10 Celebs Who Live Bigger Lifestyles Than They Can Afford

It's pretty embarrassing to see celebrities refuse to give up the life of luxury when everybody knows that they aren't making as much money as they might have made before. For some of the people listed below, they are just plain silly to think that, just because they've had a little bit of fame from reality shows and social media endorsement deals, they can spend money like crazy. And, of course, this usually sees them filing for bankruptcy within a year or so. For some celebs, it's not so much that they don't mind cutting down their spending habits, but more so of the idea that they feel the need to buy new designer clothes, cars and mansions to keep up with people that have actual wealth. Several people in this list are notoriously known for spending each of their paychecks on designer clothes, then struggles to keep up with their maintenance bills for their multi-million dollar homes. Oh, and let's not forget those who don't pay their taxes. There's nothing worse than struggling with spending habits, and then learn that you owe the IRS millions of dollars. See who this has happened to below.


10 Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson thinks that buying lavish gifts for himself would make his lack of child support payments disappear. Unfortunately, that’s not the case (obviously). Jermaine has had several run-ins with the mother of his children, claiming that Jackson had not paid his share of child support in years. Instead, the ‘70s Jackson 5 singer has been busy splashing thousands of dollars on clothes and cars. His priorities are clearly not in the right frame of mind if you cannot even afford to take care of your kids. Especially when you are a Jackson.

9 Farrah Abraham


So just because Farrah Abraham has released an adult video, she’s convinced that she is now filthy rich. Well, while it cannot be argued that the former MTV star has made an impressive sum for being nothing but reality trash, Farrah has no spending limits, treating herself to designer clothes, in the hopes of keeping up with the likes of Kim Kardashian. Pun intended. Farrah is obsessed with plastic surgery and often brags about her procedures on her social media pages. The word is that she has spent more than $500,000 to surgically enhance her features.

8 Heidi and Spencer

Heidi and Spencer Pratt were making up to $100,000 per episode during their time on The Hills, one of MTV’s infamous reality shows. The couple then ended up spending all the millions they had made on the dumbest things, such as plastic surgery, which Heidi openly confessed to having formed an obsession over. Heidi was said to have undergone ten plastic surgery procedures in one day, and supposedly still hates the way she looks. Now, with the little money they still have left, it is believed that Heidi still thinks about getting more work done. Maybe this would be a good time for her husband to tell her she looks good.

7 Toni Braxton


We know what you are thinking — “How can a legendary singer like Toni Braxton go broke?” Well, the answer is pretty easy. When you don’t have the right music management behind you at the peak of your career, you are bound to lose it all as quick as it came. With Toni, who has sold over 25 million records worldwide, she experienced bankruptcy three times in her life; bad investments, bad spending habits and loss of earnings for her illness with Lupus. Still, if you are going to file for bankruptcy a second time, you should at least consider changing your spending habits and your team.

6 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan still thinks it’s 2004, the year where the actress was said to have made up to $6 million per movie she signed on to star in. Well, it’s not. In fact, Lohan’s net worth has drastically dropped over the years, and it’s not hard to guess why. Lindsay has been struggling for work, having proven to be an unreliable person to work with in the past — at least according to those who have worked with her in the past. So taking all of this into consideration, is it not bizarre to think that she still stays in the most luxurious hotels all over the world? It seems as if every paycheck she gets, she spends.

5 50 Cent


50 Cent has flaunted his money for years and years, fooling people to believe he was worth anything over $300 million. And while his actual business investments stand quite high in the figures of their worth, the rapper’s own money doesn’t match those numbers by a mile. After being sued by Rick Ross’ baby mother for leaking her alleged adult tape on the internet, 50 was told to pay up $5 million in damages. Furthermore, the rapper has another two lawsuits with different companies claiming he ripped off their headphone idea, totaling his entire lawsuit care at $18 million. Fifty has since filed for bankruptcy.

4 Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian is most definitely living above the lifestyle he could actually afford, and that’s simply down to the fact that the reality star doesn’t actually work. Heck, he doesn’t even “work” on the family’s reality show anymore. Having gone into some sort of depression back in 2012, Rob has struggled to get his life back on track, especially after his 100lbs weight gain over the years. Still, that hasn’t stopped the USC-graduate from lending money from his sisters so that he can continue living a lifestyle that suits him best. Kris Jenner also gives him a weekly allowance. Womp.


3 Soulja Boy


Soulja Boy loves to brag about the money he has made over the years, but in the words of T.I: “Where it at, though?” The rapper, who people mainly know as the one-hit wonder with the Crank Dat song, claims he is worth over $20 million. That in itself seems questionable since Soulja has lied about his net worth in the past; in 2011 he famously claimed to have bought a $50 million private jet. It would later be revealed that it was all a lie. And that’s not to say that he doesn’t have money — it just wouldn’t be as high as he claims. Nonetheless, his spending habits are ridiculous, and it’s only a matter of time before his supposed $20 million net worth falls flat.

2 Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker knows how to spend money; the same money he should have used to pay off his taxes. Believe it or not but Chris was one of the highest-paid actors in 2007, making millions on movies including Rush Hour 3. So what happened? Well, according to reports, Tucker thought he could avoid paying his taxes, and instead, use that money to purchase houses and cars. Eventually, Uncle Sam caught up with the actor, handing him documents showing that Chris had owed millions to the IRS. To this day, Chris has not been able to get his feet back on track in terms of financial income, but they say he’s still a wild spender.

1 Lil Kim


Lil’ Kim blew her fortune with all the cosmetic surgery she has had over the years. I mean, Lil Kim, real name Kimberly Jones, didn’t hold back with her endless visits to the surgeon’s office by the look of things. Kim, who once was the best paid female rapper in the music industry, has had an ongoing struggle with her finances. Even her own taxes were publicly exposed to have not been paid for three consecutive years. Which is ironic, because when you looked on Kim’s Instagram page at the time, she was showing off her luxury Maybach vehicle, along with her designer clothes.



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