10 Celebs Who Make Big Bucks For Club Appearances

Clubbing can be costly; you have to get a new outfit, have money to pay the cover charge, then when you get in the door, you have to have money for drinks. Once you have that drink, trying to find a place to lean up against or sit down is a hassle, on your way to find that resting place you are knocked around so many times that half of your drink is being sucked up by the floor. Nevertheless, you keep reminding yourself you are here for a good time and sometimes that good time involves an appearance by your favorite musician, actress/actor or reality TV star. Some celebs are said to make upwards of $1 million per appearance (depending how popular they are). Little did we know as a society that we are actually paying into much more then we realized; Scott Disick recently finished a club tour that averaged him a million dollars, Kim Kardashian was paid well over $500,000 to be a Saudi Prince’s date for a mere 2-3 hours and Paris Hilton, well she recently decided to become a DJ and make a million dollars to play a supposed 20 minute set in a European night club. Celebrities can now get away with partying as a job and take home more then the average middle class family’s income 2-3 times over; the amount of money they make is shocking. Here is a list of 10 celebs that make bank on club appearances.

10 Nicki Minaj - $35,000


As famous as Nicki Minaj is, $35,000 seems a bit sad for a hosting fee, but rumor has it that $35,000 is just the beginning. Nicki apparently has a rider that demands everything from particular food to pink roses. As long as Nicki can get a humidifier, throat spray, egg whites, a deli tray and her own set of silverware, she is satisfied. However, her most in demand items are contact lenses solution and two space heaters. It is reported that Nicki has now wised up and demands a minimum of $250,000 and up, no one can be surprised that her price has risen.

9 Scott Disick - $50,000 – 100,000


Kourtney Kardashasian’s baby daddy seems to be allergic to hard work, so when he found out that he could make a killing just to show up and get drunk for free, he snapped up the opportunity. Recently, Scott began a club tour of doing nothing where he makes between $50,000 to 100,000 per appearance. Ultimately, the entire club tour will earn him a shocking $1 million. We can't really hate on Scott, he has three kids and he found a way to make some great cash to support them; given this opportunity, anyone would surely do the same.

8 T.I. - $110,000


Rapper T.I. is always in high demand; not only is he the self-professed “King of the south”, he is also one of the top rappers in the game right now. At his highest he was offered $110,000, and it looks as though he is one of the highest paid rappers for club appearances. Hey, who could blame him with hits like “Dead and Gone”, “Yeah Ya Know” and collaborations with other hit artists like Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke and Pharrell. T.I. has paid his dues and can now demand whatever he would like because let’s face it; we all know he can pack a house. It looks like a win win for everyone.

7 Kendrick Lamar - $125,000


Rapper Kendrick Lamar has only just scratched the surface of the rap scene, but he is making waves like no one can believe. Kendrick demands a minimum of $125,000 plus for his time and with anthems that every person wants to sing along to, like “B**** Don’t Kill My Vibe”, “Swimming Pools”, “Backseat Freestyle” and his new hit “I”, he has the right to demand over $100,000. He is reportedly making more money for appearances than some of the greats like Lauryn Hill and The Roots. However, he is right on par with his competitions like J.Cole and Wiz Khalifa. Who knows, he may even surpass them in the near future.

6 Toni Braxton - $150,000 to $250,000


Singer Toni Braxton has not had a hit since her album, 2000’s The Heat, so when news broke that she was making a shocking $150,000 to $250,000 per appearance, people’s jaws dropped. What songs was she performing? Who was her audience? Was it a free concert? Were just some of the questions that people demanded answers to; this goes to show you that a reality TV show can do wonders for your career. Since the premiere of Braxton Family Values, her star has risen again and those club appearances and small shows have dug her out of that bankruptcy hole she was left in from poor money management and a very expensive illness. One must admit it is nice to see talented people get their recognition.

5 Pamela Anderson - $250,000

Actress, bikini model and Tommy Lee’s ex-wife, Pamela Anderson knows that time is money, and that is why she increased her appearance rates from $75,000 to a whopping $250,000 (this is apparently what she was paid to host a NYE party at Pure nightclub in Vegas). There is no shame in her game; Pamela knows this is her bread and butter and let’s be honest, she has 2 kids and very expensive renovation plans for her Malibu beach house. This is a far cry from that mere $18,000 she made hosting at London’s “Funky Mojoes” in Essex, back in 2010.

4 Lil’ Wayne - $300,000


Rapper Lil’ Wayne may be fighting with his record label, but he never lets it mess with his money. Wayne reportedly makes a good chunk of change to rap about molly, girls and women’s unmentionables; $300,000 to be exact. This is just the minimum, though. Wayne has reportedly charged close to $400,000 for performances in clubs, free drinks and his own VIP when his set is done. The Carter III is what launched Wayne to this point and his ever expanding empire is what is keeping him there. Many have claimed that Wayne is a garbage rapper or his songs talk about nothing, but hey, at least he found a new meaning for “lollipop”.

3 Britney Spears - $350,000

Britney spears may now have a residency at "Planet Hollywood" in Vegas where she reportedly makes a $1 million a week, but before this, she was making $350,000 to sit in VIP at Pure night club and do a few kick ball changes. Granted this time around in Vegas, she is actually performing but come on, sitting down and earning a staggering $350,000? Some people would quit their job for that amount of cash. Britney may not be the party girl that she once was, but people still come pouring in to see her.

2 Paris & Nicky Hilton - $500,000


On her own, socialite Paris Hilton was making between $100,000 to $150,000 for showing up to a club in a super short dress and saying “that’s hot”. However, when she added her sister to the mix, it was a whole new ball game; together they were asked to host a party at popular night club LAX (in of course, Vegas) and they banked $500,000. Split that in half and they make $250,000 each for a night of drinking for free and dancing off beat. Although Nicky has outgrown the club scene, her sister Paris is now reportedly making almost $1 million for spinning a few songs. This just goes to show you, if you dance hard enough, you can make your way up in the club business.

1 Kim Kardashian - $600,000


The infamous Kim Kardashian was asked to host a lavish New Years Eve party at Vegas hot spot TAO, in 2011. She made a whopping $600,000 to sit in a club VIP booth, and say a few things on the mic to amp up the crowd while she danced with then husband Kris Humphries. This appearance was a part of a multi-event deal that had Kim touring different clubs. Can you imagine getting paid to do what most people have to pay to do on a Friday or Saturday night? She has hit the jack pot. All those haters yet, she can still pack a house.

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