10 Celebrities Who Want Us To Think They’re Richer Than They Actually Are

The world of fame and fortune is all about image. The way people view you is very important when you are a celebrity, because perception and appearance is everything. Just because someone is in a tabloid magazine or walking the red carpet, doesn’t mean that they are rich. People need to understand that there is a difference between being rich and being famous. Some people are rich and the world has no idea about them, and other people are in the spotlight yet struggling to make ends meet.

Sometimes, the riches that come with fame get misconstrued and end up getting to the celebrities' heads. A lot of the time, a quick rise to riches gives people the opportunity to live larger than ever before. However, money goes very quickly if you aren’t careful with it and the following ten celebrities would tell you exactly that. In Hollywood, getting rich is not the hard part, it is staying rich that people have trouble doing, and when the money runs out, that is when reality hits.

The following ten celebrities have given the world the illusion that they are successful when in reality they are struggling just like you and I. Okay, maybe not as bad, but they are struggling for Hollywood standards.


10 Janice Dickinson 

Janice Dickinson is a legendary model who has been faced with her fair share of scandal. When talking about her personal finances, she has been dealing with a lot. In 2013, the ex model filed for bankruptcy and was reported to be over a million dollars in debt. It is no secret that Dickinson is a fan of plastic surgery and there have been rumors that she owed money for cosmetic procedures. Maybe it is all the work that she has done that made her fortune disappear, however, I have faith that she will have one more comeback before kicking the can!

9 Lauryn Hill 


People assume that since Lauryn Hill was once such a huge star that she still lives a lavish life. The incredibly talented artist has sold over 8 million albums (in America alone) and has won too many awards to count (including numerous Grammys). Lauryn Hill was considered an icon in our generation, however in 2013 everything really changed for her. She was forced to spend 3 months in jail due to tax evasion. It was reported that she still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS, which just makes us sad. The one-time sensation can barely make ends meet and regardless of what people believe, Lauryn Hill is not as rich as you think.

8 Cappadonna 


Cappadonna, a rapper who is best known as being a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, definitely does not get the respect in the music industry he deserves. Cappadonna wasn’t a core member of the collective at the time when their debut album dropped in 1993, but he was eventually recognized as a member of their crew. However, even ten years after he became a recognizable member of Wu-Tang, he was still forced to take a job as a taxi driver in Baltimore in order to pay his bills. This happened to him because of a shady contract with The Rza who was the Wu-Tang leader.

7 Mike “The Situation” 


Many celebrities are known for their fifteen minutes of fame. However, for some reason Mike “The Situation's” fame lasted a bit longer than expected. The cocky, self-absorbed, drama king talks a huge talk, however, he really is not capable of walking the walk. Mike became known through the MTV hit show, Jersey Shore. All of his fellow cast members have capitalized on the opportunity that they were given and have all become part of the millionaires club. However, Mike never got there, instead he spent lavish amounts of money on unnecessary things to try and portray a certain image.

6 Gary Busey 

When picturing someone who has gone from riches to rags, Gary Busey is the first person to come to mind. The once shinning star in showbiz, starred in over 70 films throughout his career. However, in 2012, he was forced to file for bankruptcy. Although he may have thought he was in the clear, even after filing he was still over 400 grand in debt associated with his name. He is a perfect example of a legend, he had everything going for him and was able to lose his entire fortune, which should have lasted a lifetime. When cash comes in that fast, you need to get someone reliable to start investing your money for you or chances are you will end up like our friend Busey over here.

5 Allen Iverson


To many, Allen Iverson, the talented NBA shooting guard, is one of the greatest basketball players to ever set foot on the courts. During his “heyday” he was the star player for the Philadelphia 76ers and for years he was viewed and treated as a huge sensation. However, like so many before him, Iverson let the money get the best of him. Throughout his career he made an estimated $200 million. He also had extremely lucrative endorsement deals throughout his career, which is why many people don’t realize that he is not as rich as he thinks. He lived an extravagant lifestyle to say the least, and now at this point in his life he is not doing as well as he should be. However, there is a silver lining to this story: Iverson has a $30 million trust with Reebok that should be accessible when he turns 55. Until then, he needs to watch his spending a little.

4 Stephen Baldwin 

Stephen Baldwin is best known for being the youngest of the Baldwin brothers. Many people hear the name Baldwin and automatically think fame and riches, but in the last few years he has been having trouble with his finances. Apparently, in 2009 he was over $2 million in debt and had accumulated over $70,000 in credit card bills. The financial struggle continued when the state of New York took him in for failing to pay over $350,000 in taxes between 2008 and 2010. Stephen, who is not nearly as successful as his older brother Alec, has not been cast in any major roles since 1995 when he played in The Usual Suspects. Baldwin is definitely a celebrity who is not nearly as well off as people think.


3 Heidi and Spencer aka Speidi 


Okay, so these two count as one because let's face it, together the pair forms a single brain. The last big television appearance they made was on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, looking to find love for Spencer’s sister Stephanie Pratt. Although they grew up in wealthy families and give the illusion to the world that they are “balling”, the truth is that Spencer and Heidi are pretty broke. In 2013, news broke stating that the couple blew over $10 million in just a few years. The couple has admitted to being stupid with their spending. It was a miracle this couple made money in the first place but it doesn’t surprise us that they blew it all so fast. We need to really stop making stupid people famous.

2 Brandi Glanville

When you think about the Real Housewives, you automatically think “rich housewife.” However, Brandi Glanville is breaking that stereotype and is known as the world’s first “poor” housewife. Glanville, who went through a nasty divorce from actor Eddie Cibrian, has been open about her struggle to make ends meet. Although she always looks put together and always seems to be into the latest trends, it is all image. In reality, Glanville is a normal woman trying to make some money to take care of her kids. The only difference between her and the rest of the world is that she was starring in a reality show about “rich women,” making her look like a bit of a fraud.

1 Lindsay Lohan 


Oh, Lindsay! Once upon a time you were on top of the world, swimming in cash, and now, well now, you aren’t doing so well. Lindsay Lohan should be a lesson to all young girls entering the world of showbiz. There was a time where Lohan was the “it girl,” starring in what felt like every movie. However, something shifted; perhaps it was the partying, perhaps her fame got to her head, but Lohan slowly turned into a train wreck. The heavy use of drugs and her horrible parents began to get the best of her and she forgot to work on her craft. Her dysfunctional family seemed to be consumed by money. Today, she is trying to live a regular life as an actress (whatever that means).



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