’s estate, who founded Elvis Presley Enterprises after his death. As a result, Priscilla Presley herself is now worth an estimated $100 million. Lisa Marie Presley owns 100% of the tourist attraction Graceland; former home to Elvis, as well as all of her father’s personal belongings

6 Yoko Ono -$800 million

Had Yoko Ono not inherited the $800 million estate of her late legendary husband, John Lennon she’d still have benefited from a lavish lifestyle of her own, thanks to the family of Japanese aristocrats that she originated from. Yoko Ono is the descendant to billionaire, Zenjiro Yasuda founder of the Yasuda Bank. After John Lennon’s assassination in 1980, his widow, Yoko Ono was named the sole executor and beneficiary to his estate. It wasn't until 16 years after the death of his father that Yoko Ono’s step son, Julian Lennon finally received an undisclosed substantial sum from his late father’s estate.

5 Katherine Jackson and the Jackson Kids - $1 billion

Michael Joseph Jr., Paris and Blanket were all minors at the time of their father’s passing in 2009. In his will, Michael Jackson appointed his mother guardianship of his kids; as well as 40% of the Michael Jackson Family Trust until her passing. Upon passing, her share will then be inherited by the children, in addition to the 40% Michael initially designated to be divided among all three. The remaining 20% will go to charity. Until the age of 30 however, the children receive a monthly allowance of $70,000. The King of pop was known to have amassed a mammoth amount of debt before his passing, around the tune of $500 million. His estate has since exploded out of the red and into 10 figures, at an estimated $1 billion.

4 Leona Helmsely – $8 billion

Known as a shrewd and ruthless business woman, Leona Helmsely was the widow of billionaire real estate developer Harry Helmsley. After his passing in 1997, she inherited his $5.5 billion net worth. After her own passing in 2007 from heart failure, Leona left much of her fortune in a trust and instructed that $12 million be used to look after her beloved Maltese dog, Trouble. Two out of her four grandchildren received nothing, while the other two received a total of $10 million each, contingent upon them visiting their father’s grave site once a year.

3 Mars Siblings – $60 billion

The Mars siblings Jaqueline, Forrest Jr., and John inherited control over the family business upon their father’s passing in 1999. Founded by grandfather Franklin C. Mars in 1911, Mars Inc. has grown into the largest candy company in the world. All three of the siblings own equal shares of the company worth $20 billion each. Their inheritance and individual net worth has earned them each spots on Forbes list’s as three of the richest people in the entire world.

2 Christy Walton – $40 billion

1 Walton Siblings- $ 135 billion

Brothers, James and Sam Walton founded the retail giant Walmart in 1962. James Walton married but had no children. Sam Walton’s four children Jim, John, Alice and Robson, became heirs to the Walton Fortune when their father passed away in 1992. Collectively, they have a staggering net worth of over $135 billion, at roughly $30 billion each. The Walton family is among the 1% of wealthiest families in the world.

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