10 Celebrity Teeth Makeovers You Won't Believe

Smiles are the moneymaker in Hollywood.

Let’s pretend you’re watching an award show. The actors and actresses are making their way down the red carpet in different attire. Some of them are more reserved, so their clothes are a traditional suit and tie. Others want to make a statement with crazy colors and unique designs.

Everyone gets asked the question, “Who are you wearing?” and they all have different answers. Although each person has a distinctive look, they all have one thing in common.

Their teeth.

They all have straight, pearly white teeth that really stand out from the crowd. Appearance is so crucial in Hollywood, and the best way to make a great impression is with an attractive smile.

There might be some exceptions for comedic actors, but it’s unusual to see an action or romantic film with an actor who has bad teeth. In fact, it’s become the status quo, and we don’t even realize when someone in a movie has a great smile.

Now, you might be wondering how all of these actors just happened to get lucky with a great set of teeth. You might be a little surprised (or not at all) to learn that some of the most attractive entertainers in the world had to get dental work done to fix their smile. Some movie stars spent thousands of dollars to straighten and whiten their teeth so they fit the Hollywood mold.

Here are 10 celebrities who have seriously expensive smiles:

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10 Morgan Freeman

Via viralturtle.com

Yes, even the man with the most distinct voice in Hollywood has had dental work done.

Although the celebrated actor’s work is timeless, his teeth have certainly changed as he has aged. They have yellowed and shifted as time has gone on. To keep his smile at its best, Freeman had cosmetic dentistry to get them whitened and straightened. They also filled the gap that had developed in between his two front teeth.

This surgery has helped Freeman land movie roles well into his older years. Although, if he stops getting hired for film roles, he can always make a comfortable living doing voice over work. We wouldn’t hate that.

9 Miley Cyrus

Via mynewexpert.com

Miley Cyrus’ teeth changed just as much as her persona.

The star of Hannah Montana had her teeth straightened and whitened once she decided to become a pop culture icon. She wanted to shift from the innocent, country teenager to the extravagant, attention-stealing pop star.

Cyrus underwent cosmetic dentistry when she was 15 years old to align her teeth perfectly. Her teeth are now straighter and larger than they once were. Not to mention, whiter. Cyrus’ teeth have become a big part of her image since her signature move is when she sticks her tongue out. Say what you want about Miley Cyrus, but it sure is hard to ignore those pearly whites!

8 Zac Efron

Via thedailybeast.com

The young heartthrob who emerged into the acting scene after the release of High School Musical didn’t always have a great smile.

Efron had a wide gap in between his two front teeth when he started his career, and the use of braces helped eliminate that gap over time. The young actor also had his teeth whitened after his braces were removed.

Efron reportedly spent around $10,000 on his smile to straighten and whiten his teeth. Efron usually plays the young hunk role in movies, which would have been pretty hard with crooked teeth. Looks like that $10k was money well spent.

7 Demi Moore

Via irishmirror.ie

The Hollywood actress is one of many who has gotten a lot of dental work done over the years.

Moore has spent around $12,000 on cosmetic dentistry to improve her smile. She had her teeth straightened at the beginning of her career but still didn’t like the shape or color of her teeth. The rest of the money went toward veneers and laser teeth whitening treatments to give her the smile we all adore today.

Moore made headlines several years ago when her front tooth fell out while she was sitting at her desk. She posted a picture online and was able to poke fun at it.

6 T-Pain

Most celebrities get dental work to make their teeth white. Not T-Pain. He did the complete opposite.

The auto-tune “rapper” got a yellow diamond grill for $30,000. His blinged-out smile really stood out from other celebrities, and it became a trademark for the famous rapper.

However, despite the bright color, the grill wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for T-Pain. It turns out that grills can hurt you. In 2009, T-Pain broke four teeth when his golf cart flipped over. The rapper had to undergo surgery to get them replaced and fix the cuts and abrasions caused by the gold teeth. It’s safe to say the flashy teeth put the “pain” in T-Pain.

5 George Clooney

Via nydailynews.com

Ask one hundred women who the most handsome man in Hollywood is, and ninety-nine of them will say George Clooney. You know what, scratch that. All hundred will say George Clooney.

But Clooney didn’t always have the smile he has now. The actor spent around $30,000 on dental surgery to fix his crooked smile. Clooney was known to grind his teeth when he was stressed, which made his smile uneven. He also had porcelain veneers put in to lengthen his teeth. Laser treatment on his gums made his teeth naturally stand out more. All of that work went into a smile that women absolutely adore.

4 Nicolas Cage

Via seapointclinic.ie

Nicolas Cage’s willingness to play any role has become an infamous punch line in the comedy world. However, no one questioned his willingness to work on his teeth.

Cage has undergone many dental treatments over the years. After he had two teeth pulled for one of his roles, he had a full set of veneers put in. He also had braces on his lower teeth, which were seen at the 2003 Writer’s Guild Awards. Cage still had treatments done after his braces were removed to craft the perfect smile you see today. His teeth have changed drastically since the start of this career.

3 Tom Cruise

Via reddit.com

Tom Cruise is arguably the most famous person in the world. But even he had to undergo dental procedures.

Cruise’s teeth were misaligned and stained into his 30s. He spent a pretty penny on straightening and whitening them, and $30,000 later, we have his charming smile.

Cruise’s teeth always seem to stay intact despite any fights or action sequences he performs in his movies. However, he recently lost a tooth while filming an action movie last year. Cruise returned the following day with a full set of teeth and was immediately back to work. Hopefully his stuntman hasn’t invested that much money in his teeth.

2 Victoria Beckham

Via kissstrips.com

The former Spice Girl most definitely has expensive taste. And that includes her smile.

The famous singer spent $40,000 on cosmetic dentistry to fix her teeth that she apparently has been ashamed of since childhood. Veneers and teeth whitening treatments were used to give Posh spice herself a perfect smile.

Although Beckham spent all that money on her teeth, she is known for not smiling. Beckham recently addressed this issue and explained that she doesn’t smile because she has a responsibility to the fashion community. Apparently the fashion community requires spending a lot of money on something you’ll never use. Sounds about right.

1 Lil Wayne

Via deenty.com

Lil Wayne took his teeth game to an entirely new level.

The famous rapper apparently wore a "grill" that was made of diamonds worth $150,000. Yes, $150,000. Lil Wayne had more money in his mouth than most people make in a year.

Just think about how much money you have to save for an engagement ring. Lil Wayne has more expensive diamonds in his mouth. You can take the grill out of Lil Wayne’s mouth, sell it, and buy a house.

Lil Wayne’s grill actually delayed his prison sentence in 2010 when he had to have last minute dental work.

Worth the Money

One thing all of these celebrities have in common (other than their dental work) is that they are all incredibly successful. It seems like the dental work pays off in Hollywood.

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