10 Celebs Who Make A Fortune From Their Physical Assets

Obtaining an endorsement deal can do wonders for a celebrity’s career; the unknown can magically be thrust into the spotlight and gain more fans than they could have ever dreamed of. Furthermore, a good endorsement deal can bring in piles of cash and add a significant amount of zeros to one's bank account. The best part about an endorsement deal is when you can make money off of one particular asset- like Kim Kardashian and her butt, Katy Perry and her many hair colors, or Cindy Crawford and her beautiful skin. It has become more popular for new-found celebrities to make money showing off their famous assets; gone are the days when people were famous for actual talents like being a great singer, a hard working actor or an inventor. Nowadays people are relying on body parts, and even celebrities with an actual talent are finding their way into the one asset endorsement deal game. We all know that the body is a money maker, but it is astounding just how much money is to be made off of it and how many ways it can be manipulated. Making money off of the body is at times easier for women but don’t fret, many men have also gotten into the game. Read on to see a list of celebs that have used their body to gain fame and fortune.

10 Courtney Stodden

We are not sure what to introduce Courtney Stodden as; she is not an actress, nor is she a singer (she is not even a model). She is known for two things; marrying a man way, way older than her and her unconventional body for a teenager. When Courtney was introduced to the world as a 16-year old bride, everyone thought it was a joke; not because of the marriage but because she looked like someone who was pushing 30 at least. She is now more known for how big her breasts are and she is using that to her advantage. She is supposedly releasing a self-love adult video with vivid but apparently she is doing it for a good cause; charity.

9 Christina Hendricks

The Mad Men actress may have a much loved role on the hit AMC TV show, but she is more known for her voluptuous body and her gigantic top half. This fiery red-head knows what she has and she is not afraid to flaunt it. Hendricks' character Joan Harris, is just an extension of Christina, as she too shows off what god has given her. Christina normally hits the red-carpet with a dress that is guaranteed to show off her curvaceous body; she currently has an endorsement deal with London Fog, where they have strategically put her in clothes that show off some of her best possessions.

8 Keith Richards


Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards is known for his bad a** personality, so it is no surprise that he insured his most valuable asset; his middle finger. With a $1.6 million insurance policy, Keith has managed to make money off of flipping people off without offending anyone. He said he initially insured his finger to cover himself in case he was unable to play the guitar and unable to flip people the bird. So. if you are ever wondering why he is always giving people the finger, there are two reasons; First, he makes money off of his signature pose and second, simply because he can.

7 David Beckham


Soccer Player David Beckham, has some of the fittest, recognizable legs in the soccer world, so it only makes sense that he makes money off them. However after years as a star soccer player, he decided to make money off of his other assets; like his ridiculously cut body. David has been featured in campaigns for H&M, his own cologne and Emporio Armani. He is always shirtless and almost always showing off his abs. David is reportedly richer after his retirement from soccer because of his new modeling gigs. What guy do you know who would turn down $4.5 million to take their shirt off and lay on a couch?

6 Troy Polamalu


If you do not watch football, then you most likely have no clue who Troy Polamalu is; that is until he was endorsed by Head & Shoulders for his long luscious, curly hair. Troy was a strong safety for the Pittsburg Steelers when he was approached by the company to endorse their product. His hair is what distinguishes him from the other players on that crowded field. Troy has admitted to not having a hair cut since 2000, and it looks like his lack of upkeep has paid off, as he makes good use of his natural curls by signing a contract that is worth millions of dollars. Troy also took out a $1 million insurance policy just in case anything happens to his money maker.

5 Heidi Klum

As a model, your legs are your best quality; sure it is nice to have a cute face and a slender body, but if you want to walk the runway you have to show off a set of long, toned legs. Model Heidi Klum has made millions of dollars off of her toned legs, modeling for giant companies like Victoria's Secret and participating in campaigns that appeared in magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Sports Illustrated. Heidi knows the value of her legs, so she rightfully had them insured for a reported $1 billion. That company better hope she never has to use that policy.

4 America Ferrera

Actress America Ferrera is normally known for her role on Ugly Betty, and it looks like those braces did her justice when she was signed to a $10 million endorsement deal with Lloyd’s of London. Aquafresh jumped at the chance to insure America’s teeth and gums with Lloyd’s, for their Aquafresh White Trays campaign. A spokesman for Lloyd’s of London said that not only is her smile covered, but any reasonable and necessary dental work is also covered, especially any accidents that occur during her contract. America has certainly hit the jackpot with this one. It must be nice to smile and get paid millions of dollars.

3 Coco Austin

2 Kate Upton

No introduction is needed for this Sports Illustrated swimsuit model; she has knocked down barriers by being loud and proud about her body. However, even she will tell you that her best assets are her breasts. They are showcased in almost every campaign she does and when people don’t know her name, they generally describe her as that model with the huge boobs. Photographer Terry Richards helped put Kate on the map when he released a video of her doing the cat daddy dance in an American flag bikini. Clearly he knew what he had on his hands when he posted that video on his Twitter page.

1 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has incurred many titles during her rise to the top of the celebrity food chain; adult entertainment star, actress, designer and even singer. However, she is most known for her assets and what they can do for her and those around her (like buying her family members a career). Kim put herself on the map with a leaked sex tape. However, she kept herself there by starting a reality show, exercise videos that show how she maintains her perky butt and even an endorsement with TrimSpa, who helped her slim down her famous waist. Kim has had to dispel several myths about her voluptuous rump and chances are, the doubt will never go away. Hey, at least she will always have something to stay relevant for besides her several successful businesses.

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