10 Celebs Who Obnoxiously Flash Their Riches On Social Media

If being photographed wearing the most expensive designer clothes in the world wasn’t enough, these celebrities make sure they continue to have their fans envy them by obnoxiously flashing their fortune on social media. Times have changed; gone are the days where celebs could simply focus on their profession without having to share photos with the world on what they have had for dinner or what they plan on wearing for an upcoming award show. It has gotten to the point where everything needs to be shared online, no matter how ridiculous it may be. And while sharing your lunch on social networking sites such as Instagram is already bad enough, these celebrities are taking their own approach to always keep their fans in the know — by showing off just how much cash they have to waste. From a collection of custom-made cars to flying out the country on a private jet, or even renting out a multi-million dollar yacht for the family, the celebs we have gathered in this list take social media sharing to the next level.

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10 The Kardashians


Of course, the Kardashians would show off their fortune on the Internet, just so that they can rub in how much money they have made for doing next to nothing. One of Hollywood’s most famous families are known to flash their expensive designer clothes and their trips on private jets every now and then, but nothing gets more annoying with this bunch when jewelry is involved. Kim Kardashian happens to be the worst when it comes to showing off all the necklaces she owns, having often snapped photos of her collection on Instagram.

9 Tyga


Now that rapper Tyga is dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, showing off his underage girlfriend isn’t the only thing he’s doing these days. A quick look on Instagram and you would think the 25-year-old is a sponsor for numerous car companies as his pages are filled with himself posing alongside his expensive vehicles. These range from Range Rover collections to Rolls-Royce cars and the infamous custom-made Hummer that the Cash Money signed musician owns. Tyga makes sure that you are aware of everything he owns by shoving it in your face online.

8 French Montana


He’s been called one of the worst rappers of our time, yet for some reason he’s still making just as much money as those who have somewhat of credibility in the Hip Hop genre. French Montana is a brand, that’s for sure. When he’s not making corny rap songs for teenagers to listen to, he is most likely found making a reported $30,000 per club appearance. The New York rapper is affiliated with billionaire P. Diddy, so chances of Frenchy ever going broke are second to none. Still, this particular artist loves flashing his expensive gear so much, it almost seems as a response to those who discredit his so-called talent.

7 Soulja Boy


Soulja Boy may not have had a big charting song since 2008, but he’s still making huge bucks — at least according to his social media pages. The singer seems to have put his music career on hold as he continues to produce hits for the likes of Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and many other artists. The royalties that this man makes from songs he produces is much more than what he would make if he was still making music himself. Nonetheless, being young and having so much access to money shows that it doesn’t always bring sense to people who should remain humble. Soulja Boy is a serious offender when it comes to showing off his custom-made jewelry on the Internet, along with the handful of cars he owns in his Calabasas mansion.

6 P. Diddy


P. Diddy came from nothing to something, putting him up in the billionaire category next to the likes of Bill Gates and Jay-Z. Still, it doesn’t excuse the fact that Diddy consistently has to shove his fortune into our faces. The former rapper, who has become of the most successful businessmen in America, has a thing when it comes to letting his followers on Instagram know just how rich he is. Just a year ago when his protege French Montana gifted him a Jeep for his birthday, Diddy was quick to show it off to fans within hours after receiving it. His never-ending holidays are always well-documented online, where the 46-year-old makes sure that everybody sees just how much money is spent on yachts, helicopters, speed boats, private jets, luxury hotel stays and so much more.

5 Scott Disick


One of Hollywood’s biggest jerks Scott Disick, was obviously going to make the list. Nobody has a clue what Disick does for a living and apparently neither do the Kardashians, who questioned Scott’s “career” on a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Nonetheless, Scott is making a ton of money and we know this through his online accounts, most commonly Instagram, where the socialite is seen using $100 bills as toilet paper. In another photo, the TV-personality has a stack of cash in one hand and holds it close to his ear, pretending it was a phone. If that’s not narcissistic, then we don’t know what is.

4 50 Cent


50 Cent may have grown up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in America, but he most certainly has come a long way to where he now lives. The rapper owns several homes across the country, with his biggest one being in Connecticut — of course, we know this since 50 never fails to post photos of his multi-million dollar mansion on Twitter. The platinum-selling artist, who now releases music independently, famously said that one of the reasons he gambles so much money on boxing matches is because he will always make more of it. Cocky, arrogance or confidence? You decide.

3 Paris Hilton


When it comes to showing off her fortune, Paris Hilton may be worse than the Kardashians, seeing that she really doesn’t do anything to make the millions she earns a year. Supposedly, the heiress has dozens of fragrances out, her own clothing stores all around the world, along with an “anticipating” sophomore album in the works. A quick look at Hilton’s Instagram page, and it’s hard not to find a photo of herself on a private jet, showing off the newest designer clothes she’s been gifted for free, among other things.

2 Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj was raised in Queens, New York. She has often stressed that her childhood years were rough seeing that her family didn’t have much money. Well, those days are clearly over as everybody who follows the rapper on social media platforms knows that she’s loaded with cash. Her desire in uploading photos of herself driving Bentleys and other custom-made vehicles are just part of Minaj’s attention-seeking move to draw in more followers. When it’s not her cleavage that is being put on display, it’s her collection of shoes, her stacks of cash, the pink Lamborghini she owns and the list goes on.

1 Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather is the all-time worst celebrity who is a serial offender when it comes to letting people know just how much money he has. From recording himself depositing $50 million at the bank, to sleeping in a bed full of $100 notes, Floyd couldn't care less about what anybody else thinks of his childish ways. The boxing champ makes up to $80 million per match, so it’s not hard to see why the 38-year-old splashes his money the way that he does — he has so much of it that it needs to be used one way or the other. For Floyd Mayweather, there’s nothing better than documenting it all on social media.

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