10 Celebrities Who Play Dumb But Are Actually Brilliant

celebs who play dumb but are really smart

We live in a world where we know every superficial thing about our favorite celebrities; what they eat, who they date, what they wear. Our society puts so much emphasis on material things that we loose value in people’s intelligence. There are so many idiots that are famous in this generation. Countless uneducated reality stars are viewed as more successful than people who have worked hard to earn an education and to make an honest living. It's sad to think that Hollywood is filled with brilliant minds like Emma Watson, and yet we choose to focus instead on Kim Kardashian. There are so many celebrities that are household names because of their beauty or body of work and somehow the world has no idea how brilliant their minds are.

The following ten celebrities are all extremely well known, extremely talented and most importantly Extremely intelligent. Their success in show business has taken away from their academic success, however the following ten celebrities are what we call the complete package. They have used their talent to get them to where they are and have used their intelligence to stay there.

We as a society should start putting more emphasis on what is inside people's heads as opposed to what is on them or under them. Beauty fades, but our minds are the true legacies we leave behind.

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10 Quentin Tarantino

9 Shakira

8 Mira Sorvino

7 Lisa Kudrow

Here is another actress who is known for playing ditzy characters. Although she starred in Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion alongside Mira Sorvino, Kudrow made her mark as a “ditz” in the iconic television show Friends where she played the free-spirited and flaky Phoebe Buffay. Kudrow in reality is extremely different from her character on Friends. Lisa Kudrow is the daughter of a doctor, which is why science always came naturally to her. Although she was never passionate about sciences, Kudrow still earned her degree from the well known and prestigious Vassar University in science.

6 Natalie Portman

5 Adam Sandler

4 Cindy Crawford

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3 Sharon Stone

2 Kate Beckinsale

1 Kesha

Lets be honest, on the outside Kesha is just a hot mess. The singer and performer is known for her out-of-the-box thinking and unique music. In 2010, a cover story in Seventeen Magazine revealed that Kesha was practically a genius; yes you read that right! Kesha actually has an IQ of 140 and claimed to have scored nearly perfect on her SATs with 1500. Before Kesha found fame, she was offered a scholarship to a well-known and prestigious university to study psychology. However, Kesha was not ready to live a cookie cutter life. Instead she dropped out of high school at 17 to follow her dreams of fame and it has paid off dramatically for her.

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