10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Don't Drive

Learning how to drive is a fundamental part of growing up, especially as a teenager living in North America. Being able to drive is like a ticket to freedom that many of us can’t wait to cash in. However, not everyone sees it that way. Many view driving as something they have no desire to do or that they are even afraid of.

Our generation views celebrities as the beings that are almost not real. We have the illusion that they aren’t people and they have the ability to do anything. We see them in our favorite movies, or on stage performing in front of thousands of people. What we don’t see is who they are when they are alone or in bed with the person they love. What we don’t see are their insecurities, failures and fears. Well my friends, I hate to burst your bubble but celebrities are people, just like us, and like us, they can’t do everything. Celebrities have numerous fears, and for the following ten, driving is one of them. Although some don’t admit to having a fear of getting behind the wheel, they all refuse to do so.

The following ten celebrities either don’t know how to drive or legally are not allowed to, here are the ten celebrities who don’t drive.


10 Kate Beckinsale 

Kate Beckinsale seems like she could do it all and always looks so good while doing it. Actress, mother and model, she is a jack-of-all-trades. Beckinsale who is of English descent, actually can’t drive - never has and most probably never will. There was a time when she really wanted to get her license, however after failing her written driving test she got discouraged and gave up. Beckinsale’s daughter who is just a teenager has more experience than her behind the wheel! It’s okay, Kate, you are gorgeous and talented…you don’t need to know how to drive.

9 Charlie Watts 


Charlie Watts is definitely an eccentric being. The Rolling Stones drummer spent pretty much the majority of his life travelling on private jets and tour buses, never making him feel like a license was necessary. It is crazy to think that a man who has probably done so many crazy things in 71 years on earth, does not know how to drive - it makes him seem a little human! Nowadays, Watts spends most of his free time breeding horses, which makes us wonder, maybe that is how he gets around! Charlie Watts is definitely a cool guy, driver or not!

8 Russell Brand 

Love him or hate him, you know who Russell Brand is, and if you don’t, here is a little run down. Brand is a comedian, actor, radio host and activist who is best known for his brief marriage to Katy Perry. Russell grew up in a small town, which had public transportation, so he never felt like he needed to get his license. Throughout his marriage to Perry, she did all the driving, so when they got divorced, he began thinking about getting his license and has received lessons! Good job, Russell.

7 Barbra Streisand


Barbra Streisand is a living legend as well as a New York City icon, which is why it's not too surprising that she does not drive. There was one point in Streisand’s life where she did drive, but that was way, way in the past. She has been reported stating that she can’t even remember the last time she drove but she think it is was somewhere around 1986. Her license is more than expired, but who cares about having a license when you are Barbra Streisand. She can go wherever she wants, however she wants, while always managing to be fabulous!

6 Vincent Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser is a 36-year-old actor from Minnesota who has found a lot of success in the last while. Kartheiser, who plays Pete Campbell in Mad Men, is actually a really cool guy. Not only does the Mad Men star not drive, he is proud of his carless life. He is probably the only celebrity who uses the subway and bus system in Los Angeles, but he loves it. He not only likes not having the stress of having a car, he believes that if more people began to use public transport, the environment would be a safer place.

5 Robbie Williams 


Robbie Williams revealed in 2011 that he doesn’t know how to drive. The London native says he never learned because in London a lot of people don’t drive due to the traffic. Now that he lives in LA, he depends on taxis and Uber. Although that may seem like a bright idea of his, he really should learn how to drive, seeing that LA is not a place where you can get around as easily as somewhere like New York City. Although Williams does not drive, he has always been fascinated by cars and is a big fan of Formula 1.

4 Ricky Gervais

Most people know Gervais as a hilarious actor, which he is. His talent and knack for comedy is undeniable, which is why he has such a large fan base. What many people don’t know about Gervais is that he does not have his license, nor does he have any plans on getting one. Before he reached fame, Gervais relied on the good old fashion subway system. Now, with his riches, he has converted to having a driver. Ricky, who loves to joke around, states that he is better off having a driver, since he loves drinking so much he never needs to worry about a DUI! Smart, Ricky, very smart.


3 Tina Fey 


So Tina Fey did have a license once upon a time, when she lived in Pennsylvania. However, when she moved to the Big Apple she decided to sell her car for extra cash. Technically Fey can drive, she just never renewed her license, making it illegal for her to drive. The forty-three-year-old comedian claims that she has legitimately forgotten how to drive a car. Although we are confident that Fey could figure out what to do behind the wheel, we're not sure that is the smartest of ideas. Perhaps it's better for everyone if Fey just stays off the road.

2 Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is awesome. The born and bread New Yorker believes (like many others) it to be the greatest city on earth. The thing about growing up in New York City is that a lot of the teens living there never learn how to drive. It kind of makes sense that Dunham has never found it necessary to get a license. However, nowadays she has been spending a lot of her time in LA and thinks it may be time for her to learn how to drive; she is just petrified of both driving and causing an accident. It is crazy how a woman who has no fear of being completely naked on screen is afraid of something like driving.

1 Barbara Walters


Barbara Walters is a legendary broadcast journalist who, throughout the years, has made herself a household name. The eighty-four-year-old can do many things, however driving is not one of those things. In 2012, Walters explained that when she posed as the cover girl for Sports Car & Hot Rod magazine, she ironically did not know how to drive. And guess what, she still doesn’t! Instead of having a license, Walters has an I.D card. When interviewed with Vogue, she was asked why she didn’t drive, and her answer was awesome - “Don’t try to analyze me; it’s just how it is.”



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