10 Celebs Who Turned Their Lovers Into Superstars

It’s always beneficial when someone gets into a relationship with another famous person. For example, if an A-list actor shows interest in you and romance ends up going somewhere, just know that his or her fame and public status in the industry can open so many doors for you. We’ve seen it time and time again with so many Hollywood stars, who may not have been as successful until they started dating the people that they did, which inevitably turned them into superstars. If one is already somewhat established, they still have so much to gain from a relationship with another famous celebrity, which allows them to publicize off the relationship and start a brand of her their own. While some of the people listed below already had somewhat of a buzz in regards to their career, their stardom didn’t take off until they began dating a fellow celebrity. See below for the list of 10 celebrities who turned their lovers into superstars

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10 Chris Brown, Rihanna

Both of them ended up coming up in the music industry right around the same time, but it is believed that Chris Brown’s massive following in the U.S helped Rihanna’s popularity grow immensely. This could somewhat be true seeing that the Bajan songstress saw a drastic increase in sales from 2006 and onwards — the same time she began dating Chris. It just so happens that Rihanna is more or less the bigger star now that the couple has split and moved on from one another. RiRi was named one of the best-selling artists of the last decade.

9 Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber most definitely contributed to the success of Selena Gomez’s career, which evidently helped her land a huge deal with Interscope. The former Disney starlet ended up signing to Hollywood Records after deciding to part ways from her popular show, Wizards of Waverley Place. The music was doing so-so, but it really took off for her when she made it known that she and Justin were officially an item. Gomez began working on her follow-up album, which was a worldwide hit, and pretty much helped her become the successful musician she is today. Justin also happens to be the person she writes a lot of her songs about, so that helps.

8 Ray J, Kim Kardashian


While it’s still unclear who actually wanted to tape their love sessions to begin with, Ray J has played a huge part in Kim Kardashian’s career, making her a superstar in her own right. There’s a sense of irony in Kim being a superstar, titled right after the name of her infamous sex tape. Regardless of how famous she is, Kardashian has made millions in revenue from selling her ‘fab’ clothing collections all around the world, and it’s fair to say that if it wasn’t for Ray J’s input, there would be no Kardashian fame.

7 Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato


Joe Jonas was certainly on top of the world in the late ‘00s as him and his two brothers toured around the world as the Jonas Brothers. They had their own TV show, albums that were selling like crazy, and they had all the attention they could’ve asked for. Joe would eventually go on to date Demi Lovato, and all that we knew of her at the time was that she used to be on Barney. But that quickly changed, as the twosome eventually announced their relationship, and POOF!, Demi had her own show on the Disney Channel, she starred in two original movies on the network, and even signed a record deal of her own. Wow.

6 David Beckham, Victoria

Victoria Beckham wasn’t really a memorable singer in the music industry, let alone in the Spice Girls. With reports having claimed at the time that Posh Spice was a less than average singer, it is quite incredible how things ended up turning out for this British-beauty. Victoria went on to date soccer player David Beckham, who had so many connections in the entertainment field, that after they married, David had hooked Victoria up to some fashion designers. They eventually convinced Victoria to start a fashion empire, which is now worth billions.

5 Will Smith, Jada

It was impossible to see a movie or watch television without seeing the face of Will Smith in the ‘90s. When the actor finally decided to slow things down a little, he decided that finding the right woman seemed to be the perfect timing for him. And at that time when he (and married) Jada Pinkett, the Hollywood star wasn’t that established in the industry just yet. It is fair to say that after marrying an A-list celeb, Jada started landing all types of roles, including a recurring role in the Matrix franchise.

4 William and Kate

Prince William really upgraded Kate Middleton’s fame and fortune, turning her into a superstar in her own right. And yes, Kate comes from a wealthy background, but nobody really cared to know who she was or what she did before she started seeing William. That is until they announced their reconciliation, their engagement, and then… their wedding. Since then, Kate has birthed two children, and people just can’t seem to stop talking about her; from what she wears to what beverage she drinks in the morning. It’s gotten out of hand.

3 Beyonce, Jay-Z

Beyonce was an established singer before she met Jay-Z, thanks to her partake in the successful girl group that was Destiny’s Child. But her solo career took off even better, and a lot of people would like to think that it was solely down to Jay’s help. Jay, real name Sean Carter, was very instrumental in Beyonce’s solo career — from picking the right songs, the matching lyrics, to wardrobe, stage presence and image. In comparisons to Kelly Rowland, who, unfortunately, has not even sold one quarter of Bey’s worldwide album sales during her solo run, Jay-Z’s influence on Beyonce really helped.

2 Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was making moves all around Hollywood. She was starring in movies, penning massive hits, recording platinum-selling albums, modelling for all kinds of campaigns. And then there was Ben Affleck, whose career at the time wasn’t as great — at least not in comparison to what Jennifer was experiencing. After the couple decided to become engaged, the media was so invested into the lives of these two, which eventually helped Ben’s career because studio productions looked at it as free publicity for their movies. It helped him land a couple of movie roles; some of which have grossed over $100 million at the box office. 

1 Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake

When Britney Spears started dating Justin Timberlake, she already had three albums out, which had sold over 60 million copies worldwide at the time. Justin, on the other hand, not so much. Them being together was definitely good for the tabloids, who constantly reported everything the twosome were doing, right up until they decided to split. It was believed that Britney cheated, which led to the ‘Cry Me A River’ record that was featured on Justin’s debut album, helping him boost sales for the record by more than 4 million copies.

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